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Free Printable Christmas Border Templates [PDF, Word] Blank Letter

    The holiday season is a time for festive decorations, cards, crafts, and more. However, finding the perfect Christmas-themed embellishments to make your projects merry and bright can be a challenge. This is where free printable Christmas borders come in handy! Christmas borders provide quick decorative elements to add seasonal flair.

    In this article, we’ll look at how to utilize Christmas borders and other frames to enhance anything from cards to signage. We’ll also provide free Christmas border templates to download in formats suitable for Word, Photoshop, PowerPoint, and more. With these festive borders, DIY decorators and crafters can instantly amp up the holiday spirit of any project or design. Get ready to deck your halls with holly, wreaths, snowflakes, and everything else wonderful with these customizable Christmas borders!

    What is a Christmas Border Template?

    Christmas Borders
    Christmas Borders

    A Christmas border template is a decorative frame or page edge with seasonal imagery or patterns that can be incorporated into designs and crafts to add a festive holiday aesthetic. Christmas border templates come in styles featuring wreaths, trees, snowflakes, candy canes, ornaments, holly leaves, poinsettias, and other Christmas symbols and elements.

    They are available as ready-made graphic files that can be downloaded and printed out or opened in design programs to customize color, scale, and format. Christmas border templates provide an easy way to quickly dress up projects like cards, flyers, Bulletins, websites, and more with beautiful holiday accents.

    Christmas Border Templates

    The holiday season is a magical time of year. These Christmas borders pdf files help capture that magical feeling in crafts, cards, school projects, and more. With a variety of styles including traditional, modern, whimsical and rustic, you’ll find the perfect border for your project.

    The pdf includes borders featuring Christmas trees, ornaments, snowflakes, snowmen, presents, stockings, candles, wreaths, holly leaves, candy canes, stars, bells, and more. They range from simple single line borders to more elaborate full page borders with shading and details. You can print them on cardstock and use them to decorate bulletin boards, scrapbooks, school work, and holiday crafts.

    With over 60 different Christmas borders, this pdf has you covered for all your holiday projects. The variety of styles and designs make these printable borders versatile and useful. Anyone can instantly access and print these high quality borders and spread some seasonal cheer. These Christmas borders pdf files are the perfect embellishment for all your holiday crafting and decorating needs.

    Importance of Merry Christmas Borders

    Merry Christmas” borders are a seemingly minor detail, but they can play a significant role in various aspects of celebrating the Christmas holiday. While their importance can be overlooked, these decorative frames can add an extra layer of festivity and meaning to cards, decorations, and digital communications. Below are some ways in which “Merry Christmas” borders enhance the holiday experience, giving it additional depth and a unique touch.

    Visual Aesthetics and Attention

    1. Highlighting Content: A border can serve to draw attention to the central message or image. It acts like a frame to a picture, guiding eyes to what’s most important.
    2. Festive Ambiance: Merry Christmas borders imbue a sense of joy and celebration, providing a visual cue that something special is happening.
    3. Completes the Look: A well-designed border can make even simple greetings look polished and complete.
    4. Adds Depth and Layering: In graphic design, borders can give a multi-layered, complex look to otherwise flat or monotone designs.

    Emotional Resonance

    1. Nostalgia: Borders that are reminiscent of traditional Christmas motifs can evoke feelings of nostalgia, reconnecting people with their past experiences.
    2. Inclusivity: Seeing a common phrase like “Merry Christmas” in a border can create a sense of unity and belonging.
    3. Joy and Positivity: The cheeriness often associated with Christmas borders can lift spirits and make even routine communications feel special.

    Communication and Personalization

    1. Emphasis on Message: A border serves to emphasize the significance of the occasion, underlining the “Merry Christmas” message.
    2. Customization: The variety of styles available in borders allows for a high degree of personalization, letting people select borders that resonate with their own tastes or the tastes of the recipients.
    3. Professional Touch: In corporate settings, a tasteful Christmas border can add a layer of professionalism to holiday communications.

    Tradition and Culture

    1. Continuity: The usage of specific designs, patterns, or phrases like “Merry Christmas” in borders is a way of honoring cultural or familial traditions.
    2. Symbolism: Certain elements commonly found in Christmas borders (like wreaths, bells, and stars) have deeper symbolic meanings, enriching the message they encompass.

