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Free Printable Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Templates [Excel] Stock

    Investment tracking is a great way to keep an eye on the progress of your investments. In the United States, there are many financial websites that you can use to free track your investments. However, if you are one of those people who would like to manage their own financials in a simple way, then you’re probably thinking about making an investment tracker spreadsheet.

    What Is an Investment Tracking Spreadsheet?

    Investment Tracking Spreadsheet
    Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

    Investment tracking spreadsheets are great tools for assisting you in keeping track of your investments. You can follow the value of your stocks, mutual funds, and bonds in this type of spreadsheet. This allows you to have a detailed record of the changes in your holdings. Personal finance software is a simple way to keep up with everything you have going on financially. As people progress in their financial lives they need more complicated tools to stay on top of things.

    Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

    Take control of your investments with our comprehensive and user-friendly spreadsheet templates. Whether you’re managing a personal investment portfolio or tracking investments for your business, our templates provide a convenient and organized way to monitor and analyze your investment performance.

    Easily track stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other investment types in one centralized location. Monitor key metrics such as investment value, returns, and portfolio allocation. Visualize your investment progress with interactive charts and graphs. Stay on top of dividend payments, interest accruals, and transaction history. With our Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Templates, you can make informed investment decisions, assess risks, and optimize your investment strategy. Start managing your investments effectively and download our templates today.

    Why do you need an investment tracking spreadsheet?

    Whether you’re making the choice on your own or are a part of a growing investment club, investing in stocks and other companies is a great way to make substantial profits. However, there is more to it than just researching different companies to buy.

    Once you start to invest, it is imperative that you keep track of your investments for that day when you want to take advantage of some of them. There are multiple ways to do this, but one of the most adaptable and straightforward ways to understand, track and report on the overall success of your investments is through the use of an investment tracking spreadsheet in MS Excel.

    By using an investment tracking spreadsheet, you will be able to keep all of your investment information in one convenient location. This document normally contains a spreadsheet area on which you will list the pertinent details of each particular investment, such as the type of investment, the amount invested, rate of return, and several other data items.

    If you’re trying to manage your assets, you’ll likely need an investment tracking spreadsheet. Asset allocation refers to how you divide your assets and put them into your investments. The type of asset allocation to choose would largely depend on your purpose for investing. This purpose also helps you determine the aggressiveness of the asset allocation you’re targeting.

    Advantages of using an Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

    • An investment tracking spreadsheet can be of great help to the investor. It shows you the whole record of your purchases, sells, dividends, return of capital transactions, and splits.
    • Investment tracking spreadsheets are great for entering data. They can be used for a reason ranging from tracking your small business to keeping a daily journal. To use an investment tracking spreadsheet, you should make sure that data entered into cells are either flat or static. This will allow automatic calculations of other values to take place in the spreadsheet.
    • A huge advantage that a spreadsheet needs to be clear is the ability to sort data in a certain manner. A good spreadsheet should not only make it easy for you to read information, but also be able to provide you with detailed information on each category you want.
    • It not just helps you in keeping a record of your assets and income locally but it also helps you in managing any international investment or assets which you have.

    Free Investment Tracking Spreadsheets

    Free investment tracking spreadsheet templates are invaluable tools for investors to organize and monitor their portfolios. A well-designed template allows you to input your holdings, cost basis, date of purchase, numbers of shares, current prices, and other details. Each holding can have its own row or section with areas for inputting all relevant investment data. The spreadsheet auto-calculates important figures such as your realized and unrealized gains/losses, total portfolio value, asset allocation percentages, individual and overall investment performance over custom time periods, and more.

    Advanced templates may also include features for tracking dividends, trading activity, fees/commissions, return on invested capital, and conducting what-if scenario analysis. Overall, free investment tracking templates give investors transparent insights into their portfolios and help guide smart investment decisions. The customization and depth of data they provide are invaluable for managing investments effectively.

    Google Sheets

    The investment tracking spreadsheet is the most common financial system used by individuals. Some people are intimidated by the use of Microsoft Excel, but there is nothing to fear. You just need patience and practice in order to learn how to use this tool. Now, if you’re looking for a more improved version, Google Sheets can be a good alternative as it offers more features and functionalities. If you’re not sure what Google Sheets is, then it’s high time you learn about it.

    Microsoft Excel

    If you are looking for the best way to track your stock portfolio and produce various reports, here is a tool that can help you with it. Microsoft Excel allows the user to generate monthly and yearly reports on the cost basis of taxes on their individual lots, track the purchase and sales transactions, and calculate the dividends schedule.


    There are lots of investment tracking spreadsheet templates available online. Most of them, however, require you to do your own customization.


    What is an investment tracking spreadsheet?

    An investment tracking spreadsheet is a document where individuals can record, track, and analyze their investments. It allows for the organization of information such as the type of investment, amount invested, current value, profit/loss, and other relevant data.

    Why should I use an investment tracking spreadsheet?

    Using an investment tracking spreadsheet can help you keep a detailed record of your investments, monitor performance, make informed decisions, and have a clear overview of your financial portfolio. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage your investments.

    What kind of information can be tracked in an investment tracking spreadsheet?

    Common information tracked includes the name of the investment, date of purchase, purchase price, number of shares/units, current price, current value, total gain/loss, annualized return, and other notes or relevant details.

    How do I create an investment tracking spreadsheet?

    You can create an investment tracking spreadsheet using software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Start by defining the columns for all the data you want to track, then enter your investment data accordingly. You can also use formulas to calculate values such as total returns or annualized returns.

    Are there templates available for investment tracking spreadsheets?

    Yes, there are many templates available online for investment tracking spreadsheets. These templates can provide a good starting point and can be customized according to your needs.

    Can I link real-time data to my investment tracking spreadsheet?

    Yes, some platforms like Google Sheets allow you to link real-time data using built-in functions or add-ons. This feature can automatically update your spreadsheet with the latest market prices and values.

    How often should I update my investment tracking spreadsheet?

    The frequency of updates depends on your personal preferences and the nature of your investments. Some may prefer to update their spreadsheet daily, weekly, or monthly. Automating data updates with real-time data links can also be very convenient.

    Is an investment tracking spreadsheet a substitute for professional financial advice?

    No, an investment tracking spreadsheet is a tool for organizing and reviewing your investments, but it does not replace professional financial advice. It’s advisable to consult with a financial advisor to make informed investment decisions.

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