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Free Printable Birthday Card Templates [Word, PDF]

    A birthday is a special time for your friends and family. It is about unwrapping another year of life and celebrating the person you are. There is no better way to greet someone than with a personalized birthday card. It takes the greeting a few steps ahead of wishing someone a happy birthday on Facebook or Instagram.

    Nowadays people tend to send ecards or give digital presents instead. But you can still find beautiful birthday card samples you can send to your friends and family. These days, most people make videos or post on social media sites to let their friends and loved ones know they think of them. Rather than doing the same, why not send your loved ones a special birthday greeting that can be personalized in a unique theme?

    Birthday Card Templates

    Birthday card templates are pre-designed documents or digital files that provide a framework for creating personalized birthday cards. These templates serve as a starting point for designing and customizing birthday cards for friends, family, colleagues, or loved ones.

    Birthday card templates often feature a variety of designs, themes, and layouts to suit different preferences and occasions. They may include placeholders for text, images, and graphics, allowing the user to add their own personalized messages, photos, or illustrations.

    Using a birthday card template simplifies the process of creating a unique and heartfelt card. It provides a structure for organizing elements and offers creative ideas for design and layout, even for those who may not have extensive graphic design skills.

    The Importance Of Sending Cards

    Happy Birthday Card
    Happy Birthday Card

    For many of us, sending cards has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Growing up, we’d look forward to the school class message, a card we’ve made at pre-school or primary school, or a handmade card from our mum.

    Sending cards out when someone is having a hard time, celebrating a birthday or upcoming occasion, or giving condolences and showing sympathy is something everyone should do – it makes us realize how many people are in our thoughts and wishing us well. For many of us, sending cards just feels right – by sending and receiving, you may change someone’s day for the better.

    What To Write In A Birthday Card & Birthday Wishes

    Sometimes, it is better to say nothing than to write something to express your wishes. Other times you don’t have the time to pen down a powerful message that will stay forever in memory. In some cases, you cannot find appropriate words. But very often, you are just lazy and don’t want to spend ten minutes looking for a nice template and words to write on your loved one’s birthday card.

    It’s too hard to make an original present in the final minutes before celebrating their big day. At this time, it is wise to take advantage of Birthday E-Card Templates and Tags that can be downloaded into Word files or Powerpoint for insertion into cards.

    Wishes for Family Members

    • Happy birthday, my dear mother; I am glad to have you!
    • Being your child is my biggest chance, and I am glad to have you!
    • My dear mother, may you have a nice age.
    • You are the best and most honest brother in the world.
    • May your life be as joyful as this birthday.
    • On this day, when you turn one more year old, how much I always love you.
    • I’m giving you this gift to remind you that I love you.
    • Always keep your hopes for tomorrow.
    • Daddy, I’m glad I can call you dad; have a long life.
    • You are my only existence in life; happy birthday.
    • You are my greatest meaning, my most precious possession; happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday my dear father; I am glad to have you!
    • Being your child is my biggest chance, and I am glad to have you!
    • My dear father, may you have a nice age.
    • I love you, my dear sister—happy and peaceful years.
    • I want you to know that I am with you today and every day, good or bad. Happy birthday. May your dreams be as bright as the moonlight, brother.
    • Sister, may life always be honest and fair to you in your new age.

    Birthday Wishes for Lover

    • May all evil stay away from you for the rest of your life. May the sadness and happiness be with you. Happy Birthday.
    • Finding the right word to express how precious you are is perhaps the most difficult thing in the world, but I wish you well and a happy birthday. Happy birthday, many happy new years
    • We are wishing you a life as warm as the sun, as clear as a snowflake, as pure and clean as rain. Happy birthday.
    • The birthday message that comes when you think you’ve been forgotten attention! This message includes love, cheer, and a good wish. For a minute, feel the joy of life and that there is someone who thinks about you and is happy! You always take this happiness. Happy Birthday.
    • Don’t wait to smile to be happy. Why are there tears in the eyes that were created for laughter? I wrote a message on your birthday just to make you happy.
    • You will probably get many birthday messages today, but this is the most different one you’ll ever read because it’s all written with love. So glad I have you.
    • Your absence is as difficult as writing in the rain; without you is as painful as death; you are as important as breathing; you are as valuable as my life; happy birthday, my dear.

