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Free Printable Donation Request Letter [Word, Excel, PDF] Nonprofit, Schools

    Donation request letters are an essential and necessary part of the business. Whether you want to raise funds for your school or locality or help a charitable cause, donation request letters are the first document you need for the same.

    There are so many resourceful donors and philanthropists who are willing to assist various types of organizations. But to approach them and seek their assistance, it is important to present a winning letter that can attract anyone’s attention quickly and effectively.

    Elements of the Ideal Donation Request Letter

    Donation Request Letter
    Donation Request Letter

    The problem: This is the main point of your letter. It should provide an understanding of what is going on within an organization and what is needed from donors. An effective way to do this is first to explain the problem, then provide details about the issue, and finally explain how it will be resolved if enough funds are raised.

    The solution: Here is where you describe how donations will be used to benefit those in need. Include specific dollar amounts and other statistics to prove that funds will make a difference.

    The emotional appeal: People donate because they want to help others; they do not donate because they want their name on a plaque or their image on television screens at special events held by charities or nonprofits. Therefore, it is important that you find a way to connect with your audience emotionally so they can feel associated with your cause.

    Donation Request Letters Templates

    Grievance Letter Templates are useful resources for anyone who wants to formally address a concern or issue they have encountered. These templates provide a clear structure for organizing thoughts and presenting them in a professional manner. Whether you’re an employee dealing with workplace problems or a customer who wants to raise a complaint, a well-written grievance letter can help you articulate your concerns and achieve a resolution. Use these free, printable templates to make your voice heard and seek the justice you deserve.

    Donation request letters templates are a quick and easy way to create professional-looking letters for your organization’s fundraising campaigns. With these templates, you can easily customize your letter and send it out to potential donors, requesting their support for your cause. These templates include all the necessary elements for an effective donation request letter, such as a compelling introduction, clear explanation of your organization’s mission and impact, and a call-to-action. Save time and increase your chances of receiving donations by using these free and printable templates.

    Common Reasons to Write the Donation Letters

    Standard Donation Request:

    Nonprofit organizations and charities often use this type of letter to ask for donations from their donors. It can also be used by businesses to ask for funding from investors or potential partners. The letter should include details about the cause, organization, or project you request support for. The body of this kind of letter should include a brief description of what you hope to achieve with the funds you raise from your donors. If you have any additional needs like volunteers or supplies, make sure to list them here as well.

    Individual Sponsorship Request:

    This type of letter is usually sent out by athletes who participate in sports events such as marathons or triathlons so they can raise funds to help them participate in these events without having to pay all of their expenses out-of-pocket. The letter should contain information about why you want to participate in this event and how much money you need to do so without having any financial burden on yourself or your family members who might be supporting you.

    Volunteer Time Request

    These letters are written when you want to ask someone to donate their time to your cause. This letter is written by an organization that is requesting help from another organization to complete a project or event. The purpose of this letter is to convince the recipient to help you with a project or event by donating their time and effort in return for some reward or compensation.

    Corporate Donation Request

    Corporate donation request letters are written by organizations that want corporate sponsorships from companies that can provide monetary support for events or causes. These letters are usually written by nonprofit organizations with specific causes in mind, who want companies to contribute money towards those specific causes.

    Corporate sponsorship requests can be very effective if done properly. Still, they will often only receive responses if they were written correctly or professionally enough for most organizations even to consider them seriously.

    What You Need to Know Before Beginning

    If you are a nonprofit or charity organization, you might be aware that it takes work to raise funds as there are many other organizations doing the same work. So, how can you get more donations? One of the best ways to do so is by writing a donation request letter.

    In this part, we will discuss some of the most important things you need to know before writing a donation request letter.

    Know Your Target Audience

    The first step in writing a successful letter is knowing your target audience. You have to understand what they like and dislike and how they react to certain things. Knowing this information helps you create the right tone & approach for your letter.

    Grab the Attention of the Readers

    To grab the attention of your readers, it’s important that you make use of persuasive words and phrases. They should be able to connect emotionally with your cause so that they feel compelled enough to give donations or support in any other way.

    Be Specific and Concrete

    Always make sure that your sentences are specific and concrete to leave a lasting impression on readers’ minds and motivate them to take action immediately by giving donations or volunteering for your cause.

    Do Not Mention Donation Amounts

    It’s always better to leave any specific amount out of a donation request letter as it can put off some potential donors who find it difficult to donate large amounts at once or might not want to.


    Your request for donations should be brief and to the point. Your donors don’t have time to read something elaborate, so make sure your letter is clear and concise. Show them how their donation will be put to good use and what sorts of benefits they can get from the cause.

    Be sure to keep a friendly yet professional tone throughout your letter, as this will help you come across as more trustworthy and make it easy to read. Your pitch should also be direct without being too pushy. The best way to do this is by directing your donors to specific information on your cause or project. This way, they can decide for themselves whether or not they wish to donate.


    How do I write a letter requesting a donation?

    Start the letter with a proper greeting and state your purpose is to request a donation. Provide background on your organization and its mission. Explain the need the donation would support and the benefits it will have. Suggest specific giving levels and gift uses. Close by expressing appreciation and providing contact information.

    How to write a letter asking for donations for a sports team?

    Address the letter to the potential donor and explain you are seeking support on behalf of the team. Share details about the team, its accomplishments, and its needs. Ask them to consider a tax-deductible donation and suggest amounts that fund specific costs. Express how much the team would appreciate their support.

    How do I ask a big company for donations?

    Research the company to customize your appeal. Highlight how supporting your cause aligns with their mission and values. Professionally ask for a meeting to further discuss partnership opportunities. Have details on sponsorship levels and promotional benefits ready. Focus on the positive publicity and community goodwill it offers them.

    How do I write a letter asking for donations to school?

    State you are seeking donations to enrich student experiences. Share academic and extracurricular activities that need funding and how students will benefit. Suggest donation amounts and uses like books, technology, sports equipment, etc. Communicate how much students and families appreciate community support.

    What information should you include in a donation request letter?

    The letter should include your organization’s mission, the need the donation would address, specifics on how funds will be used, tax ID number, giving options and benefits, and contact information.

    What makes a donation request letter effective?

    An effective letter shares an inspiring purpose, pulls at the heartstrings, focuses on donor benefits, provides options with recommended amounts, and expresses sincere appreciation and stewardship.

    Should you follow up after sending a donation request?

    Yes, follow up within 2 weeks by email or phone to share more information, answer questions, and see if they need anything to finalize the donation. Thank them again for considering.

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