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Betina Jessen | About Me

Our story

My name is Betina Jessen, after working in a full-time company in the field of digital design for 10 years, I launched to help you organized. Especially in the printable calendar area, I made some designs on monthly, yearly and blank basis. I offer them free of charge because we need these calendars in our daily lives.

While preparing the calendars, I made it a principle that they should be for everyone, not for a certain segment. That’s why I offer you simple looking but functional calendars that will be very useful for you.

If you asked me to list the benefits of using a calendar every day, Firstly I would definitely say; It keeps us on track. Having a exclusive date and time set aside for a task tells us when we have to do it. It helps us remove the excuses, and makes us get to work. No longer will we let tasks roll down our to-do list. Now we can catch them before they start to get postponed.

Betina Jessen
Betina Jessen
Printable Calendar

Our Work

Technically, I published calendars in jpg format. However, considering that some users need these calendars as PDF, I also included PDF versions. Since the calendars are in HD quality, you will not experience any quality loss after printing these calendars.

If you need help with anything, or if there is something you want to see on the site, you can reach me at [email protected].

Also, it is not difficult to find me on social media, I am leaving some of my social media accounts for you.

Thank you for visiting and reading this.


Make a Printable Calendar

Making a calendar with Excel is an easy process that will allow you to create a colorful, customized calendar in just minutes. In addition to printing your calendar for use on your wall or bulletin board, you can also use it for sending invitations, planning events and scheduling meetings.