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Online Calendar: 7 Best Online Calendars & Apps for 2024

Dec 10, 2023 @ 6:08 am

The online calendar is a great way to manage your life from home, work, and on the go. It not only lets you keep track of events and special dates, but you can also set reminders, send invitations, share and organize events with others, and generally manage your whole life. Many have many other features that make them unique, such as having address books, allowing you to manage photos, upload and share documents, and more.

Below is a list of the best online calendars on the market. Be sure to use the review links to learn how they work, what you can do with them, how to use them as calendars shared online, and more. Most of the options below have mobile apps you can use on the go. See the best calendar apps for smarter planning or the best shared calendar apps for more information.

We also provide a variety of calendar 2024 templates that you can customize and print for planning and scheduling. Our 2024 calendars come in different layouts – including yearly, monthly, and weekly views – and allow you to add your own photos, holidays, or notes. Ideal for home, school, or office use. You can also find 2024 calendars designed specifically for teachers, students, moms, dads, and more. Check out our selection of free printable and customizable 2024 calendars.

What is an Online Calendar?

Online Calendar
Online Calendar

An online calendar is a digital tool that allows users to organize, schedule, and monitor events, tasks, and appointments over the internet. Unlike traditional paper calendars, online calendars can be accessed on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, offering real-time synchronization, reminders, and collaboration features. They often integrate with other software, enabling seamless transitions between tasks, making them indispensable for both personal and professional time management.

11 Best Online Calendars & Apps for 2023

Google Calendar

Google Calendar, one of the most popular calendar applications released, can be referred to as the digital and slightly improved version of the desktop cardboard calendars we used before the calendars were fit on mobile devices. Google Calendar offers a highly detailed environment to plan your days and work.

Cost: Free

Format: Online

Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar can be as simple or as detailed as you want, with a ton of options available, making it definitely one of the best free online calendars. This can work for anyone because you can set your own work week and work schedule to suit your own lifestyle. There are multiple ways to view your calendars and add new events, and the Smart Add feature makes quickly creating events a breeze.

You can share your calendars with others via a web page or an ICS file, as well as save your calendar to a PDF for offline viewing. You can also subscribe to other calendars (for example, friends or holidays) from within Zoho Calendar, so you can see all these events alongside your own calendar.

Format: Online

Cost: Free, Standart $3 . Pro $6 . Enterprise $10

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a combination email and calendar service. It comes included with any Microsoft 365 subscription, or you can sign up for the free online version. We’ll talk more about the differences between these two services in a later lesson.

Microsoft’s Calendar app is intuitive and beautifully designed, and one of the best options on mobile devices. With the MS Outlook mobile app, you can track your schedule on the go with just a few clicks, and the Calendar app provides a clean and simple way to schedule events right from your phone.

Cost: Free

Format: Online


Next on our list of ‘best calendar apps to have on your phone’, we continue with the ‘TimeTree’ app. You can chat and send photos about the events you created on TimeTree, which also won the best App Store award in 2015. You can create multiple calendars for family, personal events, work-related events, and more. You can also use the application on your computer.

You can share the events you create in TimeTree with those around you through other applications. In short, we can say that the application also has a shareable calendar feature.

Format: Online, App

Cost: Free


Calendly is an automated calendar that takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more. Millions of users benefit from an enjoyable scheduling experience, more time to spend on top priorities, and flexibility to accommodate individual users and large teams alike.

Calendly helps you save time, get meetings scheduled faster, and helps you grow your business. Use it for meetings, calls, events, training sessions, interviews and more!

Cost: Free · $8 · $12 · $16

Format: Online, App

Jorte Calendar

Allowing you to customize your personal calendar as you wish, Jorte Calendar includes themes and options suitable for all ages. The application, which makes it possible to prepare the appropriate environment for every business and plan thanks to its customization options, can work integrated with the Google Calendar application.

Format: App

Cost: Free


The ‘DigiCal +’ application, where you can see your free and busy periods in the year view, also includes 42 theme colors. You can postpone your events with the special postponement option, and you can use the application without ads. You can organize your programs in the application that you can use in day, week, agenda, month, list and year view. You can also access worldwide public holidays and learn about detailed weather conditions.

At the same time, you can create events with different colors in the DigiCal + calendar application. You can also add participants to your events in the application, where you can also get navigation service, and you can set your appointments according to both local and foreign country times.

Format: App

Cost: Free


Choosing the best calendar app can be daunting. There are so many different calendar apps that range from simple to complex. When you decide to look for a new calendar, you will want to pinpoint your exact uses for a calendar. Then by knowing what specific purposes you need, you will be more easily able to identify which blank calendars work better.

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