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Free Printable Statement Of Need Templates [Grants & Scholarship]

    A statement of need template is essential in writing a grant proposal. An effective statement of need convinces the funder that your project has great significance to society. While creating a statement of need template, you must consider the needs and problems in your community, sector, or area and how you will address them.

    What to include in your statement of need?

    Statement Of Need
    Statement Of Need

    As you know, part of the application for financial aid is a statement of need. This brief essay explains why you need financial aid and how it will help you meet your educational expenses.

    The following are some guidelines to consider when writing your statement of need:

    Statement Of Need Templates

    Clearly articulate your project or organization’s requirements with our comprehensive collection of Statement of Need Templates. These customizable and printable templates provide a structured framework for expressing the specific needs and objectives of your initiative. Whether you’re applying for funding, seeking partnerships, or communicating internally, our templates help you convey the purpose, significance, and desired outcomes of your project.

    With sections for background information, problem statement, goals, and anticipated outcomes, our Statement of Need Templates guide you through the process of effectively communicating your needs to stakeholders, funders, or decision-makers. By utilizing our templates, you can enhance your project’s credibility, attract support, and align stakeholders around a common vision. Download now and create compelling statements of need that resonate with your target audience and drive the success of your initiatives.

    What is the current situation?

    Describe your family’s current income, assets, and expenses. Include information about how much money you receive from other sources, such as scholarships or grants (if any).

    Why is it a problem?

    Please explain why this situation makes it difficult for you to pay for college. Be specific about why you cannot pay for college on your own, including reasons like medical bills or unexpected expenses that may have prevented you from working more hours or taking jobs during high school.

    How will receiving financial aid help?

    Explain how receiving financial aid would benefit you and your family by helping pay for tuition and fees, books and supplies, living expenses while attending college, travel expenses associated with being away from home, etc.

    What resources are available to you right3 now, and what might be needed in the future?

    If any gaps in funding could prevent you from completing your degree on time or at all, explain them here. You may also include specific reasons why you need the money now rather than later (for example, if you can enroll in a semester abroad program in the spring semester but cannot afford it). Include as much detail as possible about your situation so that reviewers understand how much aid is needed.

    What are your goals, and how will this project help?

    Include the specific degree or certificate you are pursuing, including the major, minor, or concentration. Explain why this degree will help you achieve your career goals.

    How can you get others involved in this project?

    You should also discuss how you will use the money to benefit yourself and your community. Include information about any previous financial aid awards that you have received and how they have helped you.

    Consider including a testimonial from someone who has been involved with your education in the past. This person could be a teacher, academic advisor, or someone else who can provide insight into why this financial aid is important to you.

    Tips for writing a great statement of need

    The statement of need is a key part of the grant application. It’s what drives the whole process, and it must be written well to captivate the reader. Here are some tips for writing a great statement of need:

    Tell a story

    The story should be about the problem your organization is trying to solve, not about yourself or your organization. It should be clear, concise, and persuasive. The best way to do this is by telling a story about someone who has been affected by the problem. This will help make your proposal more personal and relatable.

    Balance pragmatism with passion

    The statement of need template should be written in such a way that it balances passion with pragmatism. You want to show that you are passionate about solving this issue but also realistic about its potential impact.

    Make sure it counts

    The purpose of this document is to provide evidence that there is a real need for your project or program. You should make sure that this requirement is clearly stated and supported by evidence from reliable sources such as statistics, studies, and research results. If there is no evidence to support your claim, then it may not receive enough points from reviewers during their evaluation process.

    Proofread and edit your document as needed

    Ensure all details are correct before submitting your application to avoid any unnecessary delay in processing time. Suppose you need to learn how to write a business need statement properly or need more time to do it yourself. In that case, you can always ask for the professional help from an experienced writer online or hire a professional writer directly through freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiverr.

    Sample Statement of Need

    This project aims to develop a prototype of a portable device that will assist in the diagnosis, management, and prevention of diabetes. The device is called the “Diabetes Management System.”

    Diabetes is a disorder that affects the body’s ability to produce or respond properly to insulin, a hormone needed to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy needed for daily life. The American Diabetes Association estimates that approximately 18 million Americans have diabetes; 1 in 3 do not know they have it. This project will help people better manage their disease by providing them with a device that will help them monitor their blood sugar levels at home.

    This project can be divided into three main parts: diagnosis, management, and prevention. Diabetics often suffer from high blood glucose levels, leading to serious conditions such as blindness, heart disease, and nerve damage (neuropathy). Accurate monitoring of blood glucose levels is essential in managing diabetes because it allows patients to adjust their diet and exercise habits to keep their glucose levels within normal limits.


    So if you want your work to be considered by potential clients, you need to start creating a Statement of Need. This should include the bare minimum of information and is a brief overview of what is needed. It should follow a very specific order and format.


    How do you write a statement of need?

    A statement of need should clearly explain the problem or issue that needs to be addressed, provide evidence to support the need, explain the impact or consequences of not addressing the need, and state the proposed solution or approach to meet the need.

    What is an example of a need statement?

    An example need statement is: “There is a need for expanded after-school programs for at-risk youth in our community. Statistics show juvenile crime rates spike between 3-6pm on school days, indicating that lack of supervision during these hours contributes to delinquency. Implementing additional after-school activities and mentorship programs would provide productive outlets for these students.

    What is included in a statement of need?

    A statement of need should include a description of the current situation or problem, supported by objective evidence and data. It should analyze the root causes of the problem and who is affected. The needs statement should explain the consequences of not addressing the issue and benefits of potential solutions, as well as provide specific goals and measurable outcomes.

    How do you write a needs assessment statement?

    A needs assessment statement clearly defines the gap between the current and desired conditions. It would state the goals and objectives of the needs assessment, provide baseline data summarizing the extent of the need, analyze the potential causes contributing to the need, identify key stakeholder groups, explain the implications of not addressing the need, and establish criteria for solutions.

    What should be included in a needs assessment?

    A comprehensive needs assessment should include data collection, data analysis, identification of needs and priorities, and development of recommendations. It involves gathering information on the current situation, desired outcomes, gap between the two, and solutions to bridge that gap.

    Why is a needs assessment important?

    Conducting a needs assessment is crucial to identify the true problems that must be addressed. It helps ensure solutions target the root causes and align with organizational goals. A data-driven needs assessment provides justification for funding requests and strategic planning.

    How do you identify needs vs. wants in a needs assessment?

    Distinguishing needs from wants involves data analysis and strategic alignment. Needs are gaps or deficiencies that prevent the fulfillment of basic requirements. Wants are desires that are not essential. The needs assessment should determine Alignment with organizational goals and priorities, review requirements, and analyze data to identify the most pressing needs.

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