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Free Printable Comic Strip Templates [PDF, Word, Excel]

    Creating fun comic strips is an enjoyable creative outlet for both kids and adults. To enable anyone to easily design their own comic strips, we offer a selection of free printable comic strip templates. These useful resources provide blank comic layouts in PDF and Word documents, ready for filling with your own stories and art. We provide comic strip templates with varied panel configurations like 3-panels, 4-panels, 6-panels or more.

    The blank templates can have different styled borders and layouts but all contain open panels for illustrations and dialogues. With our free comic strip templates, you can choose a format that suits your storytelling needs. Let your imagination run wild as you draw, write, and craft single comic strips or even recurring storylines. Our free templates remove the struggle so you can enjoy developing your own unique comic creations.

    What Is a Comic Strip Template?

    Comic Strip Template
    Comic Strip Template

    A comic strip template is a pre-made layout used to easily create comic strips. The template contains blank panels or frames in various configurations such as 3-6 evenly spaced boxes per row. The panels have clear borders and space inside for inserting drawings, word balloons, captions, and narrative text to tell a story or joke. Comic strip templates provide the ready-made structure of a comic so the creator can focus on the content and artwork.

    They establish the page dimensions, number of rows and panels, and size of each frame. Many templates include additional elements like title boxes for the comic strip name. Comic strip templates simplify the formatting so anyone can quickly sketch out comic stories and drawings by hand or digitally. They allow even novice artists to enjoy crafting their own comic strips.

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