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Free Printable Ordination Certificate Templates [Minister & Deacon] Word, PDF

    You must become ordained before you can perform marriage ceremonies. The best way to prove this is through an ordination certificate and submit this as proof to a marriage licensing office, together with the application of the couple whom you will join together in matrimony. When applying for a license to perform marriages, you need this as a requirement.

    What Does it Mean to Be Ordained?

    Ordination Certificate
    Ordination Certificate

    Being ordained means different things to different people. To some, it’s a lifelong journey of ministry; but to others, ordination is just a stepping stone to a more extensive career. Your decision to be ordained is yours alone, and whether you decide to pastors, children, or find another area of the church and use your gifts, it’s important to remember that ordination is not just about you: it’s about those you want to serve.

    Ordination Certificate Templates

    Ordination Certificate Templates” are pre-designed documents that recognize and commemorate the ordination of an individual as a religious minister or clergy member. These templates serve as official and tangible proof of the individual’s authorization to perform religious ceremonies, such as weddings, baptisms, or funerals.

    Ordination is a significant milestone in the religious journey of an individual, representing their commitment to serve as a spiritual leader and guide within their faith community. Ordination certificate templates provide a formal and visually appealing format for acknowledging and documenting this important event.

    These templates typically include sections to record the name of the ordained individual, the date and location of the ordination ceremony, the religious organization or institution conferring the ordination, and the signatures or seals of authorized officials. They may also feature religious symbols or designs relevant to the faith tradition.

    What Is Required?

    Note that you must be over 18 to qualify for this type of ordination. You can also apply as long as you accept their terms and conditions. Each offers similar services, but they aren’t the same. The Universal Life Church is completely free to become ordained, while the American Fellowship Church charges a fee. Besides these two, there are other organizations you could choose to represent your church and perform marriage rites, funerals, baptisms, etc.

    What Are the Benefits of Being Ordained?

    There are innumerable benefits of ordination. Christian ministers, priests, and deacons are ordained during their administrative work with congregations. Although the process of ordination requires different steps in different religious traditions, certain potential benefits of ordination apply broadly.

    These include respect and integrity. Some who become ordained realize the deepening commitment to vocation and intimate relationship with God, their counterpart (Jesus Christ), or a higher power. In addition to being capable of blessing more and more people over time, ordained individuals enjoy a unique professional status and amazing opportunities to contribute to their various communities while also earning incremental income.

    What is an ordination certificate?

    If you want to be a truly spiritual person and help nurture the faith of other believers, there’s one thing you should consider: becoming ordained as an ordained minister. As a minister, you will be authorized by a church or religious institution to perform certain religious services to followers.

    But before you can do what requires your special title, you need to get an ordination certificate from the institution. The certificate is your proof that you are lawfully allowed to conduct religious ceremonies for people in need. As such, it also proves that you are capable of leading people spiritually wherever they may be.

    What is the difference between a licensed and an ordained minister?

    An ordained clergyman is a man of God who has finished the essential progressions and has been affirmed as such by his congregation’s authority. An ordained priest is an intermediary among individuals and God who gives counsel, solid help, intercessory petitions, and sacraments. A non-ordained minister is not authorized to perform rites. He acts as another person to help people manage their religious connections and issues with their higher power.

    How do you get ordained?

    In the US, you can obtain a license to perform marriages. As much as it’s easy to get ordained online, sometimes some still choose to get ordained in person. There are some steps involved to make sure you only perform legal marriages. Believe it or not, you need an official legal document when contracting marriages.

    This document confirms your performance and makes it easier for both parties to establish the wedding’s date, time, and location. If you don’t have this document, your officiating will not be considered valid by the courts.

    Know the requirements of your state

    The laws about marriage procedures differ from state to state. There are some states where the law recognizes agreements you’ve privately reached; for instance, every single couple is allowed to write their own agreement regarding reconciliation or divorce in Utah. If you plan to get married in this state and plan to use such an agreement, make sure the law recognizes it.

    Prepare the documents you need

    If you plan to become an officiant, you need to prepare the necessary documents. Make sure that you get a temporary designation from the state to be prepared for any weddings that come your way. Do the research. Check if it’s legal for non-authorities to officiate at weddings and if it is, find out what the process is.

    Get ordained

    Getting ordained is a quick and easy way to perform your marriage ceremony without being part of any religious organization. This is especially useful if you want to include non-religious elements in the ceremony. You can choose numerous options, but here’s what you should consider when picking an online option to get ordained, such as whether or not they offer third-party certification, the legal requirements, and membership perks.


    How do I fill out a certificate of ordination?

    Enter the date and location of the ordination at the top. Write the ordained person’s full name. The officiant signs and dates the bottom. Include the church/organization name and seal if applicable.

    Does ordination make you a pastor?

    Ordination gives someone the authority and responsibilities of ministerial office, but additional training is required to be a pastor of a church. Ordination provides the qualification but pastoring requires more specific leadership skills.

    How do you do ordination?

    The ordination ceremony involves prayers and laying of hands by church leaders upon the candidate. This formally confers the office of minister to them. The ordination certificate is then presented to the new minister.

    What happens at an ordination service?

    At a typical ordination service, the candidate makes vows, church leaders say prayers over them, and there is a symbolic anointing and laying of hands. The certificate is awarded and the service is concluded with a benediction.

    What information should be included on an ordination certificate?

    The ordination certificate should include the full name of the person being ordained, the date and location of ordination, the name of the ordaining organization, signatures of officiants, and a decorative border or seal.

    Who can perform ordinations?

    Ordinations are typically performed by senior ministers, bishops, or other designated leaders representing the church or religious organization. Requirements vary by denomination.

    What size should an ordination certificate be?

    Ordination certificates are commonly printed on 8.5 x 11 inch certificate paper or cardstock. Large sizing, 11 x 14 inches or 12 x 16 inches, can be used for a more formal presentation document.

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