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Free Printable Table Tent Templates [PDF, Word] Editable

    A table tent is the name of paper stock that is folded into a self-standing shape resembling menus and placed on the tables of restaurants or cafes. Photographs of new products, such as food, beverages, or desserts, are usually printed on them.

    Thus, by arousing a sense of curiosity in the customer, an incentive method for purchasing is provided. They can also work as miniature billboards. It is widely used in the service sector. Besides, it is possible to come across table tent products at congresses, fairs, conferences, hotels, and gyms.

    Table Tent Templates

    Table Tent Templates are pre-designed layouts or formats used to create folded card-like structures that can be placed on tables, counters, or other flat surfaces to display information, advertisements, menus, or promotional materials. These templates provide a convenient and consistent way to design and produce table tents, ensuring a visually appealing and professional presentation.

    Table Tent Templates are commonly used in various settings, such as restaurants, hotels, trade shows, conferences, and promotional events. They serve as an effective marketing and communication tool to attract attention, convey important information, and promote products, services, or special offers to customers or event attendees. By using these templates, businesses and individuals can create visually appealing and consistent table tents that effectively showcase their offerings and enhance the overall visual presentation in a professional manner.

    Table tent examples attract attention with their diversity. It can be produced in different models and colors. The food and beverage list offered by the relevant business on the table tent samples used as a menu can be printed in back-to-front format. Such models can also resemble table card examples in their appearance. In environments such as conferences, pyramid models make a very interesting impression.

    Short introductory texts can be placed on it, along with the visual of the person giving the conference or training. In addition, there are examples of table tents that give a message.

    The company or business can have the opportunity to easily advertise it by printing a slogan of its own under its own name and presenting it for distribution.

    In addition, since hotels have high potential in terms of visitors and accommodation, they are at the forefront of places to be advertised. In the lobby or cafeteria of many hotels, it is possible to see table tents belonging to both themselves and different companies.

    Types of Table Tent Templates

    Table Tent
    Table Tent

    Many different types of template designs can be used for marketing and advertising products or events. There are minimal design templates, notepad designs with plenty of space to write down information, business card templates, and even some interesting templates resembling front doors. Regardless of the style and focus behind the appearance of a table tent, it is important to understand what the target marketing demographics are before deciding upon which kind of template will be best for the event, establishment, or product.

    Tent Setup

    One of the most common types of business table tents is the basic version. It can be made from thick paper and would be able to stand upright by itself, as long as it wasn’t placed on a table too high for its own support.

    Flip Book

    These types of table tent cards are very advantageous to have as they allow you to place a lot of information and graphics on a single page. It’s probably the only type that would be read by the viewer in its entirety. The flip book is more informative than any other kind of card and can provide a detailed overview of your products and services.

    Framed Tent

    A framed table tent sports a framed border. This frame creates a border around the content of a printed ad inserted in it. A table tent generally has a crossbar at the top while a frame has a larger frame and often more details, in terms of borders.


    You need to start by choosing the images that you want to use for your design. If you already have images, then you’re halfway done. You can also choose from different colors or designs that would go well with your template. It’s very important to have a good printing place because they are the ones who will actually provide you with the template.

    Table Tent Printing Techniques

    The table tent printing process is similar to many advertising materials due to the materials it contains. Printing stages can be listed as follows;

    Table tents can be prepared in four different formats. These are the square, frame, right triangle, and pyramid shapes. However, in line with personal demands, table tent printing can be ordered for more special formats by determining the dimensions.

    While the standard size dimensions for frame samples are 4×6, 5×6.5, and 8×4 cm, it is set to 4×4, 4×6, and 4×8 sizes for triangle models. However, these dimensions can be up to 12x 17 cm in all formats.

    Heavy card stocks are often used during printing. Suitable for cardboard, Plexi, Bristol cardboard, Plexi, and wood-like materials. Thus, the necessary rigidity is provided to stand upright on the table. It can be easier to join with the help of adhesive tape, glue, or staples.

    Images must contain high quality and resolution. Low-resolution images will not create a good image for the product and may negatively affect your brand’s image.

    Glossy or matte cellophane coating can be applied at the end of offset or digital printing processes.

    Generally, there is a demand density of 250 or more.

    Table Tent Design Tips

    The most important point that should not be forgotten in the design of the table tent is that the power of the visuals is stronger than the text. Because in this and similar advertising materials, the target customer potential decides whether to buy or not by directly turning to the photo of the product or service.


    How do I make a table tent in Word?

    To make a table tent in Word, go to the Insert tab and click on Table. Select the number of columns and rows you need for your table tent. You can then add text, images, and other design elements to the table to create your table tent design. Adjust the column widths and row heights to get the size you need.

    What is a standard table tent size?

    A standard table tent size is 4 x 7 inches. This allows the tent to stand up nicely on a table. The 4 inch width fits well on table tops and the 7 inch height leaves room for promotional information.

    What are the dimensions of a table tent Indesign?

    A standard table tent designed in InDesign is also normally 4 x 7 inches. You can create an InDesign document preset to these dimensions to easily design table tents.

    What size paper for table tents?

    8.5 x 11 inch paper is commonly used to print table tents. You can fit two 4 x 7 inch table tents on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. After printing, simply cut the sheet in half to create two completed table tents.

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