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Free Printable Prayer Journal Templates [PDF, Word, Excel] for Kids

    Most of us don’t hold a daily devotion time every day. Our schedules are too tight even to let us breathe most of the time. But we still need to pray and thank God, and it’s really hard if we don’t have a prayer journal template on hand. The best thing you could do is try using the given prayer journal template and write your prayers in it.

    What is a prayer journal template?

    Prayer Journal
    Prayer Journal

    A prayer journal template is simply a place where you record your prayers. Some people call it a prayer diary, and others may call it a prayer book with their earnest desires before the throne of my Father God in heaven. There are many names for it, but it is considered to be the daily devotional journal that encompasses the prayers and requests of all those who love God, His Word, and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Prayer journals are an amazing way to review God’s guidance throughout the year. There is no better way to do this than with a prayer journal that’s easily accessible.

    When thinking of prayer journal ideas and choosing a journal, don’t succumb to the temptation to buy a cheap one. This is a daily part of your spiritual practice and deserves something of which you can be proud. You should also opt for something that will last and won’t fall apart if you decide to take it with you on retreat.

    Prayer Journal Templates

    Prayer Journal Templates” are pre-designed layouts or frameworks that provide a structured and organized way to record and reflect on one’s personal prayers, thoughts, and spiritual journey. These templates serve as valuable tools for individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual practice, cultivate gratitude, and develop a closer connection with their faith.

    Prayer journals are personal diaries or notebooks used to document prayers, reflections, and spiritual experiences. Prayer journal templates offer various sections and prompts to guide individuals in recording their prayers, expressing gratitude, seeking guidance, and reflecting on their spiritual growth.

    Prayer journal templates typically include sections for recording specific prayer requests, answered prayers, Bible verses, inspirational quotes, reflections, and personal insights. They may also incorporate sections for tracking gratitude, writing down intentions, or noting moments of spiritual connection or transformation.

    Some reasons you should start a prayer journal

    Just why you need a prayer journal can be difficult to answer. Keeping records of your personal prayers is something that you need to do because it helps you to reflect on where God has been and where you have been. This can also help notice areas where God may have answered some prayers and even where He has not answered others.

    Focus on the Good Gratitude

    You might not realize it, but your daily routines could be full of distractions that cause you to overlook the time you spend with God. I know this may sound strange, but to enjoy a close relationship with God, we need to give up these distractions and focus on Him. And when you write down His Word or your thoughts in writing instead of just thinking about how you want to live your life, it will be far easier for you to avoid distractions while journaling.

    Slow down your day

    Prayer journals are an excellent way to slow you down. When you write your prayer, you are forced to slow down and listen. It gives you an opportunity to think more clearly as well as to feel closer to God because you’re communicating with Him in a special way that isn’t easily forgotten

    Organize Your Life

    You might be wondering, “Why should I buy a free prayer journal?” No matter how old you are, you can always make use of a prayer journal. This is particularly true for growing older, as keeping track of things becomes more difficult when you get older. You might not remember everything or even forget it, and that is why having your own prayer journal can help you remember.

    To make you responsible.

    God knows you’re trying hard, so he wants you to keep talking to Him. Prayer is more than the amount of time you talk to the Lord, but a prayer journal is still a great way to maintain consistency. There may be times when you miss a few days or weeks of earnest prayers before God for any reason, but this shouldn’t discourage you from returning to His fold.

    To give new hope or courage.

    God wants to encourage you. We all experience pain and difficulties in this life, but God can bring us through it. Record the answers down in your journal even when they aren’t the answers you expected. The Lord will always be there to encourage your soul, soothe your heart, and heal your wounds.

    How to Start a Prayer Journal and Keep it Up

    It’s important to have a place where you can record the most profound experiences and insights in your life. Although you may not hear the answers at first, God wants to speak to you and give you valuable insight into life. Recording what transpires between you and God can bring order to everything that you do.

    Use a prayer journal to help keep your life organized and your priorities right. Prayer journals can help you remember what blessings God has given to you. If you still don’t have a prayer journal yet, start by writing down your prayers on a piece of paper. Start by writing down your requests in one column and then taking note of all the blessings that are already in your life in another column for each day until you fill-up the pages.


    A prayer journal is great for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship with God. It’s also a great way for new believers or those returning to their faith to start a devotional life. Journaling will help you to see real growth in your life because you are bringing to God the things that concern you. You will see your life more clearly through God’s eyes through journaling. He has so much to say when we give Him time and seek His face.


    What is a prayer journal?

    A prayer journal is a personal record where individuals can write down prayers, reflections, scripture passages, and religious experiences. It’s a tool to enhance an individual’s spiritual journey and deepen their relationship with God.

    How do I start a prayer journal?

    Starting a prayer journal can be as simple as getting a notebook and pen. You can begin by writing down daily prayers, thoughts, reflections, and scripture passages that resonate with you. Over time, you may develop a routine or structure that helps you in your spiritual journey.

    What should I write in my prayer journal?

    In your prayer journal, you may write personal prayers, gratitude entries, scripture verses, reflections on religious teachings, or spiritual goals. It’s a personal endeavor, so what you write is entirely up to you.

    How often should I write in my prayer journal?

    The frequency of writing in a prayer journal varies from person to person. Some may find daily entries beneficial, while others might write weekly or as the spirit moves them. The key is to find a routine that suits your personal spiritual journey.

    Can I share my prayer journal with others?

    Sharing your prayer journal is a personal choice. Some may find sharing beneficial for communal prayer or discussion, while others may prefer to keep their journals private for personal reflection.

    Are there any pre-made prayer journals available for purchase?

    Yes, there are pre-made prayer journals available for purchase online or in religious stores. These journals often come with prompts, scripture passages, and structured sections to guide your prayer journaling.

    Q7: How can a prayer journal deepen my faith?

    A prayer journal can provide a space for reflection, personal dialogue with God, exploration of scripture, and tracking spiritual growth over time. By dedicating time to prayer journaling, individuals often find a deeper connection to their faith.

    Can I incorporate artwork or doodles in my prayer journal?

    Absolutely! Your prayer journal is a personal space, and if expressing yourself through artwork or doodles enhances your spiritual experience, you are encouraged to do so.

    Are there any digital prayer journals or apps?

    Yes, there are digital prayer journal apps and online platforms available. These digital tools often offer the same reflective space as traditional journals, with the added convenience of being portable and easily accessible.

    Are there communities or groups dedicated to prayer journaling?

    Yes, there are various religious communities and groups, both online and offline, that encourage and share experiences regarding prayer journaling. Engaging with such communities can provide support and new insights into your own prayer journal practice.

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