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Free Printable Blank Ruler Templates [10 cm, inch, paper] +PDF

    Having a ruler on hand is useful for quick measurements around the home, office, or classroom. Whether measuring a piece of furniture, diagramming plans, or tracking a child’s growth, a ruler helps capture precise dimensions. But purchasing traditional reusable rulers for every situation may not be feasible.

    This is where printable rulers offer a handy solution—access free templates to print custom rulers anytime, anywhere. In this article, we provide a variety of printable ruler PDFs in different increments and sizes. Simply download our free ruler templates, print in seconds, and cut out durable paper rulers. We’ll also cover creative ways to utilize printable rulers beyond basic measurement. With free DIY ruler templates, you can skip the store and make custom, disposable rulers catered to your needs.

    What Is A Printable Ruler?

    Printable Ruler
    Printable Ruler

    A printable ruler is a digital ruler template that can be printed out on paper or cardstock to create a physical, disposable ruler. Printable rulers provide free, customizable measurement tools without having to purchase traditional reusable plastic or wooden rulers.

    They can be downloaded as PDF files, customized to desired lengths and increments, and printed on demand on standard printers. Printable rulers save money and waste compared to single-use store rulers. The paper and ink rulers offer durability for short term use. Printable rulers provide free, eco-friendly measurement tools that can be tailored for unique needs.

    Blank Printable Ruler Templates

    A blank printable ruler template is a tool for accurately measuring length. The template can be printed on paper or cardstock to create a straight, reusable ruler for various purposes.

    Printable ruler templates are available in different measurement units like inches, centimeters, millimeters. They come in sizes like 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch. The larger the ruler the more precise the measurements when working on big projects.

    Ruler templates have bold black measurement lines and numbers for easy reading. They feature major division markings and smaller subdivision lines between the numbers. Printable ruler templates provide an economical, disposable alternative to buying traditional reusable rulers. Students, teachers, office workers, craft enthusiasts and more can conveniently access ruler templates online and print them as needed. The templates are a simple solution for accurate hand measurements.

    Purpose and Usefulness of Printable Rulers

    Printable rulers are simply rulers that can be downloaded and printed from the internet. They come in various lengths, units (such as inches or centimeters), and designs, and they cater to a variety of needs. Here’s a detailed overview of their purposes and uses.


    • Immediate Availability: If someone suddenly needs a ruler and doesn’t have a physical one at hand, they can easily download and print a ruler in minutes.
    • Cost-Efficient: Printable rulers are often free to download, saving costs compared to purchasing physical rulers.

    Educational Purposes:

    • Teaching Tool: For educators, printable rulers can be a boon. They can print multiple rulers for an entire classroom, ensuring that every student has access to one during a lesson.
    • Learning Units of Measurement: By using different versions (e.g., inches, centimeters), educators can teach students about different units of measurement and conversions between them.


    • Design Variability: Users can customize printable rulers to include specific markings, colors, or designs, catering to specific needs or aesthetic preferences.
    • Branding: Companies or events might require customized rulers with their logo or specific messaging. Printable rulers can be tailored for such specific needs.

    Crafting and DIY Projects:

    • Guidelines: Crafters often need precise measurements for their projects. Having a ruler that can be printed and possibly modified or cut can be extremely beneficial in such cases.
    • Disposable Use: For one-time projects or tasks where the ruler might get damaged (like painting or working with rough materials), a printable ruler is perfect since it can be discarded after use.

    Portability and Storage:

    • Foldable & Compact: Printable rulers can be folded or rolled, occupying minimal space, making them easily portable.
    • Digital Storage: Instead of keeping physical rulers, users can store multiple designs and types of rulers digitally, printing them out whenever needed.


    • Temporary Replacement: In case a conventional ruler breaks or is misplaced, having the option to print one serves as a quick replacement until a new one can be acquired.

    Specific Measurements:

    • Specialized Units: Sometimes, projects require specialized units that aren’t commonly found on commercial rulers. With printable rulers, these units can be incorporated as per the project’s requirements.

    Environmentally Friendly:

    • Recycled Paper: Printable rulers can be printed on recycled paper, making them an eco-friendly choice.

    Commercial Uses:

    • Promotions: Companies can use branded printable rulers as promotional tools. They can provide them as downloadable resources to customers or print and distribute them at events.

    Printable Ruler Inches

    Creating a “printable ruler” in text form is quite challenging due to the limitations of text formatting and various screen resolutions. However, I can provide you with a detailed explanation of each inch type and an approximation of the subdivisions of an inch. If you wish to use this as a true ruler, you should verify the measurements with an actual ruler once printed.

    1-Inch Rulers

    A 1-inch printable ruler marks off measurements in 1-inch increments. This is the standard for basic rulers marked in full inches. 1-inch intervals allow measuring lengths to the nearest inch, useful for simplified measuring or teaching basic measurements. Simple 1-inch rulers work well for crafts, DIY projects, decor, and other non-precise measuring. Printable 1-inch rulers provide just the major inch marks without clutter.

    1/2-Inch Rulers

    A 1/2-inch ruler increases granularity by marking off measurements in 1/2-inch increments. The half-inch marks allow tracking lengths to the nearest 1/2-inch rather than full inches only. 1/2-inch intervals improve precision for measuring charts, drawings, ingredients, and any application needing more refined increments than whole inches. A printable 1/2-inch ruler strikes a balance of precision without excessive markings.

