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Free Printable Hotel Receipt Templates [PDF, Excel, Word] Fake & Real

    Hotel receipts are a great way for guests to record their expenses with hotels and ensure they get the most from their stay. Hotel receipts can be useful if you take advantage of a discount offer. If you have used the services at a hotel, there is usually an opportunity to get a receipt to ensure you pay the appropriate amount for those services.

    What is a Hotel Receipt?

    Hotel Receipt
    Hotel Receipt

    A hotel receipt is a document that confirms payment for a guest’s stay. It’s important to know what a hotel receipt looks like so you can identify one if you get one.

    Hotel receipts are required when you have to pay by credit card or cash, and the hotel itself often provides them. The receipt will include information about your stay, such as room number and rate (if applicable), check-in date, check-out, and total cost. The receipt also may show other information about your stay, such as whether meals were included in your reservation or what amenities (if any) were included in the package you booked.

    Hotel Receipt Templates

    Hotel Receipt Templates are pre-designed formats used by hotels or lodging establishments to provide guests with a detailed record of their stay and associated charges. These templates serve as a standardized document that outlines the transaction details, payment information, and essential information related to the hotel’s services. Hotel Receipt Templates ensure consistency, accuracy, and professionalism in issuing receipts, facilitating smooth checkouts, and maintaining transparent financial records.

    Hotel Receipt Templates provide a standardized and professional approach to issuing receipts to hotel guests. By using these templates, hotels ensure that guests receive accurate and detailed records of their stay and associated charges. These templates facilitate seamless checkouts, provide transparency in financial transactions, and contribute to maintaining clear and consistent financial records for the hotel. Hotel Receipt Templates serve as valuable tools for hotels to enhance guest satisfaction, improve financial management, and maintain a high level of professionalism in their operations.

    What is a hotel guest bill?

    A hotel guest bill is a document that encompasses all the charges made to your room during your stay. It includes everything from the cost of food and beverages purchased at the hotel’s restaurant to the amount paid for telephone calls, Internet access, and other services.

    The hotel guest bill is one of the most important documents you will receive after you check out of a hotel. It contains all the information needed to process your payment and keep track of any outstanding fees.

    Hotel Receipt Format

    The hotel receipt format is an important document that needs to be maintained correctly. This is because it acts as proof of your stay at the hotel and helps obtain refunds or credits, if any. Many types of hotels offer different kinds of services and amenities to their customers, so they have different formats for their receipts. Some hotels may use electronic versions, while others may prefer paper copies. The best thing about this format is that it can be printed out easily from your computer or printer if you do not have access to a printer at the hotel.

    You can easily print out a copy of your reservation form by clicking on the “Print” button available on most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox).

    Why Is a Hotel Receipt Important?

    If you have stayed in hotels before, you probably know that they charge different rates depending on the season and where you are staying. For example, if you have booked an ocean-view room in the summer, expect to pay more than what would be charged during other seasons, such as winter or spring.

    A hotel receipt serves as proof that all charges have been paid by both parties involved in the transaction. It also serves as proof that everything was done correctly and there were no mistakes made by either party involved in the transaction ( guests).

    What to include in your hotel receipt

    Here are some things that should be included in the hotel receipt:

    • Name of the hotel and room number
    • Date of stay (use today’s date)
    • Checking out time (include time zone)
    • Receipt number (make sure it’s printed clearly with ink)
    • Name and contact information for the person who took care of your guest.
    • Number of occupants in each room
    • Amount paid to the hotel (credit card or cash)
    • Tax Amount Paid for the Stay
    • A list of any additional services and items that were provided by the hotel (if applicable).

    How to Know If the Hotel Receipt Is Fake?

    Most of the time, travelers end up getting cheated by the hotel staff. Some of them use fake receipts to get a free ride, and some don’t pay for their stay in advance.

    Follow these simple steps:

    Check that it’s not a photocopy: The fake hotel receipts are usually made using a photocopier, which will have nothing to do with the original receipt. Also, look at the font size and ensure it matches the original one.

