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Free Printable Fake & Real Dentist Note Templates [PDF, Word] for Work, School

    We all have days when we feel overwhelmed by pressure at work or school and just can’t perform at our best. It may get to the point where you want to give up or quit. But that’s not a sustainable solution since you’ll need to go back eventually.

    An alternative is to take a short leave of absence to clear your head. For that, you may need a medical note from a registered practitioner like a dentist. Dentists are licensed medical professionals, so you can request a dental excuse note for work or school if necessary. Taking a few days off with a legitimate dentist’s note can provide time to regroup so you can return refreshed and refocused.

    What Is A Dentist Note For Work?

    Dentist Note
    Dentist Note

    A dentist note for work is a medical excuse letter written by a licensed dentist to explain a patient’s absence from their job. It states that the patient was seen by the dentist on a specific date for a dental health issue described in the note. The note should include details like the date of service, procedures performed, medication prescribed, and any recovery time required before the patient can return to work duties.

    Employers may require a dentist’s note as documentation to excuse work absences beyond 3 days or to justify being out for medical reasons. Having a dentist provide a formal medical excuse note makes the absence permissible under sick leave or medical leave policies. Whether for oral surgery, a dental emergency, or other dental health reasons, a dentist’s note gives employees verified proof of the circumstances requiring time off work to address their dental needs.

    Dentist Note Templates

    Sometimes a patient needs a dentist’s note to justify missing work or school. A dentist note template allows creating professional notes efficiently. The template provides the standard format dentist offices use.

    Customize the dentist note template with your office name, logo, and contact information. Fill in the patient name, date of visit, and explanation of the circumstances requiring the note. List any procedures performed or medications prescribed. You can also include specifics like recommended days of rest needed.

    A customized dentist note template enables easily generating notes for patients anytime needed. Spend minutes personalizing the template with patient details then print on your letterhead. With a dentist note template, patients can get a polished, official note documenting their appointment and excusing their absence. A professional dentist note shows you provide attentive service and care about your patients’ needs.

    Why Do You Need Dentist Note? 

    1. Proof of Visit or Treatment:
      • Similar to a doctor’s note, a dentist’s note can serve as proof that you visited the dentist on a specific date and time. This can be useful if you need to provide verification to your employer or school for a missed day or absence.
    2. Medical Clearances for Procedures/Surgeries:
      • Before undergoing certain medical procedures or surgeries, especially those involving anesthesia, patients might be required to get a dental clearance. This is to ensure that there are no dental infections or issues that might cause complications.
      • For instance, some cardiac surgeries require dental clearances because a dental infection can risk infective endocarditis – an infection of the heart valves.
    3. Orthodontic or Cosmetic Procedures:
      • If you’re planning on undergoing orthodontic procedures or any cosmetic surgeries around the facial area, a dentist might need to provide a note or clearance. This ensures your teeth and oral health are in suitable condition for the procedure.
    4. Sports and Recreational Activities:
      • Some sports or recreational activities, especially at the school or professional level, might require a dentist’s note to confirm that the athlete has adequate dental protection, like mouth guards, especially for contact sports.
    5. Work or School Assignments:
      • For certain tasks or assignments that might be affected by recent dental procedures, a dentist’s note can provide guidelines. For instance, if a student recently had oral surgery, they might be excused from playing a wind instrument in a school band for a specified period.
    6. Legal and Insurance Purposes:
      • In cases of accidents or disputes where dental damage is involved, a dentist’s note can serve as a record of the injury and the treatment provided. This can be pivotal for insurance claims or legal cases.
    7. Medication Verification:
      • Some dental procedures might require the patient to take specific medications post-procedure. A dentist’s note can detail these prescriptions, serving as a reference for schools or employers if the patient is under medication that might affect their performance or attendance.
    8. Special Considerations:
      • If a person has particular dental or oral health conditions that require special considerations – such as a medical condition that affects the mouth or recently having oral surgery – a dentist’s note can inform schools or employers of necessary accommodations.

