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Free Printable Purchase Receipt Templates [Word, Excel] Generator

    A purchase receipt is formal, certified, and customer-approved proof that demonstrates you own an item purchased at a certain price. It can also be used to validate warranty information. This document is usually issued after the payment and immediately provided to the customer. A purchase receipt template can be utilized for both online and offline transactions that should carefully capture customer and seller details.

    The validity of a purchase receipt depends on the nature of the business transaction. For example, when purchasing items in bulk from a wholesaler, it will protect you about ordering more curiosities in the future as well. Nowadays, printed purchase receipts are replaced by software programs such as POS (point of sale) systems, where sales are made over the counter.

    What is the main purpose of a receipt?

    Purchase Receipt
    Purchase Receipt

    A purchase receipt template has become a useful tool for business owners because it optimizes the ability to record and manage data for accounting purposes. It is foolproof and does not require a signed document.

    Regardless of whether the purchase is for selling, fundraising, or if you’re just making a personal purchase – any purchase requires you to utilize a correct receipt form. The things needed in a purchase receipt format can vary based on several factors, and there are always various ways to use them.

    Purchase Receipt Templates

    Keeping track of your purchases is essential for record-keeping and warranty purposes. Our extensive collection of Purchase Receipt Templates offers a convenient and professional solution for documenting your transactions. These free, printable templates provide a structured format for recording important details such as the purchase date, item description, quantity, price, and payment method.

    With customizable sections, our templates allow you to tailor the receipt to your specific needs. Whether you’re a business owner issuing receipts to customers or an individual seeking to organize your personal expenses, our Purchase Receipt Templates simplify the process and ensure accuracy. Stay organized, maintain financial records, and have proof of your purchases with ease by downloading our Purchase Receipt Templates today.

    What should you include in a purchase receipt?

    All businesses, whether small or large scale, must maintain records of the purchases and receipts from these purchases. These business receipts should have certain details included in them, such as; the name and address of the buyer, the date on which the purchase was made, and the amount spent on it.

    A business purchase receipt template can be used by everyone who is responsible for filling it out after transactions to confirm that the business transactions have taken place.

    1. Buyers name and address
    2. Seller’s name and address
    3. Seller’s contact details and company registration number
    4. Date and time when the transactions were done
    5. Invoice reference number
    6. Whole summary of money on purchase and tax paid as VAT.
    7. Products including quantity, cost per unit, and total item cost

    Methods of Making Purchase Receipt

    One of the most critical factors for your business’ success is your purchase receipt. It is not something that can be just any ordinary document providing the details of your product. If you want to reach out to your customers, you have to print them in a creative and catchy manner.

    When selecting the suitable designs, there are rows of samples readily available online. But you don’t have to rely on those, as they are boring in one way or another. It is up to you if you want distinctiveness, simplicity, or both simplicity and style when creating your own sales receipt.

    In manuscript

    If you purchased a product that is not personalized, you would get a pre-printed receipt with your order number written in the printed font. However, if you customize a product, such as writing a name or putting your logo on it, the detail will be filled in a handwritten font.

    Purchase receipt templates

    Special services may be carried out with exceeding efforts, or extra assistance may be required and require going beyond what would normally be expected. For example, running lawns might be the service, but they can also extend to edging and weeding.

    A lot of flexibility is required for this kind of service, and for the receipts, you can use our blank sales receipt templates. These receipts would allow you to input additional service description and their cost. You may also start things up from scratch by using your word processor and following the programmed template.

    The difference between an invoice vs. a receipt

    An invoice is a legal instrument sent before the customer pays for a service or product. It has a comprehensive breakdown of services and products and is essentially a payment request. A receipt is issued after the customer has paid for the service or product. It includes the amount paid and any balance that should be cleared but does not include a comprehensive breakdown of items provided.

    1. Learn the key differences between an invoice and a receipt with our helpful guide. Understand when to use each and the specific details that go on invoices vs. receipts.
    2. Invoice vs receipt – what’s the difference? Our guide covers the specific purposes, content, and timing of invoices and receipts so you know when and how to use each.
    3. Wondering when to use an invoice vs a receipt for payments? Our guide breaks down the key differences in terms of purpose, content, and timing that sets invoices and receipts apart.


    If you intend to purchase a product or service, you should always ensure that you get a purchase receipt. A purchase receipt assures you of your ownership and warranty on the items or services. Furthermore, it can be helpful if there is an unresolved problem with the item or even if you want to return it.


    How do I make a purchase receipt?

    To make a purchase receipt, you’ll need the date, the names of the buyer and seller, a description of the item purchased, the quantity, the price per unit, the total amount paid, and the payment method. List this information clearly and keep the receipt as proof of the transaction.

    How do I write a receipt for proof of purchase?

    To write a receipt for proof of purchase, include the date, names of buyer and seller, item description, quantity, price per unit, total amount paid, and payment method at the top. Have both parties sign and date the bottom. Keep a copy as proof of payment.

    How do you write a receipt for a payment?

    To write a receipt for a payment, make sure to include the date, names of payer and payee, amount paid, payment method, and purpose or description of payment. Both parties should review the information, sign and date the bottom, and retain copies for records.

    Does Word have a receipt template?

    Yes, Word has several built-in receipt templates you can customize. Go to File > New and search for “receipt” to find options like service invoice, rent receipt, and cash receipt templates. Enter your specific transaction details and print or save when finished.

    What information should be included on a receipt?

    A basic receipt should include the date, names of buyer and seller, item(s) purchased, quantity, price(s), total amount paid, payment method, and signatures of both parties. For tax purposes, receipts may also need a tax ID or Social Security number.

    Where should I keep purchase receipts?

    It’s important to keep purchase receipts for tax records, returns, warranties, and proof of purchase. Store receipts securely in a file, folder, or envelope organized by year. You may also want to scan or take photos of receipts for digital copies.

    How long should I keep purchase receipts?

    For tax documentation, the IRS recommends keeping purchase receipts for at least 3 years if item costs were deducted on your tax return. For non-deductible purchases, receipts can be kept for a shorter time depending on the warranty or product lifespan. Store receipts as long as they are financially or legally relevant.

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