    Practical Uses

    1. Gift Wrapping: The design aesthetics of a Merry Christmas border can be extended to packaging, creating a cohesive visual experience.
    2. Event Decor: Borders can be used in banners, place cards, and other event-specific materials to create a thematic consistency.
    3. Digital Applications: In the age of digital communication, Christmas-themed borders are widely used in emails, e-cards, and social media posts to spread holiday cheer.


    1. Readability: By framing the content clearly, a border can make the text more readable and visually organized, which can be particularly helpful for people with visual impairments.

    On the whole, the importance of “Merry Christmas” borders goes beyond mere decoration. They serve as aesthetic enhancers, emotional catalysts, and functional tools that contribute to the richness of the holiday experience. Whether physical or digital, these borders are more than just peripheral adornments; they are integral elements that complement and amplify the joy and significance of Christmas.

    What to include in a Christmas Border Template?

    Creating a Christmas border template involves considering various elements that can encapsulate the spirit of the holiday while also offering versatility and aesthetic appeal. Below are elements and considerations you might include when creating a Christmas border template:

    Visual Elements

    1. Color Scheme: Traditional Christmas colors are red, green, and gold. However, blue, white, and silver are also popular. Choose a color scheme that can be versatile for different uses or make several templates in varying color schemes.
    2. Icons and Symbols: Christmas trees, ornaments, stars, snowflakes, bells, holly, and reindeer are some of the many symbols you can use. Consider placing these in corners or distributing them along the border evenly.
    3. Text: Phrases like “Merry Christmas,” “Season’s Greetings,” or “Happy Holidays” could be included within the border or left out to allow customization by the user.
    4. Patterns: Simple patterns like stripes, dots, or geometric shapes can also be a subtle yet effective way to create a festive look.
    5. Floral and Fauna: Mistletoe, poinsettias, wreaths, or even small bird silhouettes like cardinals can make attractive additions.
    6. Cultural Symbols: If the border is aimed at a specific cultural group, it may include symbols or text relevant to that culture’s Christmas celebrations.
    7. Empty Space: Ensure there is sufficient empty space where people can insert their text or images. The border should frame the content without overwhelming it.

    Design Considerations

    1. Layering: A good design often includes layered elements to give a sense of depth. Shadows or gradient effects can add this kind of complexity.
    2. Symmetry and Asymmetry: Decide whether the border will be the same on all sides or whether each side will have its unique elements. Both approaches can work well depending on the context in which the border will be used.
    3. Resolution: Make sure your template is of high enough resolution that it won’t become pixelated when printed or expanded.
    4. Scalability: Design the border in such a way that it looks good both in smaller and larger sizes, for uses ranging from greeting cards to banners.
    5. File Types: Offer multiple file types if possible, such as .png for a transparent background, .jpg for general use, and vector formats like .svg for scaling.

    Functional Aspects

    1. Editability: If possible, offer an editable version (.psd or .ai file) for those who wish to customize the template further.
    2. Instructions: Include a brief instruction guide on how to add text or images within the border for those who may not be familiar with editing software.
    3. Printing Guidelines: Provide guidelines or settings for printing the border to ensure it looks as intended when put to paper.


    1. Color Contrast: Ensure that the color scheme is not just aesthetically pleasing but also provides enough contrast for readability.
    2. Font: If text is included, make sure it is clear and legible, considering users who may have vision impairments.
    3. Adaptability: Consider creating a version of the border that is easily visible or interpretable through screen readers or other assistive technologies.

    How do you make a Christmas border on Microsoft Word?

    Adding a festive Christmas border is an easy way to quickly dress up documents and projects with some seasonal flair. For Microsoft Word users, the software makes it simple to customize and insert stylish borders with holiday themes. But what’s the process? With a few straightforward steps, you can access Word’s built-in border gallery, tweak the design, and incorporate wonderful Christmas frames to delight readers and recipients.