    Asking Your Dentist For A Sick Note

    If the procedure is major and needs sedation, it’s clear that you can’t return to work or school immediately. Procedures like wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, or root canal treatments require some downtime. Sometimes, the after-effects of the sedation or the procedure itself, like pain, swelling, or bleeding, might render you unfit for work or study for a day or more.

    It’s in such instances that a sick note from your dentist becomes paramount. Before the procedure, discuss with your dentist the expected recovery time and any potential complications. Most dentists will already provide you with a note detailing the procedure, the associated recovery time, and any other pertinent advice. This note can be presented to your employer or school administration to explain and validate your absence.

    Regular Dental Check-ups

    While regular dental check-ups might not necessarily require a full day off, there might be situations where your dentist identifies a concern that needs immediate attention. For instance, you might go in for a routine cleaning, but the dentist discovers an early-stage cavity that needs filling immediately. The extended stay at the dentist’s office could result in missing a half-day at work or school. In such situations, a note from the dentist explaining the situation can be beneficial.

    Post-Procedure Complications

    Sometimes, dental procedures might lead to unforeseen complications. You might develop excessive swelling, pain, or even an infection post-procedure, making it difficult for you to perform regular tasks. In such cases, revisiting your dentist is vital. They can assess the situation, provide appropriate treatment, and issue a sick note to explain your condition and the need for additional rest.

    Where To Get A Dentist Note For Work?

    Obtaining a dentist’s note for work is a straightforward process, but it does require communication and an actual reason for the note.

    Visit Your Dental Clinic: The most direct way to get a dentist’s note is by requesting one during your appointment or treatment. If you’ve undergone a procedure, or if you’re experiencing post-treatment complications that make it challenging to attend work, inform your dentist. They can provide a note detailing the nature of your treatment and recommending a necessary duration for rest or recovery. This is particularly relevant for procedures that involve anesthesia, extractions, or other invasive treatments which might render a person unfit for work immediately afterwards.

    Reach Out After the Fact: If you forgot to request a note during your visit or if complications arise after you’ve left the clinic, don’t hesitate to call your dental office. Explain the situation, and in most cases, they’ll be able to prepare a note for you to pick up or even email it to you directly. Remember, however, that the note should reflect the truth of your situation. Misleading or falsifying medical notes is unethical and can have serious consequences in many workplaces.

    How To Read Dentist Note For Work?

    Reading and understanding a dentist’s note for work is crucial for both employees and employers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you decipher the contents:

    Step 1: Check the Dentist’s Letterhead

    Begin by looking at the top of the note where the letterhead is usually located. It should have the dentist’s name, their qualifications, the dental practice’s name, address, and contact details. This information confirms the authenticity of the note.

    Step 2: Note the Date and Patient’s Name

    This is typically found right below the letterhead. It’s essential to verify the date of the appointment or procedure and ensure the note corresponds to the employee in question.

    Step 3: Read the Purpose of the Visit

    The note should specify why the patient visited the dental clinic. This could range from a routine check-up, dental emergencies, to specific procedures such as fillings, extractions, or root canals.

    Step 4: Check for Recommendations or Restrictions

    After stating the reason for the visit, the note will likely mention any recommended actions or restrictions. For instance, the dentist might suggest that the patient takes a day off to recover or avoids certain activities.

    Step 5: Look for the Recovery Period (if applicable)

    For more intensive dental procedures, the note will indicate a suggested recovery period. This will give an estimate of how long the employee might be unfit for work or any specific tasks.

    Step 6: Review Aftercare Instructions (if provided)

    While not always included in a basic dentist note, some might contain aftercare instructions, especially if they are relevant to the person’s work. For example, if a person has had an extraction, the note might advise against lifting heavy weights or engaging in strenuous activities for a few days.

    Step 7: Check for Prescribed Medications (if mentioned)

    If the employee has been prescribed medications that might affect their ability to work, especially tasks that require concentration or operation of machinery, this will be indicated on the note.

