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Free Printable Landlord Statement Templates [Word, PDF, Excel] Example

    Are you a landlord who wants to apply for financial assistance to help improve the units on your property? If that is correct, then you need to learn what a landlord statement is and how to generate one. This is vital if you want to have the ability to request funds from government and private entities so you can have the ability to make changes to your properties.

    Landlord Statement Templates

    Streamline your property management processes with our comprehensive collection of Landlord Statement Templates. These templates provide a convenient and organized way for landlords to generate accurate and professional statements for their rental properties. Whether you manage multiple properties or just a single unit, our templates offer a user-friendly format to track rental income, expenses, and other financial transactions.

    With customizable fields for property details, tenant information, and rental period, you can easily generate statements that reflect the specific terms of each tenancy. Our printable and editable templates allow you to create clear and concise statements that serve as reliable records for both landlords and tenants. From monthly rent payments to maintenance expenses, our templates ensure accurate and transparent financial reporting. Take control of your rental property finances and simplify your record-keeping with our Landlord Statement Templates.

    A landlord statement template is a pre-designed document used by landlords to provide a statement of account to their tenants. This statement typically includes information about the tenant’s rental payments, security deposits, and any outstanding balances or fees owed.

    Landlord statement templates may include sections for the tenant’s name and address, the rental property address, the dates of the rental period, and the amount of rent and other fees paid. They may also include details about any late fees, damage charges, or other fees owed by the tenant.

    Using a landlord statement template can help ensure that tenants receive a clear and accurate summary of their rental account. It can also provide a record of payments and fees for the landlord, which can be used for tax and accounting purposes.

    What is a landlord statement?

    Landlord Statement
    Landlord Statement

    The landlord statement template is a kind of letter that you may use when you want financial support for your real estate. As a property owner, you apply to companies or institutions that can grant you financial support.

    There are times when you are applying to the authorities to ask for money to improve your property. In these situations, the authorities will ask for a landlord statement letter before approving your application. Some landlords have access to funds from the government or banks. But not all landlords have access to these funds.

    The Difference Between a Landlord statement vs. a rental statement

    A landlord statement and a rent statement are different from each other. A rent statement from the landlord only provides details of your payment and rental arrears, while a landlord statement lets you know when payment is due, how much is owed, and any reports regarding the condition of the house and its immediate environment.

    Landlord Disclosures: What You Have to Tell

    There are many reasons why you would want to make a landlord statement. From online rent collection and online statements, landlords need to ensure that they can provide the data easily and instantly. They also need to do this without too much stress or hassle. The landlord statement template is a very basic template.


    A landlord statement is writing that sums up the income and expenses earned from a property. It also breaks down your payments, deposits, and other amounts within the given period. The statement includes information about the starting balances to ensure all previous records are clear and present with figures for the new period.

    Property Classify

    The statement should reflect the accounted date and period in which the statements were processed or produced. When writing out your landlord statement, make sure it’s neat and well-organized. Start with an opening balance as well as a subtotal to help people see the total expenses within the statement. Overall, it would help if you had all sections in order of dates as well as in full balance.

    Residual Debt

    The arrears statements for landlords owning several properties are different since they will have to include each property’s transactions within the statement. The values should be consolidated to start the statement with a summarized arrears net of the landlord’s portfolio, then a detailed breakdown of all collections received. If you own or manage your properties, you need to understand how your business finances and yourself as an independent contractor will affect your arrears.

    Advantages of Landlord Statement

    • These documents can help you determine if you need to collect more money from your tenants or can serve as evidence in court if there are disputes about payments. There are two types of landlord statements: a master statement to report utility expenses and an individual statement for repairs and maintenance.
    • This document in place will ensure you have all of your tenant’s details on file, including their forwarding address when they move out. It also allows for rent payment reminders. If you want to run your rental business effectively, having valuable forms such as this one is necessary.
    • You can use the landlord statement for rental properties to collect payments for utilities, pets, garage parking, and any other services relating to your property. You must get a written statement from your tenant outlining the services they have agreed to pay for.
    • Using this form, you’ll help tenants put their money to better use by avoiding late or partial payments. The template is a great way to increase renters’ monthly payments, as well as make sure they pay in full and on time.
    • Being a landlord can be tricky. Figuring out how to calculate the amount of tax you need to collect from tenants is one of the most troublesome aspects of being a landlord. This form will take you through the different types of expenses that are possible and the various ways in which these taxes can be calculated.


    Landlord Statements are essential legal documents that are used for whatever purpose they may serve. We have included several templates that you can use either as inspiration or as a guide to creating your own landlord statements. If you feel like any landlord statement templates, we have featured below need improvements or are not accurate, feel free to contact us and let us know so that we can make the changes you request.


    What is a Landlord Statement?

    A Landlord Statement is a document provided by a landlord that outlines a tenant’s rental history, including payment history, behavior, and any other relevant information concerning their tenancy.

    Why would I need a Landlord Statement?

    A Landlord Statement may be required when a tenant is moving and needs to provide proof of their rental history to a potential new landlord. It can also be used for other purposes like applying for housing assistance or demonstrating financial responsibility.

    How can I obtain a Landlord Statement?

    You can request a Landlord Statement from your current or previous landlord. It’s advisable to make the request in writing and provide any necessary details to assist the landlord in generating the statement.

    Can a landlord refuse to provide a statement?

    While laws may vary by location, generally, a landlord is not obligated to provide a statement. However, many landlords will provide a statement as a courtesy to a good tenant.

    What if the information on the Landlord Statement is incorrect?

    If you find incorrect information on your Landlord Statement, it’s advisable to contact your landlord immediately to rectify the errors. It’s beneficial to provide any supporting documentation to prove the accuracy of your claims.

    Is there a standard format for a Landlord Statement?

    There isn’t a universally standard format for a Landlord Statement. However, it should be clearly written, and include all necessary information regarding your rental history. Some local housing authorities or rental associations may provide templates.

    Can a Landlord Statement impact my ability to rent in the future?

    Yes, a positive Landlord Statement can significantly impact your ability to rent in the future positively, while a negative statement can potentially hinder your chances of securing rental accommodation.

    Should the Landlord Statement be notarized?

    While not typically required, having the Landlord Statement notarized can provide an extra layer of validation to the document.

    Can a Landlord Statement be used in court?

    A Landlord Statement can potentially be used as evidence in court if a dispute between a tenant and landlord arises, or in other legal matters concerning a tenant’s rental history.

    What information is typically included in a Landlord Statement?

    Common information included:

    • Tenant’s name and previous rental address.
    • Rental period (start and end dates).
    • Monthly rent amount.
    • Payment history (including any late payments).
    • Information on any lease violations or issues during tenancy.
    • A statement regarding the return of the security deposit.
    • Contact information for the landlord.
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