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Free Printable Obituary Templates [Word, PDF] & Mother, Father, Grandmother

    Obituary writing is an art. There are tricky things to be taken care of when writing an obituary of a person who was very close to you. The task is even more complicated if the person does not personally know you.

    While drafting one, it is essential to put great care and thought into conveying the information. It has to be as precise as possible in expressing the great loss and the pain that the close associates of the deceased have to endure, as well as a celebration of a life well lived.

    What Is an Obituary?

    Obituary Template
    Obituary Template

    An obituary is a short, factual account of a person’s life, usually written by a member of their immediate family. It can be in print or online. While newspapers are still the number one place to find obituaries, online obits have been increasing in popularity. People sometimes wrote their own obits before they died so that their life story was told properly and with the meanings behind their words.

    Obituary Templates

    Obituary Templates are pre-designed formats used to create memorial announcements or obituary notices that honor and commemorate the life of a deceased individual. These templates provide a structured framework for composing obituaries, ensuring that important details, memories, and accomplishments are included. Obituary Templates facilitate the creation of meaningful and respectful tributes that can be shared with family, friends, and the community to remember and celebrate the life of the deceased.

    Obituary Templates provide a structured and respectful approach to crafting obituaries that honor the life and legacy of the deceased. By using these templates, individuals can ensure that key details and significant aspects of the person’s life are included, while still allowing room for personalization and storytelling. These templates facilitate the creation of heartfelt and comprehensive obituaries that serve as meaningful tributes and provide comfort and solace to the grieving family and friends. Obituary Templates serve as valuable tools in memorializing and celebrating the lives of loved ones, allowing their memory to be cherished and shared with others.

    What is Obituary Template?

    The obituary Template is a resource to guide you through constructing a suitable obituary. The template will help you remember the important information and keep it in the proper order using headings with guidance text. The template guides you through each step: Write about the person’s life, things that made them unique, their personality, and other memories.

    The obituary template has many sections that can be filled out by the writer depending on the person’s background, such as education, employment, awards, alma maters, and other achievements of the person.

    Here are some sample obituary templates for a mother, father, and grandmother:

    Mother Obituary Template:

    Jane Doe (1960 – 2022)

    Jane Doe, beloved mother of [List children’s names], passed away peacefully on [date] at the age of 62.

    Jane was born on [birthdate] in [birthplace] to [parent names]. She graduated from [high school] in 1978 and went on to attend [college]. Jane worked as a [occupation] for over 30 years before retiring in 2015.

    Jane was a loving mother and grandmother who cherished time spent with family. She especially enjoyed [hobbies, interests, and notable qualities]. Jane will be remembered for her [positive qualities] and the joy she brought to those around her.

    Jane was preceded in death by her [relations]. She is survived by her [list surviving relations].

    A funeral service will be held on [date and time] at [location]. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to [charity name] in Jane’s memory. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

    Father Obituary Template:

    John Doe (1955 – 2022)

    John Doe, beloved father of [list children’s names], passed away on [date] at [age].

    John was born on [birthdate] in [birthplace] to [parents’ names]. After high school, John attended [college] and graduated with a degree in [subject]. He worked as a [occupation] for [employer] for over 30 years before retiring in [year].

    John will be remembered for his [positive qualities] and love of [hobbies, interests]. As a father, he especially enjoyed [activities with children] and passed on his [admirable qualities] to his family.

    John was preceded in death by [relations]. He is survived by [list surviving relations].

    A memorial service will take place on [date] at [location]. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to [charity] in John’s honor. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

    Grandmother Obituary Template:

    Mary Smith (1935 – 2022)

    Mary Smith, beloved grandmother to [list grandchildren], passed away on [date] at age 87.

    Mary was born in [place] on [date] and grew up in [hometown]. She attended [school] and went on to work as a [occupation]. Mary married [husband] in [year] and together they raised [number] children.

    Mary loved cooking and baking for her grandchildren. She enjoyed [hobbies, interests] and spending time with her family. Mary will be remembered for her [positive qualities].

    Mary was preceded in death by [relations]. She is survived by her [list surviving relations].

    A celebration of life will be held on [date] at [location]. In lieu of flowers, donations in Mary’s memory can be made to [charity]. Mary will be dearly missed by all those whose lives she touched.

    How to write an Obituary (Important Parts of Obituary)

    There is a lot of information to include in an obituary. Here is a list of the essential elements that should be included in each obituary:

    Death notice or announcement

    This is where you announce to your readers that someone has died, including his or her name, age, place of residence, and cause of death.

    A short biographical sketch about the deceased

    This is where you give some background information about your subject’s life — such as where he was born and raised, where he went to school and what his career was like before his death. You can also include some personal details about him here, such as how many children he had or how many grandchildren he left behind when he passed away.

    Some information about his or her family

    Include some facts about how many siblings your subject had (if any) or what kind of relationship he had with them during his lifetime — such as if they were close friends or distant relatives who never got along very well together because they were always fighting over who got what inheritance after their parents died unexpectedly at a young age due to an unexpected.

    A photo of the deceased

    Using a photo in your obituary is necessary to not only have a physical representation of someone who has died but also to portray the personality of the deceased. A photo gives us a well-rounded picture of who that person was and although it might be difficult to get it done because these photos are expensive, using at least one photo is essential.

    The cause of death (if known)

    The cause of death of a person who passed away is an element that people are curious to know. If a person died due to an accident, illness or war and took a very close relation with him/her then it will create sense of curiosity in mind and hence the next-of-kin too asks about it.

    Special messages

    Particular messages from family members or close friends who want to share their thoughts on the life of your loved one — their favorite memories or words of comfort for those who are grieving at this time.”

    The funeral service time

    Be sure to provide the time and location of the service so that your loved one’s friends and family can pay their respects.

    Funeral Program Templates

    There are many different free funeral program templates available online that you can use as a starting point when writing your own obituary template. You can then customize it further so that it reflects the person who died and their life story in more detail than just the basic facts of birth and death date.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, these topics are often sensitive and delicate to deal with, and it can be hard to know where to start. However, it is essential that you write your obituary and memorial notice professionally as it will inform friends and family of the death of your loved one as well as allow people to say a final goodbye.

    We hope this template will help you write the final piece of history for your loved one.


    Is there a template for writing an obituary?

    Yes, obituary templates can provide a helpful structure when writing one. Templates include placeholders for the standard information included like name, birth/death dates, surviving relatives, services, memorial donations, etc. Templates can be found online through funeral home websites or obituary writing guides.

    What is the proper format for an obituary?

    The proper format for an obituary includes: 1) The name of deceased 2) Birth and death dates 3) List of surviving immediate family members 4) Overview of person’s life including birthplace, education, career, interests 5) Date/time/location of funeral or memorial service 6) Charities for memorial donations 7) A short concluding message or quote.

    How do I write a free obituary template?

    To write a free obituary template start with the name, birth/death dates and list of surviving relatives. Include a short narrative of their life milestones and achievements. Note the service details. End with a concluding message or favorite quote from the deceased. Leave blank lines to fill in the specific details. Find free templates online to use as a guide.

    What should you not include in an obituary?

    Avoid including private family matters, sensitive financial or medical details, controversial aspects of the person’s life, excessive grieving sentiments, or anything that could be perceived as negative or critical. Obituaries should remain focused on honorable memories, achievements, and basic life facts.

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