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Free Printable Scholarship Certificate Templates [PDF, Word, Excel]

    A good education is every student’s dream. Some students are lucky to receive it as they get help from their parents and guardians. Some couldn’t and had to live their life with a home-taught education. They have to work on something and make money in order to help their studies.

    There are scholarships already existing from various sources such as business entities, schools & colleges, NGOs, and other public universities for those deserving ones. To reward these students with a certificate of encouragement and appreciation, you need to find a suitable scholarship certificate template for word to use.

    Scholarship Certificate Templates

    Scholarship Certificate Templates are professionally designed and customizable documents that recognize and honor academic achievements and accomplishments of deserving individuals. These templates serve as a tangible proof of the recipient’s hard work, dedication, and outstanding performance in their academic pursuits.

    The design of a Scholarship Certificate Template is typically elegant and sophisticated, incorporating elements that reflect the significance of the accomplishment. The templates often feature a formal layout with a distinguished header, including the name of the scholarship or award, the issuing organization or institution, and relevant logos or emblems.

    A Scholarship Certificate Template also includes space for personalization, allowing the customization of details such as the recipient’s name, the date of the award, and any specific details pertaining to the scholarship or award program. This flexibility ensures that each certificate is unique and tailored to the individual recipient.

    What is a scholarship certificate?

    Scholarship Certificate
    Scholarship Certificate

    A scholarship certificate is an official document issued to a student who has been selected for a scholarship they had applied for to help raise funds for their education. Scholarship certificates are usually issued by institutions of learning or by individuals. The institution might be a college, university, or any other educational institution which offers scholarships to students on several occasions throughout the year.

    Format of Scholarship Award Certificate

    The scholarship award certificate should include the following details:

    • This document should be given to you by the organization that is currently offering the grantor by an individual who is associated with this scholarship. Please enter your full name in this form to ensure that you receive it.
    • The writer must be careful to capture the name of the institution offering the certificate and include a signature.
    • The person issuing the certificate must state the date of issue.
    • It is essential to indicate the type of scholarship awarded, be it for career, sport, or merit, among others.
    • The organization must explain the reasons for awarding the certificate to the selected candidate.
    • It must be specified which institution the scholarship holder will attend.

    What is the difference between a Fellowship and a Scholarship?

    • Scholarships are a form of financial aid that is never forgotten by learners. Scholarships are generally given to students who have demonstrated excellence in their studies to motivate them to perform better in the future. Scholarships act as monetary and non-monetary awards giving the recipient anything from partial or complete tuition fee waiver, health coverage, books, mentoring, and more. Scholarships are generally offered to students based on merit and recognized academic performance. This makes scholarships different from grants. Scholarships usually have strict selection criteria about the candidate’s qualifications, whereas grants are typically awarded based on an applicant’s academic profile and exam results regardless of their academic record. The recipients of scholarships usually do not have any obligations other than holding a certain GPA and excellent academic marks.  Scholarships can be awarded by individual institutions, schools, corporations, and anyone else who realizes the importance of academia.
    • Fellowships are grants given to students or faculty, they may not always be directly received by the student, but they can provide the student access to research materials. It is usually given to those pursuing academic degrees and above based on their expertise in their field. Fellowships could cover a variety of areas.

    Some Tips for Finding College Scholarships

    • You should start applying for scholarships before your secondary school to maximize the amount of money you make for college. It may seem premature, but you’ll be in college before you know it.
    • You may be surprised to find that there are many scholarships available in high school for sophomores and even first-year students. So, please don’t put it off until your junior year or senior year. 
    • With college’s all-time high cost, scholarships are a great way to help you afford your education. There are thousands of scholarships out there, and they come in many forms. No matter your GPA, test scores, or interests, there is a scholarship out there for you.
    • But finding and winning a scholarship can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips to help you put your best foot forward and win some scholarships to lower the price you have to pay for college.
    • You should start applying for scholarships before your secondary school to maximize the amount of money you make for college. It may seem premature, but you’ll be in college before you know it.
    • You may be surprised to find that many scholarships are available in high school for sophomores and even first-year students. So, please don’t put it off until your junior year or senior year. It’s better to do the job than have to pay off massive amounts of student loans after graduation.
    • You don’t need excellent grades or test scores for college scholarships. There are all kinds of opportunities for anyone and anyone interested.
    • Whatever your academic background, interests, passions, or desired career field, there is a scholarship out there for you. Finding it, though, may take some soul searching. Look inside to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Before applying for a particular scholarship, consider how you can compare to other applicants. Don’t discourage yourself; instead, be realistic. You want to apply for scholarships where you have the best chance of winning.
    • If you are new to the scholarship search process, you may need some guidance to help you determine which scholarships are worth your time and effort.
    • Ask your college counselors at your high school which ones they recommend. Typically, they have a broad understanding of the many different types of scholarships. And because they know your grades, writing abilities, passions, and interests, they’ll be able to recommend the right ones for you.
    • Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes, and you shouldn’t shy away from small tickets. A $1,000 scholarship probably won’t pay for a semester’s tuition, but it can still help!
    • Low-budget scholarships often have smaller pools of applicants that increase your chances of winning. Also, there are usually less extensive implementation processes, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort to implement them.
    • Not every big-money scholarship has an extensive application process. Typically, however, if a company or organization is giving away large sums of money, they want to see applicants invest time and effort.
    • However, it would help if you didn’t shy away from these scholarships because they can make a huge difference, and you won’t have to pay a lot in student loans after you graduate.
    • Most of the major awards are national, and many stand out. However, it would help if you weren’t intimidated or assume you have no chance of winning. There may be fewer candidates than you think, as many students fear extensive practice. In addition, many significant scholarships offer smaller amounts of money to runners-up. So, even if you don’t win the grand prize, you may not be able to finish empty-handed.


    Applying for a scholarship can be very difficult. But remember that they are there to help you get higher education. Don’t be intimidated by long applications, win small prizes, or pretend you don’t have a chance to win. There is a scholarship waiting for everyone out there.


    What do you write on a scholarship certificate?

    Details to include on a scholarship certificate are: The scholarship name, university or organizational crest logos, awarded student name, accomplishments or qualifying criteria, academic program or major, award amount, certificate presentation date, authorized signatures, an inspirational quote (optional), contact info.

    How to make an award certificate template?

    To make a certificate template: Open Word or Canva, add scholarship/university titles and logos, stylize crests decoratively, include fields for customizing awardee details, add an accomplishments description line, arrange key details in framed layout, print test templates on high-quality paper stock.

    How do you write an award certificate?

    When writing scholarship award certificates eloquently summarize details like: Proudly honoring [student name] for exhibiting academic excellence, leadership and community service embodying our values; Presented attainment credentials like qualifying grade average or scoring thresholds; Include designated monetary benefits conferred.

    What does certificate of scholarship mean?

    A certificate of scholarship formally acknowledges academic merit or financial need qualifications awarding students funds applied towards educational expenses. Certificate presentations establish written proof of grant approvals from institutional, governmental, non-profit, corporate or private philanthropic scholarship sponsors.

    How do you write a good scholarship statement?

    An excellent scholarship essay states clear academic aspirations and personal motivations for applying, demonstrates contributions showing alignment to program values, illustrates financial or social barriers overcome conveying resilience, and expresses appreciation for consideration ultimately bettering reciprocal communities.

    How do you write a good scholarship letter?

    An outstanding scholarship recommendation letter endorses exceptional student qualities like motivations, strengths of character, standout talents, and growth potential, offers authentic examples and anecdotes exhibiting strengths, affirms the student epitomizes institutional values, specifies customized award amounts requested, and expresses gratitude.

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