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Free Printable US Passport Photo Templates [PDF, PSD] 2×2 – 4×6

    It’s important to provide the best passport photo possible. With the rising number of travel restrictions and increased security, it’s important to follow all of the requirements for a good passport picture. One of the most common errors people make is taking photos that aren’t high resolution enough for facial recognition technology.

    Since most of us don’t print photos at home anymore and are used to taking selfies, we might forget some important details when taking our passport photos. The template will have all the things you need at the back to avoid losing focus on what matters.

    Passport Photo Templates

    Passport Photo Templates” are pre-designed layouts that provide a convenient and accurate framework for creating passport-sized photographs. These templates ensure compliance with specific requirements set by passport agencies or visa applications, ensuring that the photos meet the necessary standards for identification purposes.

    Ensuring your passport photo meets the stringent requirements for official documents is crucial. While our templates offer a convenient solution for creating compliant photographs, why not also capture your memories in a vibrant, personalized way? Visit to transform your photos into stunning wall decorations. Perfect for commemorating your travels, lets you bring your favorite moments to life in your home, providing a beautiful reminder of your journeys as you prepare for your next adventure with the right passport photo.

    Passport photos are essential for various official documents, including passports, visas, driver’s licenses, and identification cards. Passport photo templates offer precise guidelines for dimensions, composition, and facial positioning, enabling individuals to create professional-quality photos that adhere to the strict regulations set by authorities.

    These templates often include sections for positioning the head, aligning facial features, and ensuring proper lighting and background. They ensure that the individual’s face is centered, with the correct size and proportions, and that the background meets the required specifications, such as a plain white or light-colored backdrop.

    What is a passport photo template?

    US Passport Photo
    US Passport Photo

    If you want to travel outside your country and need a passport, you may need to take a photo. However, if you don’t know how to take the right measurements, you might end up having problems with this requirement. That is why we present our Passport Photo template that surely will help you achieve the perfect size in no time.

    All other Photoshop templates on the Internet are too big or small for your picture and might cause issues in passport control. Download one for free below and place your photo as indicated by the dimensions. You can then see whether or not there is enough room for the border or if it has been placed correctly.

    They differ according to the standards of different countries. Therefore you can use this software and print them on your printer. The download process is quick, and the application is easy to use.

    United States

    The US passport photo template is an important tool that allows you to paste your photograph correctly. It has been created according to the strict guidelines established by the government. This can be downloaded and used as a guide if you want to print a few copies of your picture to be submitted with the application form or if you want one for yourself so that you remember the right size and number of pictures required.

    The correct size of a passport photo should be: 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm)

    United Kingdom

    To ease making your passport photo, you can use a free UK passport template. Using this template will not be hard to make sure that your photo is aligned correctly in accordance with the required dimensions of a UK passport. You can also find other templates online or download them, so you will have more choices on how to take your pictures.

    According to the UK Government, Photos must: measure 45 millimeters ( mm ) high by 35mm wide.


    The Australian passport photo is mandatory for all citizens who wish to obtain an Australian Passport. It is an important document that you will need for international travels, so make sure you take good care of this item. We are very proud to present you with this template as it contains all the important details related to your passport picture.

    Make sure your passport photos are perfect every time with this Australian Passport Photo template. This template has very specific guidelines on correctly capturing your photo and preparing it for sending in.

    According to the Australian Passport Office, Photos have to be 35mm to 40mm wide and 45mm to 50mm high.


    To get your Canadian passport, you’ll need a couple of things: a passport photo template and a photo that meets certain guidelines. The template is free on our website; simply download it, follow the instructions carefully, then edit your picture according to the requirements.

    The photos must measure 50 mm X 70 mm in size (2 inches wide X 23/4 inches long)

    Can you take your own photos of passports?

    Have passport photos taken at any photo studio or by a photographer. You can also use simple self-portraits, but they need to be very close-ups taken with a 1-megapixel camera or higher. As long as you adhere to the State Department’s requirements for passport photos, you should be able to use self-portraits or a close-up taken by a friend.

    There is no need to pay over $100 or wait for 7 to 9 weeks. With Passport Renew, you can renew your passport quickly and easily. We offer a photo-processing service with professional passport photographers, so you won’t have to take your own photos at home.

    Passport photos should be taken in a light color or white shirt against a plain background and must show a clear view of your head from just above the eyebrows to just below the chin and one ear visible.


    What are the dimensions of a US passport photo?

    A US passport photo should be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm).

    What is the required photo quality for a US passport photo?

    The photo should be in color and printed on high-quality photo paper. It should be clear, with a continuous-tone quality, and have a natural expression.

    What should be the background color of a US passport photo?

    The background should be plain white or off-white, and free of shadows.

    Are glasses allowed in a US passport photo?

    As of November 1, 2016, eyeglasses are not allowed in US passport photos unless you need them for medical reasons. A signed note from a medical professional must accompany the application in such cases.

    Are head coverings allowed in a US passport photo?

    Head coverings for religious or medical reasons are permitted, but the face must be visible from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead, and from hairline to hairline.

    How recent should my US passport photo be?

    Your passport photo should be taken within the last six months to reflect your current appearance.

    Can I smile in my US passport photo?

    A natural expression is preferred. A soft smile is acceptable, but it’s advised to avoid a big grin or frown.

    How do I know if my photo is acceptable?

    The U.S. Department of State has a webpage with photo examples and a photo tool to check your photo before you apply.

    Where can I get my US passport photo taken?

    Many pharmacies, post offices, and photography studios offer passport photo services.

    Can I take a US passport photo myself?

    Yes, you can take a passport photo yourself as long as all the requirements are met regarding size, background, expression, and quality. It might be challenging to meet all the guidelines, so many people opt for professional services.

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