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Monthly Planner: Free Monthly Schedule Planner Template

    To be organized, you need to have a monthly schedule. This is the best way to move forward on the things that are important to you, but also to prioritize, gain clarity and optimize your time management.

    A monthly planner is one of the best tools for a productive life! Those who are able to make a monthly plan become more organized, and in turn, get more of their tasks completed in a short time. They stay focused because they already know what it is that they need to achieve at any given time. This enables them to effectively close out distractions that come their way as well.

    How to Use the Monthly Planner ?

    Monthly Planner
    Monthly Planner

    The best way to make using a planner a habit is to start using a monthly planner. You can use dot agenda in the monthly planner. This will be of great benefit to you and will make it practical to use a planner. The planner stickers you will use while making a monthly planner will allow you to save space. You can also get support from post-it. Compared to other types of planners, monthly planners are more comprehensive. You can include the following activities in the monthly planner:

    Special days, Birthdays, etc.: You can start by filling out the special days page of your planner. Here you can write down the special days you celebrate as a family, the birthdays of your family members and friends.

    Family Visits-Friend Meetings: Especially working people complain about not being able to visit their family elders or friends. For this reason, you can dedicate a page of your monthly planner for this.

    Sports activities: If you are doing sports regularly or if you are going to start, it is very important to note the days you will do sports in your planner.

    Personel Monthly Calendar

    Personal Monthly Planner
    Personal Monthly Planner

    Book/movie lists: It is very useful to note the books you will read or the movies you will watch in your monthly planner. Because it is normal to forget in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    Shopping: If you do your groceries monthly, add it to your monthly planner. This will give you a great advantage.

    How do I make a monthly planner ?

    As you can see, defining a weekly and monthly schedule is not complicated. It takes 1h to 2h per week at most and it allows you to better manage your time.

    A correct planning is one of the main points of success in both school life and career. Important names of the business world state that they have worked in a planned way for years in order to achieve their goals. To be a successful planner, it is important to pay attention to the following:

    1. Set Goals

    One of the sine qua non of a successful plan is the setting of goals. The goals set in the planning will increase the motivation of the person to comply with the plan. At the same time, the goals set will make it easier for you to stick to the plan. Setting goals for yourself and putting these goals into your planning will both enable you to be more successful at school and get you where you want in your career.

    2. Planning Will Make It Easy For You To Take Action

    A correct planning that you have prepared will support you to take action in line with your goals. Every time you look at your plans, you will feel ready to take action. After all, the main secrets of being successful are believing in the goals and taking action in line with the goals.

    3. Avoid Uncertainties with Proper Planning

    Planning is predetermining what you will do to use your days and moments effectively. The planning strategy you have determined in order to determine the time and give direction to the works you will do; You should create short, medium and long-term plans according to their duration.

    On the other hand, creating a correct planning strategy will make it easier for you to avoid uncertainties. For this reason, it is important to write down all the works in the planning in detail. Because only in this way can you qualify yourself as a good planner.

    4. Evaluate Your Performance

    You should evaluate your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly plans at certain intervals. In this way, you will realize how well you adapt to the plan you have made and how this plan affects your performance. If you can’t get the efficiency you want from your planning, it will be useful to edit your plan.

    5. Successful Planning Involves Every Outcome

    A successful planner does not consider events, only positive outcomes. For this reason, you should consider both positive and negative consequences when planning. In this way, you can change your planning strategy when necessary.

    6. You Can Manage Crises With Successful Planning

    A successful planning that you have prepared will help you recover quickly in times of crisis. Because it will re-motivate you to reach your goals.


    It’s hard to be productive all the time, which is why we should have ways of making ourselves do it. But even with plans and motivation, we need to know what we’re doing with our time in order to be productive. Productivity levels vary every day – they are not the same as yesterday, because we are a different person from one day to the next. This is why it is so important that we plan out how to spend our time – but not just any plan will do. It needs to be the kind of plan that motivates us enough for us to want to complete it.

    At the end of a month you will feel that you have done all the tasks which you aimed for. You will be very inspired for your work. This will give you an extra energy to do more things in your work. The monthly planner is a complete list of everything which should be done in one month.

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    Betina Jessen

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