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Weekly Planner: Free Weekly Schedule Planner Template

    Individuals spend time weekly planners because they are able to see their entire week at one time, while separating out appointments, tasks, and/or priorities. Week planners help you to keep a daily and weekly overview of your time. Planners are also helpful when creating a schedule for a project or your business. Having a planner on hand is also useful when creating your agenda for the following week.

    If you’re looking for a way to better prioritize your tasks, you should have a look at weekly planners. Weekly planners are designed to give you a better grasp on what you hope to accomplish during the week. If you’re anything like me, then you most likely have a lot of stuff going on from one day to the next—work commitments, social obligations, family matters and more. This means you need something that will help keep your priorities straight.

    Weekly Calendar
    Weekly Calendar

    How do I create a weekly planner?

    Everyone’s planner needs are unique. Some want to organize an empty notebook by drawing tables and figures, some like to take notes only in lists, and some people organize their lives more easily with a regular planner. Therefore, you can start by deciding which type of planner will be easier for you to use.

    Weekly and daily desktop planners for desk workers, and a planner that they can easily carry in their bags for mobile workers may be appropriate.

    1. Figure out what you need to write down and how you’re going to maximize your planner. If you need space for lists, stick with a daily format. If you just want room for a few appointments and three-day overviews, a weekly layout may be all you need.

    2.Customize your planner.The Weekly Planner is a semi-customizable template. It already looks great out of the box so many people are perfectly happy leaving it as-is. If you’d like to customize it even more, though, you can add columns for your weekly to do lists, priorities, and goals.

    3.Congratulations! You’ve finally completed and set up your planner. Now that it’s ready to go, it’s time to actually use it. Below are four steps which will help you utilize your planner and keep up with everything on your schedule.

    How to Use a Weekly Planner

    Weekly planners, which allow you to organize your plans, are often preferred by students or employees. Thanks to these weekly planners, you can organize your time in the best way. In this way, you will prevent any possible malfunctions. Let’s take a look at how to use the weekly planner from the notebook:

    First, you can decorate the sides of your pages with thin stickers. The purpose of this is to keep you motivated. Then divide the two facing pages into 7 equal parts with the help of a ruler. Write the days at the top of the regions you have divided. You can paint the days you set aside in your planner with different colors of dry paints to color your planner. Then you can fill in your planner as you wish.

    In the weekly planner, you can write what you do every day, how much time you spend on which activity, just like in the daily planner. In this way, you can evaluate your shortcomings and the activities that you need to spend time on next week.

    What should I write in my weekly planner?

    Daily, weekly or monthly planning agendas can be used not only for business and education life, but also for life. Some of the agenda and weekly planner usage areas are:

    • Feelings and thoughts can be written down and a diary can be kept.
    • Notes can be written on areas of interest such as food, dessert, coffee recipes,
    • With the daily weekly planner, notes can be taken about the information learned throughout the day, the habits acquired or the places visited.
    • If you are a creative professional, you can use the weekly planners you have with you and write down your ideas.
    • A detailed list of TV series, movies, books and music can be prepared.


    Your life is your art. Every day is your chance to create something great. By understanding and using the productivity building blocks, you will set yourself up for success no matter which planner or “paint brush” you choose to use.

    As you try out different planners, you’ll find which works best for you and speed up the process of leaving your mark on the universe.

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