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Free Printable Leave of Absence Letter (LOA) Templates [PDF, Word]

    If you work within the US or are an employee of a US-based company, you should be familiar with the term ―leave of absence.‖ It refers to a temporary gap in employment. An absence is often due to health issues, personal reasons, and more (depending on the individual’s situation). Below, you will find a sample leave of absence letter detailing this type of absence professionally.

    Leave of Absence Letter Templates

    What is a Leave of Absence Letter?

    Leave of Absence Letter
    Leave of Absence Letter

    A leave of absence letter is a document that you send to your supervisor, informing them of your decision to take a leave of absence. It can also provide information about the length of time you’ll be away from work and any specific dates that you’ll be taking off.

    A leave of absence letter should contain all the relevant details about your request for time off, including the reason why you need it and the duration of your absence. If possible, it’s best to include as much advance notice as possible so that your supervisor can make arrangements for coverage during your absence.

    If you’re requesting unpaid time off for personal reasons (i.e., vacation), this information should also be included in the letter.

    It’s important to keep in mind that although this type of letter is usually sent in advance, there are some cases when it may not be necessary (e.g., when an employee is sick or injured).

    When do you need a leave of absence letter?

    You should use this letter if you want to take a leave of absence. A leave of absence is when an employee goes on unpaid leave or temporary layoff from work. This can be for various reasons, such as vacation, medical reasons, and more.

    In the United States, there are laws about taking time off from work for certain reasons that employees must follow. Sometimes, employers may require documentation before allowing their workers to take time off from their jobs. This is why it’s important to have a leave of absence letter on hand when needed.

    How long can you take a leave from work?

    Most companies allow employees to use their paid sick days for sick family leave. But not all companies offer any type of paid leave, and some have rules about how much time you can take off.

    In the United States, no federal laws require employers to offer paid family leave. However, some states have laws requiring employers to provide some form of paid time off after a birth or adoption.

    In addition, some employers offer paid sick days as part of their benefits package. For example, you may be able to use your sick days for short-term disability if you need an extended period of time off for an illness or injury.

    Paid and Unpaid Leave of Absence

    Most employees are entitled to a certain number of days of paid leave each year, including sick leave, vacation time, and holidays. But many employees also want to use their personal time — whether it’s for an illness or vacation — as part of their overall compensation package.

    Paid time off (PTO) policies vary widely from company to company, but federal law provides minimum standards for all U.S.-based workers. Employers must offer eligible employees at least 12 weeks of unpaid family or medical leave per year under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers must provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees who need additional time off work. These accommodations may include extra paid time off or unpaid leave.

    Paid leave is time off from work, usually paid by your employer. Unpaid leave is time off from work that doesn’t get paid by your employer.

    You may be eligible for sick, annual, and parental leave if you’re a federal employee. Other types of paid leave include vacation time.

    Paid sick leave

    Sick leave is another type of paid leave. This refers to time off from work due to illness or injury. Some companies offer short-term disability insurance policies as part of their benefits packages, which can help employees who have been out sick for an extended period of time recoup some of their lost wages during their recovery period (as well as replace some lost income).

    Unpaid leave includes:

    Sick leave– This is time off from work to recover from an illness or injury or care for someone who’s sick. If you’re a federal employee, you can use up to 11 days of sick leave each year. The rest must be used as accrued annual or vacation leave.

    Paid family and medical leave – This type of leave allow employees to take time off work to care for a new child, start adoption proceedings or care for a seriously ill family member without losing wages or benefits. It also covers situations such as caring for an injured service member or recovering from an illness or injury yourself.

    Military family and medical leave – This type of leave allows military members to take time off from active duty without losing wages or benefits if they cannot fulfill their duties due to certain circumstances (for example, if they need medical treatment).

    How do I write a leave of absence letter?

    Before You Start Writing Your Leave of Absence Letter

    Ensure you have all the details about your leave — including dates and reasons — figured out before writing anything down. This will make it easier to write the actual letter. If you need help figuring out what to include in your leave of absence letter, here are some tips:

    Start with “Dear.” Address it to your boss, supervisor (or whoever oversees your department). If there’s no specific person for this purpose, just address it to “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

    Include the date at the top. Include everything else in chronological order, starting with why you’re taking time off from work and ending with when you plan on returning.

    Keep it short and sweet. A leave of absence letter should be one page long at most; longer letters are usually considered rude because they imply that the writer doesn’t trust their boss enough to understand the situation without extra information or justification.

    A leave of absence letter can be used when you need to take time off from work for personal reasons. For example:

    • You’re taking time off due to a medical condition (e.g., surgery, pregnancy).
    • You’re going on vacation after working at the same job for a long time (e.g., 5+ years).
    • You’re getting married and taking a honeymoon before returning to work full-time again.
    • You’re taking time off to attend school full-time (e.g., college).
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