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Free Printable Estoppel Certificate Templates [PDF, Word] Tenant

    An estoppel certificate is an essential document for a landlord to use. This document allows the lease to be upheld because it reinforces what the leasing tenant is and isn’t allowed to do within their rented premises. If you’re renting out your property and need this certificate, we can help generate one quickly and without hassle.

    What is an Estoppel Certificate?

    Estoppel Certificate
    Estoppel Certificate

    A tenant estoppel certificate (TEC) is an official document issued by the current tenant when buying or refinancing the property. We can divide its function into two parts: it secures your ownership and offers the potential purchaser of the legal property protection against the former tenant’s counterclaims. A-TEC contains information on all essential terms, clauses, and obligations of a lease agreement signed in good faith by both parties.

    A tenant estoppel certificate (TEC) is a legal document that can confuse landlords, especially first-time ones. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of a TEC and how to create one easily.

    Estoppel Certificate Templates

    Estoppel Certificate Templates are legal documents that are used to certify the authenticity and validity of certain facts or statements related to a real estate property. These templates are often used in real estate transactions to confirm that certain information provided by the seller or tenant is true and accurate. The estoppel certificate may include information such as the current rent, the length of the lease term, any outstanding debts or liabilities, and other relevant details about the property. By signing an estoppel certificate, the seller or tenant is legally bound to the statements made in the document, providing assurance and protection to the buyer or landlord.

    What’s Included in an Estoppel Certificate?

    The estoppel certificate includes all the details that outline and define the relationship between the landlord and tenant. While some information and requirements may vary depending on circumstance, here is a list of the most common points included in a tenant estoppel

    • Name (Tenants)
    • Contact information(Tenant’s)
    • Lease start and end date
    • Total monthly rent and paid security deposit
    • Any revisions or edits to the lease
    • Premises they’re occupying
    • Any concessions the landlord has agreed to
    • Any defaults by either party
    • Tenants Signature

    When Is an Estoppel Certificate Required?

    • Real Estate Properties

    In real estate, an estoppel certificate is a written statement agreeing to the accuracy of facts and figures on a completed form. It’s basically an added level of security for the property owner. Commercial real estate and multifamily residential properties require an estoppel certificate if it is included in their lease agreements.

    The landlord can then use it as a way of monitoring any property-related changes. Although it might sound like a troublesome document for tenants to get, those who are current on their payments have nothing to worry about.

    • Multifamily Residential Properties

    If you’re just getting started with commercial real estate, multifamily rental properties can be a great way to enter the market. They’re flexible, low-risk, and can provide steady cash flow. But when buying into a building, the number of tenants you inherit varies greatly.

    Potential buyers purchasing a building with hundreds of tenants will inherit a lot of leases that could be a huge liability. New owners need to mitigate risk and disputes and understand tenant expectations by getting the complete picture of security deposits, repairs, upgrades, etc.

    • What is the risk of signing an estoppel certificate?

    There are some risks of not filling out this form correctly before signing it. The tenant should ensure that when they sign the estoppel certificate, they must ensure that all the information is truthful and accurate. It may be easy to overlook any mistakes during the filling process, after which you can no longer change them; hence you must give your full attention while filling this document.

    • Are Tenants Obliged to Sign an Estoppel Certificate?

    As a landlord, you know the importance of getting an estoppel certificate signed. If you have good tenants, it’s not a big deal; they are more than happy to help. But, before your tenant moves in, you need to make sure they understand what the document is and why they need to sign it.

    Tenants must sign an estoppel certificate where the written lease agreement contains a clause requiring that they do so. An estoppel certificate typically includes the lease amount, the period of tenancy, and confers rights to the sublet – it may be considered a breach of the lease agreement if they refuse to do so when such stipulations are enshrined in the original lease agreement.


    The estoppel certificate form plays a significant role in real estate activities. It provides details about the agreement set between your tenant and landlord. It is necessary to register a lease before conducting any real estate activities. This document plays a vital role in describing details like the property’s location and its boundaries.

    Additionally, it specifies your rights according to the terms of a lease agreement. It also mentions the completion date of the lease, whether it is paid or not, and penalties for not paying it on time. Furthermore, a landlord can use this document to collect money from their tenant whenever they face any problems. Estoppel certificates are an easy way to ensure proper rent from tenants without any conflict or dispute.


    What is an estoppel certificate?

    An estoppel certificate is a signed legal document issued by a tenant or landlord that certifies the current status of a lease agreement. It confirms the lease details are accurate and binding.

    What information does it contain?

    Typical contents include names of parties, leased premises, rent amount, security deposit, lease duration, amendment status, defaults, areas of non-compliance, and an affirmation that the lease is unmodified and in full force.

    What is the purpose of an estoppel certificate?

    It is used to verify facts about a lease for a property sale or refinance. It aims to prevent future disputes over lease terms and obligations between parties.

    When would a tenant issue one?

    A tenant would commonly issue an estoppel certificate if the landlord is selling the property or obtaining new financing. It protects the tenant’s interests in the lease agreement.

    Is an estoppel certificate legally binding?

    Yes, when signed, it becomes a legally binding affirmation that the lease information is current, accurate, and the full agreement between the parties. The parties are “estopped” or prevented from asserting any claims contrary to the certificate.

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