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Free Printable Family Feud Game Template [PDF, Word, Excel]

    If you are a fan of game shows, a game of family feud template is a really fun idea for your next party. It’s entertaining, amusing, and informative too! As you help answer the questions at home, you will discover more about each other most entertainingly. It is also an excellent way to make the best use of time during those family sessions where everyone stops talking, and the only noise heard is that of players’ beating hearts.

    What is Family Feud?

    Family Feud
    Family Feud

    Family Feud is a popular game show created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. It began airing on ABC Daytime on July 12, 1976, and has run continuously since. The show features two families competing to guess the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people.

    The program’s popularity has led to its being sold in over 60 countries, with over 20 different versions having been produced in almost as many languages. The U.S. version of the show airs in primetime on ABC on weekday evenings as well as on ABC’s daytime lineup on Saturday mornings, with syndicated episodes running on weekdays in the late afternoon/early evening (depending on local scheduling).

    Family Feud is one of only three game shows that have been included in the Nielsen rating list of the top ten most watched programs in the United States for over two decades. Family Feud has won hundreds of awards, including Daytime Emmys, People’s Choice Awards, Television Critics Association Awards, Writers Guild of America Awards, and more than 30 other honors from various organizations throughout its long history.

    Family Feud Templates

    Family Feud templates are interactive game templates that allow players to experience the popular game show at home or in any setting. These templates contain customizable questions, answers, and game mechanics that make it easy for anyone to host their own version of Family Feud. They can be printed or displayed on a screen, and are ideal for parties, family gatherings, and team-building activities. With a wide range of themes and designs, Family Feud templates are an engaging and entertaining way to bring people together and have some fun.

    How to play Family Feud?

    The game of Family Feud is a fast-paced, hilarious and fun way to find out how well you know your family. It’s also a great way to spend time together, especially when you’re stuck inside during winter.

    The first thing you need to do is set up the board. There are two different ways that this can be done:

    1) You can play independently by taking turns taking surveys and answering them as quickly as possible.

    2) You can play with up to four people at once, each taking turns to answer surveys.

    Each survey has ten questions on it, and each answer must be one word or phrase (for example: What is the capital of Alaska? What is the maximum speed limit in South Dakota?). Each question must have an answer that fits within these guidelines; otherwise, it’s invalid! 

    When you’re ready for a new survey, click on “New Survey” at the top of the screen and wait for it to load. Once it does, click on “Go” and let the fun begin!

    How to Create a Family Feud Template?

    • Step 1. Make a list of the people you want to include in your family feud.
    • Step 2. Decide how many teams you want to create. The maximum number is six, but three or four teams are better for a first-time player.
    • Step 3. Select one team captain — this person will answer questions and write down answers on the board. If there’s no designated leader, someone will have to volunteer to do so at the beginning of each round.
    • Step 4. Assign each family member to a team based on real or imagined relationships (siblings, parents, children, etc.). You can make up your own rules or follow these:

    Each family member must be assigned to only one team; it’s unfair if everyone is on one team!

    Create two new teams if more than five family members are playing (six total).

    Divide the number of players by two and round down — that’s how many teams you should have (i.e., eight players = four teams).

    What are some good Family Feud questions?

    If you’re looking for family feud questions, you’ve come to the right place! We have a list of many different types of questions that can be used on your show.

    We’ve got categories like People, Places, Things, and Events. These are just the basics, but there are more categories you can choose from as well.

    Some of our most popular categories include:

    • Animals
    • Celebrities
    • Food & Drink
    • Music & Entertainment
    • Sports

    Some good Family Feud questions:

    • What’s your favorite snack food?
    • Which is your favorite fast-food restaurant?
    • Do you like swimming or boating more?
    • Who is the oldest person you know?
    • What kind of music do you listen to?
    • What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
    • What’s your favorite movie genre?
    • What do you call a baby boy who has been circumcised?
    • What is the most popular condiment in the United States?
    • What kind of animal is on the Kentucky state flag?
    • How many ounces of water does it take to fill a one-gallon jug?

    Final Thoughts

    If, you have not played Family Feud or are just much into the game and unable to do it. However, now there is no need to have game lovers near you to learn the gameplay, for there is an alternative way of learning the gameplay. You can easily download the rules by reading various blogs that explain how to play this game.

    The rules are not complicated to learn but require steady perseverance from you to master them. And above all, you must ask family members who committed such acts, like playing a family feud at home, to play with you.

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