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Free Printable Sitemap Templates [Word, Excel, PDF, XML]

    Since the World Wide Web’s inception, thousands of websites have been introduced and a vast variety of categories suggested. This gives us a unique opportunity to choose from almost any subject we like or any item we wish to find.

    People who have never created a website before may feel overwhelmed about the task before them. They may envision painstakingly looking up all that information and then building everything from scratch, piece by piece. Getting a new website up on the web is actually easier than you might imagine. There are some steps to follow along the way and to keep in mind, but creating a website needn’t be complicated!

    Sitemap Templates

    Organize and optimize your website structure with our comprehensive collection of Sitemap Templates. These customizable and printable templates provide a visual representation of your website’s architecture, allowing you to plan and design an intuitive and user-friendly navigation system.

    Our templates include sections for outlining the hierarchy of pages, organizing content categories, and identifying important links and functionalities. By utilizing our Sitemap Templates, you can streamline the development process, improve user experience, and enhance search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Whether you’re building a new website or restructuring an existing one, our Sitemap Templates offer a valuable tool to ensure a logical and organized website structure. Download now and create a sitemap that maximizes the usability and accessibility of your website.

    What Is a Sitemap?


    A sitemap is a term used to describe the map of a website. It helps visitors understand how different pages are related and connected. A good sitemap or site map helps users to easily find what they’re looking for on your website and navigate it easier, faster, and better. Website owners should always remember that their original intention was to satisfy their visitors, not just to get traffic. Visitors visit websites for one reason only: to get information.

    Types of sitemap templates

    There are many different types of sitemap templates.You can find a template for almost any purpose that you want. 

    Customizable – This is one of the most popular types of sitemap templates because it allows you to change everything from colors to fonts and images according to your preferences. You can even add or remove elements based on your needs.

    For a personal page – This is another kind of sitemap template that lets you create a unique look for your individual web pages or blogs. You can make them look like they belong in an office, classroom, or any other place where many people will use them at once.

    For easy web flow – If you want visitors to quickly move through your website without getting lost in all the content, then this type of sitemap template will come in handy because it allows them to see how each page relates to others and what comes next after visiting each one.

    Interactive – If you want to create an interactive sitemap, you need to create a simple HTML file with hyperlinks connecting each page on your site together. The pages should also have descriptive titles so that users know what they will find when clicking on them.

    Sitemap templates for page navigation These are meant to give a visual representation of how the pages of your website will appear when viewed by visitors. You can create a detailed layout of each page on your website and include essential information like images, links, captions, and descriptions. These templates make navigating through your site easy for visitors so they can understand what they should do next when visiting different pages on your site.

    For splash screens – Splash pages are used to give a professional look to your website and create an excellent first impression on users. They also provide information about your product or service, so it’s important to design an attractive splash page that will draw people toward your product or service offering. These types of pages are usually static and don’t contain navigation links or links to other pages on your website. Splash pages can be used as landing pages too, but only if they contain useful information that people want to see before visiting other parts of your website (or landing page). 

    The simple – printable one has boxes for sections and sub-sections. It is a good template for beginners and those who want to create their own websites.

    The purpose of sitemap templates

    Creating a successful website is no easy feat. From planning, designing, and launching to analyzing, site maps are the foundation of website creation. They provide internal stakeholders with a clear picture of what’s needed to be done. Sitemaps would also make it evident who looks after each task ensuring nothing is left out, and communication flows seamlessly within the project team.

    Make clear the goals and purpose 

    It’s important that you make clear your goals and purpose in creating a website. This will help you prioritize what needs to be done first and what can wait until later. It will also help you avoid duplicating content or having duplicate content pages across the site.

    Avoid duplicating site content.

    Duplicate content is bad for SEO because it makes your site look like spam to search engines and users alike. Duplicate content usually happens when there are multiple versions of the same page across different sections of your site or when various versions of the same image/video are embedded into multiple locations on your page. 

    Make sure everyone’s on the same page.

    Sitemap templates can help streamline your conversion funnel and make getting more conversions from your marketing efforts easier. This template helps you track all of your marketing channels to see where you need to focus more effort to get more conversions.

    Streamline the conversion funnel

    If you want to streamline your conversion funnel, having a sitemap template can help you do that. This way, you can easily identify areas where you can improve and optimize your site accordingly. A well-designed sitemap template will help you focus on optimization and not just on getting things done quickly and cheaply.

    A sitemap template will also help you ensure that your site complies with Google’s guidelines for mobile-friendly websites, including responsive design, fast load time, app indexing, and more.

    Choosing the right sitemap template 

    Content website 

    This type of sitemap lists all the pages on your site with descriptions for each one of them. It makes it easier for visitors who want to find specific information on a topic since they can look through all the pages listed to find what they’re looking for. A content-based sitemap also makes it easier for search engines to index all these pages properly by using proper keywords in their descriptions, which can help improve search ranking and traffic.

    A website with future and dynamic pages

    A dynamic page is a page that has not been created yet but will be created when a visitor clicks on it. These pages are usually used for advertising purposes and are also known as landing pages. Landing pages are very important for websites because they allow people to access information about your brand or product before making any purchases. These landing pages may also contain links to other products so that customers can easily navigate through your site and make purchases at any time they want without having to search through all the different pages on your site.

    Marketing website template

    A marketing website template is ideal for those who want to promote their business through websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can use this template as your marketing platform where you upload all your products or services and then promote them by providing links to social media accounts on various websites like Facebook, Twitter etcetera so that people can easily access them and buy from you if they wish.

    Products and services website

    A product or service website allows users to search for different products from a single location. It is designed in such a way that it allows users to view all their products in one place. This makes it easier for them to find what they need easily and quickly.

    If you have several products or services, then using this kind of template is an excellent idea because it will allow users to find what they want quickly and easily. The main aim of any business owner is to increase sales by ensuring that customers can easily find what they need on their site. This is why this type of template is so popular among business owners nowadays.

    Personal Page

    This template is best used for personal websites or blogs where you want to share your interests or hobbies with others. It helps visitors find their way around easily by providing them with all the necessary information on your site. This includes links, images, and other sections that contain content related to your main topic of interest.


    How do I create a sitemap?

    To create a sitemap, list out all the pages and content on your website. Organize these visually in a hierarchical structure showing the relationships between pages. Identify the most important pages and plan the site navigation. There are also sitemap generator tools that can help automate sitemap creation.

    How do I create a sitemap in Word?

    In Word, create a table with columns for page name, URL, and optional notes. List out each page in rows within the table. Show parent-child relationships by indenting child pages. Use text formatting like headings and bolding to visualize the site structure. Add a title at the top labeling it as your website sitemap.

    How to create sitemap template?

    To create a sitemap template, make a table in Word with columns titled Page Name, URL, and Notes. Make the heading row bold to stand out. Below it, add placeholder text like “Home” on the first row to demonstrate how to list pages. Save this as a Word template to reuse for other sitemaps.

    What is sitemap template?

    A sitemap template is a reusable outline for creating a website sitemap document. It contains a formatted table structure, column headings, and placeholder content so you can quickly populate it with your own site’s pages and URLs to generate a new sitemap.

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