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Free Printable Spelling Test Templates [PDF] 10, 15, 20, 25 Words

    Helping kids learn to spell words is a daily challenge for most parents and teachers. Many methods have been implemented to train children, but the results aren’t always outstanding. Instructing them how to spell words in two steps works best.

    The first step aims at teaching them the correct spelling patterns. Thus, learning the spelling rules will help children acquire correct writing skills from the beginning. This method is simple and easy to implement. It uses a system called phonetics or phonics. Phonics is the study of the correct pronunciation of words by sounding each letter of the word and reading it correctly.

    Spelling Test Templates

    Some ways to accomplish this are by grouping words based on how they are spelled (patterns),, such as in groups of two letters or three letters. The next step will concentrate on mastering the use of word structures identified through previous training, like suffixes, prefixes, and root words, for example. Such structures play an essential role in vocabulary building at school, where students learn the meaning of unknown words by analyzing their structural components.

    What is a spelling test template?

    Spelling tests are a basic yet important way to learn about how well your students know the spelling of words you’ve taught during your language or reading classes. These tests can also be used as a form of discipline and parent communication by telling parents if their child needs more work in this area and what they can do to help at home.

    This document gives you everything you need to design printable spelling test pages properly. You will find a variety of simple questions with choices that show which letters are correct and incorrect. In addition, there are answer sheets so students can apply their knowledge of accurate spelling and complete the tests independently.

    Here are some example 10, 15, 20 and 25 word spelling tests:

    10 words:

    1. Cat
    2. Dog
    3. House
    4. Tree
    5. Car
    6. Book
    7. Pen
    8. Chair
    9. Phone
    10. Box

    15 words:

    1. Television
    2. Computer
    3. Refrigerator
    4. Elephant
    5. Crocodile
    6. Basketball
    7. Football
    8. Baseball
    9. Pizza
    10. Spaghetti
    11. Strawberry
    12. Blueberry
    13. Orange
    14. Banana
    15. Kiwi

    20 words:

    1. Mississippi
    2. Calculator
    3. Alphabet
    4. Jungle
    5. Lion
    6. Tiger
    7. Leopard
    8. Science
    9. Technology
    10. Language
    11. Mathematics
    12. Geography
    13. Gymnastics
    14. Photography
    15. Economics
    16. Statistics
    17. Engineer
    18. Architect
    19. Physician
    20. Dentist

    25 words:

    1. Transportation
    2. Refrigeration
    3. Democratization
    4. Personification
    5. Photosynthesis
    6. Anthropomorphism
    7. Homogeneity
    8. Compatibility
    9. Civility
    10. Animosity
    11. Audacity
    12. Tenacity
    13. Voracity
    14. Capacity
    15. Fertility
    16. Hostility
    17. Futility
    18. Humility
    19. Fragility
    20. Versatility
    21. Proclivity
    22. Longevity
    23. Brevity
    24. Levity
    25. Depravity

    What are the four types of spelling?

    Aural spelling tests

    Aural spelling tests are forms of primary or kindergarten spelling tests, and it is one of the most used methods in spelling assessment. The students would listen to words you would say, and they would write them according to their exact spelling.

    Oral spelling tests

    This is a test to demonstrate the ability of a child to spell vague words orally. This will be given by the teacher only to students with the most potential spelling ability. The teacher will call out the word, and the student must spell it out loud before getting a mark on their test paper. After all words in one test have been read, another test can be started or if time is short, then give one test rather than two as some teachers do so that each test is worth 100 percent of a student’s grade.

    Proofreading spelling tests

    The purpose of this exercise is to improve students’ proofreading skills. Students read texts with spelling and grammar mistakes and fix the errors as they go along. This is not simply a spelling exercise but rather a practice in reading where students get familiar with common patterns of language, syntax, and general usage.

