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43+ Printable Leave of Absence Letter (LOA) Templates [PDF, Word] / Free

    Oct 11, 2023 @ 5:29 pm

    As an employee, there may come a time when I need to request an extended leave of absence from work. Whether it’s for medical reasons, family needs, or a personal matter, a formal leave of absence allows me to take the time I need while ensuring my job remains secure. In this article, I will share free printable leave of absence letter templates that can be customized for your specific situation.

    I have letter examples in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats that you can easily download. These sample letters allow you to notify your employer of your leave dates in a professional manner. I’ll provide tips on how to tailor the letters to your individual needs. A proper leave of absence letter is crucial to communicate to your manager and human resources department. This article will ensure you handle your leave request correctly so that your time off is approved and documented for HR.

    What is a Leave of Absence Letter?

    Leave of Absence Letter
    Leave of Absence Letter

    A leave of absence letter is a formal written request that I submit to my supervisor or HR department asking for extended time off work. This type of letter outlines key details about the leave that I am requesting, such as the reason for needing it, my proposed start and end dates, and any other relevant information.

    Some common reasons I may need to request a leave of absence include:

    • Medical leave due to an illness, injury, or disability I am experiencing
    • Maternity or paternity leave for the birth or adoption of my child
    • Military leave for active or reserve duty I am called for
    • Personal leave to care for a sick family member or address a challenging personal issue
    • Educational leave to take classes or trainings to further my skills

    I should submit the letter according to my company’s policies, which usually require advance notice. It is meant to provide documentation for HR records about the agreed upon terms of my leave from my regular job duties. Having my request and approval in writing protects both me as the employee and my employer.

    Printable Leave of Absence Letter Templates

    When requesting a leave of absence, it is important that I provide my company with a professionally formatted letter. This is why I have included sample leave of absence letter templates with this article.

    The templates allow me to easily create a customized letter specific to my situation. I can edit them to include the dates of my requested leave, the reason I require time off, and other details about my position.

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