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Free Printable Check Request Form Templates [PDF, Word, Excel]

    Businesses often use check request forms that provide services in exchange for payment from their clients, such as accountants, lawyers, consultants, and other professionals. They can also be used by retailers who sell products and provide refunds or exchanges because they want to ensure that all checks are adequately authorized before processing them.

    What is a check request form?

    Check Request Form
    Check Request Form

    A check request form is a document that allows customers to request payment from a vendor. These forms can be used in conjunction with invoices, bills, or other payment requests.

    Check request forms are typically used when a customer can’t pay an invoice electronically. For example, if a customer has no access to online banking and wants to pay by check, they can fill out the form on the company website and send it back to the vendor along with their payment.

    Check Request Form Templates

    Check request form templates are pre-designed documents that provide a structured format for requesting payment by check from an organization or entity. These templates offer a convenient and organized way to gather necessary information and details required to process a check payment.

    Check request form templates typically include sections that capture essential details such as the payee’s name, contact information, payment amount, purpose of the payment, account numbers, and any supporting documentation or approvals required. They may also include sections for indicating the preferred method of receiving the check and additional notes or comments.

    Using a check request form template helps individuals or organizations streamline the process of requesting payment by check. It ensures that all relevant information is provided in a consistent and standardized format, reducing the likelihood of errors or omissions.

    Check request form examples

    A check request letter should include specific information about the amount owed and due date. It should also include your contact information if there are any questions about the invoice or the payment process.

    The following sample check request letters are designed for use with different types of invoices:

    Duplicate Check Request

    The department representative submits a request for a duplicate check once they have received the notification of a missing check. The request form should be filled out completely and submitted to Accounts Payable (A.P.) in its entirety. The requester must submit a copy of the original invoice or receipt for the purchase with their request for a duplicate check.

    PTO Activities Request

    The PTO Activities Request form is used to request approval for participation in an activity that exceeds your department’s budgeted amount or is not otherwise approved by your supervisor. Examples include: attending conferences, workshops, or seminars, purchasing equipment; acquiring software licenses; travel expenses, consulting services; etc. This form should be used only when the cost exceeds $500 per year or when more than one department wants to participate in an activity that requires more than one department’s approval. When completing this form, attach all supporting documents, including invoices, contracts, and other pertinent information about why you are requesting this additional funding.

    Checkbook Request Form

    The checkbook request form is a legal agreement between you and your employer that allows them to deduct money from your paycheck. This form includes information about your name, address, social security number, and the amount of money they are deducting from your paycheck. You sign the form to indicate that you agree with the deduction amount. It also states that you understand that if you owe back child support payments or other debts, these amounts will be deducted from the amount being withheld from your paycheck.

    Check Reimbursement Request

    A check reimbursement request is used when you want to reimburse an employee’s expenses through a check instead of cash. This form provides information about the expense, who incurred it, and how much they want to be reimbursed. The employee then submits this form to H.R. or the accounting department, who will process it and ensure that they get paid back in full with interest if applicable.

    Check the Payment Request Form

    A check payment request is used when you need someone else to write you a check from their bank account for some reason, such as paying off your credit card bills or paying rent on time for you so that your landlord doesn’t charge late fees anymore because now he knows that there is someone who will make sure that his mortgage gets paid off on time every month without fail since he knows that if he does charge late fees then he will have to pay them back plus interest which means more money out of.

    What to include in a check request form?

    Check request forms should include the following:

    • The customer’s name and address
    • The date of issue
    • The amount requested and reason for issuing the check (for example, an invoice number)
    • Signature line for you as the customer (as well as authorization to release funds if required)
    • Vendor ID
    • P.O. Number
    • Approvals
    • Invoice Number
    • Social Security or Tax ID Number
    • Mail Check
    • Mail Attachment
    • Direct Pay

    Procedures for using a check request form

    When you receive a check request form, you must complete it and return it to the requester. You may not be able to use all of the information requested on the form; in some cases, only one or two items will be required.

    In addition to completing the information requested on the form, also include your name and contact information at the top of your copy. This will help ensure that if there is any confusion about who received the check and when you won’t be left out of the loop.

    Finally, when returning a check request form to your employer or client, ensure that you mail or deliver it in person so that you can confirm delivery with them directly.

    When do check request forms cause issues?

    Check request forms are an excellent tool for streamlining your business and tracking who owes you money. However, if you’re not careful, they could cause problems if used incorrectly. Here are some of the most common issues people encounter when using check request forms:

    Using the wrong form: Make sure you use the right paper for each job. A customer might accidentally use a deposit form instead of a pay-out form or vice versa. This can confuse and lead to errors in your accounting system.

    Not getting paid on time: If you don’t track when your customers should be paying you back, it can be hard to track what they owe you and when they should be paying it back. Not only does this make it hard for them to remember their obligations, but it also makes it harder for you to keep track of what needs fixing or replacing in their home after they move out.

    Losing checks: If a customer loses a check before depositing it, there’s no way for him or her to know how much money was in the account then.


    How to do a check request form?

    A check request form includes fields like date requested, payee name, amount required, payment description/purpose, expense account code, requester name/department, and approver signature. Formats vary but collect key info needed to generate a check payment.

    What is a check request used for?

    Check requests are used to initiate disbursement payments to vendors, employees for reimbursements or stipends, contractors, refunds, and other one-time payees. They provide formal documentation and approval for non-routine check issuances.

    What is a sample request form?

    A sample request form may include fields for date requested, payee/vendor name, payment amount, expense reason or description, coding the expenditure to an account, requester name, approvals, and policy/process references. Includes instructions for submitting.

    What is a request form?

    A request form is a document submitted to formally ask for something like funds, materials, services, information or permission. It documents details like who, what, when, and why something is requested for recordkeeping and fulfillment.

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