    Step 8: Validate the Dentist’s Signature

    Lastly, ensure the note is signed by the dentist. This not only authenticates the document but also confirms that the information provided has the endorsement of a medical professional.

    Step 9: Follow Up (if necessary)

    If there’s any ambiguity in the note or if more clarity is needed, consider reaching out to the dental clinic. However, always respect patient confidentiality and privacy regulations.

    Can You Make A Fake Dentist Note?

    Creating or using a fake dentist’s note—or any false document for that matter—is both unethical and illegal. It’s essential to understand the implications and consequences associated with such actions.

    Ethical Concerns:

    Integrity and honesty are foundational values in both personal and professional settings. Generating or using a fake dentist’s note undermines these principles. Trust is a core component of any relationship, whether with an employer, school, or institution. Misleading them with false information erodes this trust and can have long-lasting repercussions on one’s reputation and credibility.

    Legal Implications:

    In many jurisdictions, creating or using fraudulent documents can lead to severe legal consequences. Depending on local laws, this can range from fines to imprisonment. Even if the immediate legal penalties are minimal, having a record of deceit or fraud can hinder future opportunities, such as employment, loans, or education.

    Professional Repercussions:

    Employers and educational institutions take authenticity seriously. Being caught with a fake dentist’s note can lead to immediate disciplinary action, which might include termination from employment or expulsion from an educational institution. Even if the immediate action isn’t as severe, it can place a permanent mark on one’s record, affecting future job prospects and professional growth.

    Morality and Setting an Example:

    Beyond personal repercussions, using fake documentation sets a harmful precedent for peers, younger generations, and colleagues. It suggests that dishonest shortcuts are acceptable methods to bypass responsibilities, undermining the importance of hard work, accountability, and sincerity.


    Missing work can negatively impact your job, but sometimes dental health issues leave no choice. Having a legitimate dentist’s note documents the need for medical leave to your employer. We hope this article provided helpful guidance on how dentists write excuse notes and what details to include. To make getting a dental excuse note easy, we’ve added editable templates for fake or real dentist notes for work that can be customized with your details.

    Whether you need time off for a root canal, dental surgery, or simply a teeth cleaning, our templates allow you to generate a professional work excuse note fast. Just download, enter your info, and print for an official-looking absence form from a dental office. With a verified doctor’s excuse, you can take care of your dental health while ensuring your job is protected.


    Can a dentist provide a note for work or school?

    Yes, dentists can provide legitimate notes for work or school, especially if a dental procedure or emergency has affected your ability to attend or perform tasks. These notes can outline the nature of the visit, the treatment provided, and any recommended recovery time.

    What information is typically included on a dentist’s note?

    A standard dentist’s note will typically include the dental clinic’s letterhead (with the dentist’s name, qualifications, address, and contact details), date of the visit, patient’s name, purpose or reason for the visit, any recommendations or restrictions, expected recovery period, prescribed medications (if any), and the dentist’s signature.

    Is it illegal to use a fake dentist’s note?

    Yes, using a fake dentist’s note, or any fraudulent document, is illegal in many jurisdictions. Such an act can result in legal consequences, including fines or potential jail time, depending on the local laws.

    Can my employer verify the authenticity of my dentist’s note?

    Employers have the right to verify the authenticity of medical notes to ensure they are legitimate. However, they must respect patient confidentiality and privacy laws. It’s common practice for employers to confirm the note’s authenticity without delving into specific medical details.

    What are the repercussions of using a fake dentist’s note at work or school?

    Using a fake note can result in disciplinary actions, including termination from employment or expulsion from school. Beyond the immediate consequences, it can also damage one’s reputation and credibility, affecting future job prospects and professional relationships.While a dentist’s note itself doesn’t expire, the recommendations on it are time-sensitive. If a note suggests taking two days off for recovery, it’s meant for the immediate period after the procedure. It’s essential to use the note in the relevant timeframe.

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