    Multiple choice spelling tests

    A multiple-choice spelling test is an educational assessment. It assesses the student’s knowledge of homophones or words that have the same pronunciation but have different spellings and meanings. This is an assessment of the student’s spelling skills. The students are asked to pick the correct answer from among four answers.

    Why do you need a spelling test template?

    Students who have a good spelling test template should always be better than their peers. Using these templates makes it possible for students to improve when it comes to writing different assignments. TheseThese templates will also play a key role in helping them deal with unexpected events such as a visit from the district inspector.

    How do you teach a child to spell?

    Early spelling classes are an important part of school life. As a parent or student, you want to be able to support your child in any way possible. However, one of the challenges faced when learning how to spell is the sheer quantity of words that need to be memorized. This is particularly true when it comes to high-frequency words. Teachers will often focus on grouping these words together and offering practice every week.

    The best way to learn to spell is to have a set of rules and to apply them. The rules will be explained before the descriptions, and the groups of words that follow the same rule might be shown together, which can help learners notice patterns. As learners become more confident readers, they notice familiar words more often, giving them a chance to use their spelling correctly.


    A spelling test template is a document containing the format for a spelling test. A spelling test template can be open source or shareware, whether it’s in Microsoft Word or Excel format. This type of resource is most often used in primary and secondary schools by teachers, and many relish the opportunity to customize it themselves.


    What are some good ways to study my spelling words each week?

    To study spelling words, try breaking the words into chunks and memorizing the patterns. Write the words out multiple times while saying each letter aloud. Make flashcards for difficult words and practice writing them from memory. Try mnemonic devices, like acronyms, rhymes or songs, to help with tricky spellings. Also, cover part of the word and see if you can recall the full spelling.

    If I get a spelling word wrong on a test, what should I do?

    If you misspell a word on a test, go back after the test is over and rewrite that word correctly several times while saying the letters out loud. Having the physical and auditory practice will help reinforce the proper spelling. Also try to analyze why you may have missed that word – look at the pattern or any tricky letter combinations. Identify these trouble spots so you can remember them next time.

    How can I make sure I learn all the words before a spelling test?

    To master all your spelling words before a test, set up a consistent study routine throughout the week. Quiz yourself regularly on the words, focusing more time on those you struggle with. Make flashcards for the difficult words. Study the words out loud with someone else if possible. Spacing out your studying over several shorter sessions will help with retention versus cramming the night before a test. Test yourself or have someone quiz you a couple days before the test to identify any final weak spots.

    How can I practice spelling tests?

    • Use preset spelling test lists or vocabulary from classes to quiz yourself. Say the word, spell it out loud, then check if correct.
    • Make flashcards with difficult words to drill; practice spelling them out loud.
    • Ask someone else to give you a spelling test by calling out words randomly.
    • Practice writing words multiple times while saying each letter aloud.
    • Take online spelling tests for extra practice with instant results.

    What are the best assessments for spelling?

    • Dictation exercises where a paragraph is read aloud and you write all the words you hear. Checks listening skills too.
    • Fill-in-the-blank tests focused on harder vocabulary words. Must know the spelling to complete.
    • Multiple choice tests where you identify the correct spelling from options. Eliminates the need to produce the spelling yourself.
    • Writing prompts or short answer questions where some vocabulary words are required in responses. Assesses spelling in context.

    How do I study for a spelling test alone?

    • Break words into smaller parts and memorize the patterns.
    • Write down each word multiple times while saying the letters out loud.
    • Make up rhymes, acronyms or mnemonic devices to aid memorization.
    • Keep practicing words you get wrong until mastered.
    • Cover part of the word and test if you can recall the full spelling.

    What words should a 12 year old be able to spell?

    • Common words like family, children, important, sometimes, different
    • School subjects – mathematics, history, science, literature
    • Bigger adjectives like responsibility, comfortable, unfortunately
    • Words with double consonants or silent letters like occasion, embarrass
    • Longer vocabulary like description, procedure, situation

    The goal by 12 years old is mastery of longer words, including those with advanced prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

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