    Check if there’s an extra charge: If you see that there are extra charges on your bill, then it means that someone has added them without your knowledge.

    Look at the date of stay: This can indicate whether you’re dealing with a real or fake receipt, as well as when this person/entity stayed there?

    Compare with other receipts: You can compare with other receipts for verification purposes and to find out if anyone else has stayed there before you, too and how soon after each other did they leave.

    How to create a hotel receipt

    Here is a quick guide to creating a hotel receipt.

    • Enter the hotel’s name, address, and phone number on the first line of the receipt.
    • Enter the amount charged on the second line with cents or whole dollar amounts as appropriate to your accounting system.
    • List any taxes collected or added at this time, such as local sales tax or occupancy tax, separately from other charges if applicable (see below).
    • List any additional fees charged separately from the room rate, if applicable, such as parking fees or Internet access fees. If any item is listed without a charge number, indicate how much it costs on each line (e.g., $0) and also describe what this service is used for (e.g., “air conditioning”).
    • List any discounts given by the hotel and promotional codes applied when you made your reservation so that you can claim them later when filing your taxes with your state’s taxing agency (if applicable).
    • Include Your Contact Information

    Other Types of Hotel Receipts

    Hotel Receipts

    Hotel receipts are a form of record keeping that can be used as documentation for your business. They are an important part of the hotel industry and are usually given to guests at check-out time or upon request. Here are some other types of hotel receipts:

    Original Receipts:

    These are the most basic type of receipts, and they are used for all your purchases. In addition to storing information about your purchase, they also provide a reference point while determining how much money was spent on items like food and beverages.

    Full-Page Receipts:

    These receipts contain more information than the original ones and are meant for those needing more details on what they bought. They provided a photo of each item purchased and even the date when it was purchased so that you can see how much time has passed since then. You can also add additional notes about each purchase or even a tip for better service from your favorite restaurant or shopkeeper.

    Credit Card Receipts:

    This type of receipt is similar to the window tag in that it shows the date, amount, and name of whoever paid for the item. But this type of receipt also includes a summary of how much money was actually spent on a particular purchase. It also provides you with a way to keep track of all your credit card purchases.

    Window tag:

    Window tags are also referred to as window cards because they are usually attached to buildings’ windows by a small metal tag attached with string or wire. They contain information about the business, such as its name, address, phone number, and hours of operation.

    Window tags are designed to be read by people passing by the entrance or exit of a store or building – they provide information about what’s going on inside so that people can decide whether they want to.


    We hope you found this guide useful. It should help you understand the necessity and purpose of hotel receipts and how best to plan for and execute a more effective and efficient process than your competition. And remember, if you ever have any questions about receipts, please don’t hesitate to ask!


    How do I make a hotel receipt?

    To make a hotel receipt, open a word document or spreadsheet and create columns for listing dates, room number, guest name, item/service purchased, charges, payments made, balance due, and signature line. Use the hotel logo and contact info as a header. Number each receipt and print on letterhead paper for a professional look.

    How can I make my own receipt?

    To make your own receipt, open a blank document and add your business name, address, and contact information at the top. Structure it like an invoice with columns for date, description, quantities, unit price, total price, taxes, payments made, and balance due. Number each receipt sequentially and include a signature line.

    How do I make an invoice for a hotel stay?

    A hotel stay invoice should list guest name, room number, check-in/out dates, nightly rate, room charges subtotal, applicable taxes and fees, payments made during the stay, and the total balance owed. Deduct any deposit paid in advance. Use your hotel logo and format it neatly like a standard invoice.

    What is receipt for the guest in the hotel?

    A hotel receipt for a guest documents any charges, payments, and applied deposits for their stay, and shows the final amount they owe to settle their account. Guests can use the itemized receipt to verify room, meal, parking, and other fees incurred and reconcile their bill. Providing clear receipts promotes transparency.

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