    In this article, we’ll walk through the process of selecting, editing, and inserting Christmas-themed borders in Microsoft Word using accessible tools and options. With these simple steps, your Word documents and templates will have beautiful borders spreading seasonal cheer in no time. Here are the key steps for successfully adding Christmas borders in Word:

    Step 1: Open a New Document in Microsoft Word

    Start by launching Microsoft Word on your computer. Once the application is open, go to the “File” tab located in the upper left corner of the screen and click on “New” to create a new document. You will be presented with various templates, but for this guide, let’s start with a blank document. Click on the “Blank Document” option to open it.

    Example: Click “File” -> “New” -> “Blank Document.”

    Step 2: Navigate to the “Design” Tab

    Once your blank document is ready, move your cursor to the toolbar at the top and click on the “Design” tab. This is where you will find several design options, including those for creating borders. The “Design” tab is generally located between the “Insert” and “Layout” tabs and contains several options to customize your document’s appearance.

    Example: Click on the “Design” tab between the “Insert” and “Layout” tabs.

    Step 3: Select the “Page Borders” Option

    Inside the “Design” tab, you’ll notice several groups of commands. Look for the group labeled “Page Background,” which contains options like “Watermark,” “Page Color,” and “Page Borders.” Click on the “Page Borders” option to open a dialog box that allows you to set the appearance of your page border.

    Example: In the “Design” tab, locate the “Page Background” group and click on “Page Borders.”

    Step 4: Choose a Style and Art for Your Border

    In the “Page Borders” dialog box, you will see multiple tabs such as “Borders,” “Page Border,” and “Shading.” Click on the “Page Border” tab if it’s not already selected. Here, you’ll find options to select the “Style,” “Color,” and “Width” of your border. To make it Christmas-themed, click on the “Art” dropdown menu at the bottom, where you will find various artwork. Scroll down until you find a Christmas-related design like bells or holly and select it.

    Example: Click on “Page Border” -> Choose an art style from the “Art” dropdown menu, for instance, a snowflake or holly design.

    Step 5: Set the Border to Apply to Whole Document or Specific Sections

    Once you’ve selected your preferred style and art for the Christmas border, decide where you want the border to appear. In the “Page Borders” dialog box, you’ll find an option for “Apply to,” where you can choose whether the border should be applied to the whole document, first page only, or from the point where your cursor is located onward. Choose the setting that suits your needs.

    Example: Under “Apply to,” choose “Whole document” if you want the border to apply to every page.

    Step 6: Preview and Apply the Border

    After setting up your border style, color, width, and application range, you can preview how it will look in the “Preview” section within the “Page Borders” dialog box. If you are satisfied with your selection, click the “OK” button to apply the border to your document. This will take you back to your Word document, now embellished with a festive Christmas border.

    Example: Review the border in the “Preview” area, and if it looks good, click “OK.”

    Step 7: Save Your Document

    Finally, it’s important to save your work to avoid losing your newly-created Christmas border. Go back to the “File” tab and click on “Save As.” Choose the location where you want to save your document, name it, and then click the “Save” button. Your Christmas-themed document is now ready to be used or shared.

    Example: Click “File” -> “Save As,” give your document a name like “Christmas_Letter,” choose a location, and hit “Save.”

    How do you make a Christmas border on Microsoft Powerpoint?

    Creating presentations with a festive flair is easy by adding Christmas-themed borders in Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint includes a vast array of border styles and effects to choose from for instantly jazzing up your slides and handouts. But how exactly can you access and customize Christmas borders using PowerPoint’s built-in tools?

    With just a few quick steps, you can browse and select the perfect holiday border, adjust its sizing and color, and insert stylish edges to delight your audience. In this article, we’ll outline the simple process for adding Christmas cheer to your PowerPoint slides using decorative border options. Follow these steps to deck your presentations halls with eye-catching Christmas borders. Here are the key steps for seamlessly adding Christmas borders in PowerPoint:

    Step 1: Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and Open a New Slide

    Begin by starting Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer. Once the program is open, you will typically see a start screen featuring several template options. For this guide, let’s start with a blank slide. Click on “Blank Presentation” to open a new, empty slide deck. You will see one slide already added, which usually consists of a title and subtitle placeholder.

    Example: Open PowerPoint -> Click “Blank Presentation.”

