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Free Tap Drill Size Charts Printable – PDF

When creating threaded holes, it is important that I properly determine the correct size drill bit to use for tapping. Using the wrong tap drill size can result in threads that are too loose or too tight. This is why having tap drill size charts is so helpful.

With this article, I have included printable tap drill size charts that provide the recommended drill bit sizes for common screw thread sizes. The charts cover metric, UNC, and UNF thread standards to meet my needs.

tap to drill size chart
tap to drill size chart

I can use these helpful charts as a reference when I am ready to drill holes that will be tapped. I simply locate the thread size on the chart and it gives me the exact tap drill bit size I need for that thread.

Whether I need to find the tap drill size for a M5 x 0.8 metric thread or a 1/4″-20 UNC thread, these charts have me covered. They take the guesswork out of selecting the correct size drill bit before tapping.

Having these handy tap drill size charts ensures I choose the right tool for the job. With the proper tap drill size, I can drill precision holes that are ready to be tapped to receive screws. This allows me to successfully create strong, high-quality threaded holes for my projects.

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