    Wishes for a Friend

    • I wish you to always be victorious in the difficulties you will face in life and never lose hope in your new age. May healthy, happy, and peaceful days always be with you—happy birthday my dear friend; happy and happy birthday.
    • Neither the stars shining at night nor the sun that brings us the day can reveal the value of a true friend. The value of your friendship will continue to be hidden in the deepest part of my heart. Happy birthday. May your new age be filled with happiness always.
    • On this exceptional day for you, I wish you the joy of having someone who thinks and feels you from the heart; I congratulate you on your birthday. I hope the new year brings you happiness, health, and peace.
    • While one more page is missing from the calendar with each passing day, may the smile on your face and your heart be full of love in your remaining life. Happy birthday, my dear friend. May everything be according to your good heart.
    • Don’t be sad that life goes by fast; you’re leaving another year behind. They say the best years are those that pass quickly. I wish you always to be happy and full of enthusiasm in these periods where we create our future every second. Happy birthday my friend. May love and peace always be with you.
    • The day we met you seems like yesterday. I can’t thank you enough for sharing the happiness and troubles you have given me in my life from those moments that I remember every second of it well. Happy birthday my dear friend, many happy years.

    How do you make the best wishes card?

    Birthday card templates are one of the most popular and best ways of expressing your feelings on a loved one’s birthday. You can make a card for your mom, dad, brother, sister, wife, or husband. Many frameless cards can help you add some personalized touches to include your partner’s favorite hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

    There are many ways to make creative a birthday card; let’s take a look at them together;

    Change the theme, background, or layout.

    Cards are made online nowadays, and they have different themes and designs. If you wish to change the layout of your card and make it look different, then all that you have to do is modify the theme or design of your card template. The way that this is done varies case by case. To be able to understand how to do this, you will have to know the type of artwork used in your card. Your friend may like a certain theme based on their age. It may be something like flowers or hearts. You can choose any color theme for your card template if you want to give it a new look altogether.

    Change Image

    Add images to the card: TypeCalendar allows you to upload your own photos. Choose from the millions of designs provided if you do not have any photos to use. In addition to images, you can also edit the text boxes with beautiful fonts and colors.

    Make it Stylish

    It is not just a piece of paper and words that go inside the card, but it’s your feelings that matter. It is essential to grab their attention to express your feelings in a span of a few lines. The most creative ways to show your feelings are through creative shapes and patterns. Just keep your ideas open and flaunt them with the help of card printing companies. Creative cards can come out from their high-quality services.


    Is there a birthday card template on word?

    Yes, Microsoft Word provides various styles of printable birthday card templates that you can customize with your own designs, photos and well wishes for the recipient. Simply search for “greeting cards” under Word’s template options.

    How to create a birthday card online free?

    Canva provides completely free birthday card design options with customizable templates and stock photos/images to choose from. Other free services are PicMonkey’s photo editing and touch up abilities, Google Docs using certificate templates, or handcraft digital cards with Microsoft Word’s card layouts.

    How can I make a simple birthday card?

    To make easy DIY birthday cards, fold construction paper or cardstock in half, decorate the cover using colored pencils, markers, crayons or stickers, then write your birthday greetings inside by hand. Get creative with shapes, sprinkles for texture, cut out pictures from magazines, or reuse gift wrap scraps.

    What is the best app to make birthday greeting cards?

    Top-rated apps for DIY birthday cards include Canva, Adobe Express, Printique, Paperless Post, PicCollage, Punchbowl, Send a Card, Card Maker Studio, and Printical. Most offer free basic templates, editing tools and artwork to quickly customize on mobile.

    Where do I find a card template in Word?

    In Microsoft Word, select “New” then under search templates type in “greeting card” which reveals various occasion template choices, including gift cards, birthday cards in different stylized designs, colors and orientations simply asking the user to replace sample text with their own wording.

    How do I make a folded card in Word?

    Open Word document adjusted to desired card sizing, structure sections across folds using columns or text boxes, add design elements like colors and borders, insert graphics such as logos or images, stylize preferred fonts/treatments, include inside greeting copy, then when printed and cut fold manually along guideline markings.

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