    Step 2: Navigate to the “Design” Tab

    Your next step is to explore the various tabs at the top of your PowerPoint window. Look for the tab marked “Design,” usually situated between the “Insert” and “Transitions” tabs. The “Design” tab contains different design-related functionalities, including themes, slide size, and more. Click on this tab to access its options.

    Example: Find and click on the “Design” tab between the “Insert” and “Transitions” tabs.

    Step 3: Go to “Format Background”

    In the “Design” tab, locate the “Format Background” option, generally situated on the far right of the tab’s menu. Click on “Format Background” to open a sidebar on the right-hand side of your PowerPoint window. This sidebar will give you multiple options to modify the background of your slide, including adding a color fill, gradient fill, or picture fill.

    Example: Within the “Design” tab, click on “Format Background.”

    Step 4: Choose “Picture or Texture Fill”

    In the “Format Background” sidebar that has appeared on the right, you’ll see options such as “Solid fill,” “Gradient fill,” and “Picture or texture fill.” For our Christmas border, select the “Picture or texture fill” option. This will allow you to upload a picture that will serve as your slide’s background, where you can place your Christmas border.

    Example: In the “Format Background” sidebar, select “Picture or texture fill.”

    Step 5: Insert the Christmas Border Image

    Once “Picture or texture fill” is selected, you’ll see an option to insert a picture from a file. Click on the “File…” button to browse your computer for the image you want to use as your Christmas border. Make sure the image you choose has transparent sections where your slide content can be visible. After selecting the image, click “Insert,” and the image will be applied as your slide background.

    Example: Click “File…” -> Browse your computer for your Christmas border image -> Click “Insert.”

    Step 6: Adjust the Border Image as Necessary

    After inserting your border image, you might need to adjust it to fit your slide correctly. You can do this by clicking on the image, which will reveal resize handles. Drag these handles to adjust the image dimensions so that it fits around your slide content just the way you like it.

    Example: Click the border image to select it -> Use the resize handles to adjust the image dimensions.

    Step 7: Save Your Slide or Apply to All Slides

    Once you are satisfied with how your Christmas border looks, you can either apply it to a single slide or to all slides in your presentation. To apply to all slides, click the “Apply to All” button located at the bottom of the “Format Background” sidebar. Make sure to save your presentation by going to the “File” tab and clicking “Save As.”

    Example: Click “Apply to All” to apply the border to all slides -> Go to “File” -> Click “Save As” -> Choose location and save your presentation.


    Adding a festive Christmas border is an easy way to infuse holiday spirit into all your projects and designs. In this article, we’ve covered how to access and customize Christmas borders using tools in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. With the wide selection of printable Christmas border templates provided, you now have instant access to a huge range of holiday borders.

    Download classic Christmas shapes, patterns, and icons to enhance cards, flyers, websites, presentations, and more. Keep these handy border templates on file to quickly dress up any document year after year. Whether you need a simple red and green candy cane frame or an elegant vintage wreath, these Christmas borders add a special seasonal touch in seconds. Download your favorites today to spread Yuletide joy across all your creations!


    Do Christmas borders impact the readability of my content?

    While Christmas borders add a decorative touch, it’s important to ensure that they do not compromise the readability of the document or presentation. Make sure the colors and designs do not overshadow the main content. Always test the final layout to ensure text and other elements are clearly visible and readable.

    Are there cultural variations in Christmas borders?

    Yes, Christmas borders can reflect various cultural elements specific to how Christmas is celebrated in different regions or communities. For example, some might incorporate menorahs for a Hanukkah-Christmas blend, or feature culturally specific ornaments or symbols.

    What file formats are typically used for Christmas borders?

    Common file formats for Christmas borders include .jpg, .png, and vector formats like .svg. The format may depend on how you intend to use the border. For example, .png is commonly used for digital applications where a transparent background is needed.

    Are there any accessibility considerations for using Christmas borders?

    Yes, if you’re creating a document or presentation that needs to be accessible to people with disabilities, it’s important to ensure that any text within or near the border is easily readable and that the border doesn’t interfere with screen-reading software. High contrast between text and background is also advisable.

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