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Free Printable Capability Statement Templates [PDF, Word]

    A capability statement template is one of the best ways to get sales for your product or service. In fact, you might wonder why no one came up with this idea earlier, as it uses a simple and proven concept that is based on your good looks, winning personality, and charm. But seriously, having a tech capability statement is essential in setting in stone the things that will help you sell your product or service in the future.

    What is a capability statement?

    Capability Statement
    Capability Statement

    A capability statement describes the unique strengths, skills, and expertise you bring to your organization or project. A good capability statement should be a concise, professional summary of what you do well. It should be easy for people to understand and remember your capabilities and how they can be applied to help solve their problems.

    A good capability statement will help you communicate clearly about yourself and your skills without sounding too boastful or self-serving. It will give you credibility as an expert in your field and will help others understand how they can benefit from working with you.

    Capability Statement Templates

    Capability statement templates are pre-designed documents that showcase the capabilities, expertise, and qualifications of a business or organization. These templates provide a professional and concise way to present a company’s core competencies, achievements, and key differentiators to potential clients, partners, or stakeholders.

    Capability statement templates typically include sections that highlight the company’s background, mission statement, key services or products offered, industry expertise, notable projects or clients, certifications or accreditations, and contact information. They often incorporate branding elements, such as logos or color schemes, to maintain a consistent and professional visual identity.

    Using a capability statement template allows businesses to effectively communicate their unique value proposition, strengths, and capabilities. It provides a well-structured format that enables potential clients or partners to quickly understand the company’s expertise and determine its suitability for their needs.

    Why should you write a Capability Statement?

    You’re writing a capabilities statement because you want to show the world what your company does. 

    Capabilities statements are often used for sales and marketing purposes, but they can also be helpful in other areas of your business. A capabilities statement can help you:

    Learn more about yourself as a business owner. By writing down what you do, you’ll gain some insight into what makes your company tick — and how important each activity is to your success.

    Discover where you need to grow or improve. If parts of your business need to fit with your mission statement, then it’s time to make some changes. Look at how other companies handle similar activities and see if there are any opportunities for improvement within your own company.

    Identify areas where you can partner with other businesses or individuals who have complementary skillsets or resources that will help you grow faster than if you were doing everything on your own.

    What should be included in a Capability Statement?

    A Capability Statement is a document that describes the quality and performance standards of a product or service. It can be used to compare capabilities with other companies in the industry, or it can be used to set internal benchmarks against which you can measure your own performance.

    A Capability Statement should include the following:

    The first step in developing a capability statement is to identify your company and provide a profile of your company. This includes the name of your company, its location, the products or services it provides, and any additional information that would help the customer understand who you are. The second step is to describe the core competencies of the business.

    Identify the problem or need that you can solve

    The next step is identifying the problem or needs that you can solve. This will help you focus on what you want to do rather than just stating that you have “the ability” or “capability” without explaining what this means to them as an organization or individual customer. An example would be: “We have experience with delivering products and services within budget while meeting deadlines set by customers and keeping their needs in mind at all times.”

    Describe the areas of expertise

    Highlight your company’s competencies or specialties that align with the customer’s needs. You can also mention any certifications you have obtained to help your company meet customer expectations. For example, if you are operating in an industrial setting, mention that your company has OSHA safety certifications or ISO 9001 quality system certification.

    Describe the work environment and culture of your company

    Talk about how your employees approach their work and what makes them so good at their jobs. This could include things like employee training programs, internal mentoring programs, on-the-job training opportunities, or other ways in which employees can grow within your organization over time as they demonstrate their competence over time. It could also include benefits such as health insurance coverage or retirement plans that make working for your company worthwhile, even when times get tough.

    Product or Service

    This is the most essential element of the capability statement. The product or service you choose must be something that you have experience with and can deliver consistently. Your ability to deliver the product or service consistently is what makes it valuable to the customer. If you only do it once in a while, it’s not valuable because they need to know when they might need it again.


    Equipment is also essential because you need to have the right equipment to do the job correctly. Equipment includes tools, machinery, and computers. It also includes materials such as fabrics and chemicals if needed for your job. If your customer needs certain equipment or materials, then make sure that you include it in your statement so that they know exactly what they will receive from you when purchasing from you directly instead of going through another company for these items separately themselves, which would cost them more money overall than just buying everything from one source like you directly instead!


    The experience section describes how long you have been in business, the types of projects you have worked on, and if there have been any major successes or failures.


    List any certifications or licenses that apply directly to what you do today (e.g., CPA, CFA)


    Include names of your major customers and projects completed recently.

    Products/Services Offered

    Include a list of all products or services your company offers and any certifications or accreditations that may be relevant to this project.

    Include contact information

    The contact information should include how customers can reach you via phone, email, and mail if they need more details about your company or the services offered. It is also essential for potential clients to know who their point of contact will be for each project so that they can get answers quickly when needed.

    Include key project milestones and deliverables

    All projects have specific deliverables or milestones that must be met before the final payment is received by the customer. These essential details should be included in your template because they help define what will be delivered on each project, along with expected time frames and associated costs.

    How to Write a Capability Statement?

    A Capability Statement should be written as if you were trying to convince someone to buy your product or service. It should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

    The best way to write a Capability Statement is by using the following steps:

    1. List all the things that make your business unique or different from competitors. For example: “We are the only company that offers high-quality products at low prices.”

    2. Organize them into categories based on their importance about the overall success of your business. For example Product Quality vs. Customer Service vs. Marketing Methods

    3. Create a template for each category and fill in as many details as possible for each one (e.g., “Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients that are free from chemicals or additives.”). You can also use bullet points instead of paragraphs if needed since this will help keep things short and sweet!

    Updating Your Capability Statement Template

    If you’re like most small businesses, your business plan and one-page capability statement are still valid. But your capability statement needs to change as your business evolves.

    Here’s what you need to know about updating your capability statement:

    An updated capability statement shows that your business is committed to making changes. It reflects how far you’ve come, the work that’s been done, and the vision that drives it all. It shows how your company has grown in the past year and where it is headed in the future.

    Your business needs to keep up with industry trends and make sure employees are aware of these changes. Here are some ways you can update your capability statement:

    Rebranding: If you want to update your image or brand, this is a good time to do so. Update your logo, color scheme, and tagline accordingly so customers can easily recognize your company’s new look at first glance. This may require revamping other marketing materials, such as social media profiles or printed materials like business cards or letterhead.

    New product offerings: This would be an ideal time to update if you have launched a new product or service in the past year (or even several months).


    We hope this article has been informative and helpful. The capability statement template is a great way for you to create a functional yet thorough document on your company’s capabilities, strengths, and experience. Using the template, you can create customized statements focusing on each customer’s needs.


    What is a capability statement?

    A capability statement is a concise, one-page document that summarizes a company’s qualifications, capabilities, and expertise to potentially work with new clients or partners. It highlights key services, differentiators, past projects, and value.

    What is the difference between a capability statement and company profile?

    A capability statement focuses specifically on demonstrating capabilities, skills, and expertise to meet a client’s needs. A company profile provides general information about the business, its history, leadership team, location, mission, and broad service overview.

    What is the difference between a capability statement and brochure?

    A capability statement is a 1-page, text-focused outline of qualifications tailored for potential clients. A brochure is a visual, multi-page marketing piece that describes a company’s offerings in more detail for general promotion.

    What is a Capstone capability statement?

    A Capstone capability statement is a comprehensive, detailed statement developed by a student undergoing Capstone career training. It demonstrates accumulated experience, knowledge, skills, and capabilities within their discipline after synthesizing learnings from the program.

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