    1/4-Inch Rulers

    For greater precision, a 1/4-inch printable ruler marks off measurements in 1/4-inch increments. The quarter-inch gradients allow tracking dimensions to the nearest 1/4-inch for very detailed measuring. Printable 1/4-inch rulers work well for DIY, modeling, crafts, quilting, landscaping and other uses needing fine measurements. They provide economy precision without purchasing specialty rulers.

    1/8-Inch, 1/16-Inch, 1/10-Inch Rulers

    For the highest precision, printable rulers can be customized to show 1/8-inch, 1/16-inch, 1/10-inch, or even 1/32-inch increments. These super fine measurement gradations allow tracking dimensions to the 1/32-inch for applications like engineering, product design, and architectural plans. Printable fractional inch rulers offer affordable specialization.

    How to Print an Accurate Ruler

    Printing an accurate ruler at home requires careful attention to detail, especially when it comes to paper selection, printer settings, and calibration. Follow the guide below to ensure the most precise measurements possible.

    Step 1: Choosing the Right Paper

    Picking the right type of paper can influence the accuracy and longevity of your printed ruler. While you can use standard printer paper for casual purposes, a thicker paper or cardstock offers durability. Matte finishes are preferable as they reduce glare, making the markings easier to read. When purchasing paper, ensure it is free from warps, creases, or any other deformities, as these can affect the ruler’s accuracy. If you plan on using the ruler frequently, you might consider laminating it after printing, which will add to its longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

    Step 2: Selecting an Accurate Ruler Template

    Before you print, you need a digital ruler template. There are many available online, but not all are accurate. When selecting a template, opt for high-resolution images or vector files, as they provide clearer prints. Review the template’s source; templates from reputable design or measurement websites are more likely to be precise. Once downloaded, avoid resizing the image in any way, as this can distort the scale.

    Step 3: Printer Settings and Calibration

    Ensuring your printer is calibrated correctly is vital. First, make sure you’re using the latest printer drivers; these can be found on the manufacturer’s website. When you’re ready to print, access the printer settings or properties. Ensure the print is set to “Actual Size” or “100% scale.” Avoid options like “Fit to Page” or “Shrink to Fit” as they modify the original size. To further enhance accuracy, check and adjust the printer’s DPI (dots per inch) settings if possible. A higher DPI ensures clearer prints, which is especially important for the fine markings on a ruler.

    Step 4: Printing the Ruler

    Place the chosen paper into the printer tray. Ensure it’s aligned properly to avoid any skewed printing. Preview the ruler before printing to ensure no margins are cutting off the ends. Print a test page first. If the printer allows, use a high-quality or fine detail setting to ensure the crispest print.

    Step 5: Verifying Scale Post-Printing

    After printing, always compare the printed ruler against a professionally produced ruler or measuring tape. Line up the rulers side by side and check if the markings align correctly. Remember, even a slight misalignment can lead to significant measurement errors over longer distances. If there’s a discrepancy, review your steps to identify any errors in settings or calibration. If the ruler is accurate, and you opted for lamination, now would be the time to proceed with that.

    Step 6: Proper Usage and Storage

    Treat your printed ruler with care. When not in use, store it in a flat location away from moisture and direct sunlight, which could fade the markings over time. When using the ruler, be aware of its limitations. A printed ruler might not be as durable or as accurate as metal or plastic rulers, especially for professional applications.

    Printable Ruler in Millimeters (mm):

    While inch measurements are most common in the United States, the metric system is favored in science and internationally. Printable rulers can be customized to millimeter scales for metric measuring.

    Metric printable rulers include:

    • 1 mm increments – This ruler marks off measurements in 1 millimeter gradients. It allows tracking dimensions to the nearest millimeter. A basic printable millimeter ruler is great for general crafts and modeling uses.
    • 5 mm increments – For less fine precision, a 5 millimeter ruler marks off measurements in 5 mm increments. The greater intervals simplify measuring metric lengths.
    • 1⁄2 mm increments – For added precision, a 1⁄2 millimeter ruler tracks dimensions to the nearest 1⁄2 mm. The finer calibrations improve precision for detailed metric measurement.
    • 1⁄4 mm, 1/10 mm, or 1/20 mm – Extremely fine metric measuring can be done with a ruler showing 1⁄4 mm, 1/10 mm or even 1/20 mm increments. This supports engineering and design applications needing very high metric precision.

    Whether your measurement needs call for inch or metric increments, printable rulers provide customizable, eco-friendly solutions. Free printable ruler templates allow choosing rulers tailored for your exact application and precision requirements. We offer a vast selection of ruler PDFs with different inch and millimeter increments to be printed on demand.

    No longer do you need to purchase specialized measurement tools. Simply download and print free ruler templates at a moment’s notice. Our collection includes printable rulers marked in 1-inch, 1⁄2-inch, 1⁄4-inch, and 1/8-inch increments. We also have metric printable rulers in 1 mm, 5 mm, 1⁄2 mm, and 1⁄4 mm increments. With these comprehensive options, you’re sure to find the perfect free printable ruler template for your unique needs.

    Printable Ruler

    Our comprehensive collection of free printable rulers is designed to cater to various needs, available in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), and inches. These printable rulers are perfect for slipping into your daily planner, making them easily accessible whenever you need them. They are also particularly useful for crafts, such as sewing projects, where you might need to pin the ruler onto fabric for more precise measurements.

    To achieve the most accurate measurements using our printable rulers, it is imperative to print them on the appropriate paper size. Depending on your regional settings and the template you select, you should print on either A4 or US Letter paper. Adhering to these paper size guidelines will ensure the printed ruler retains its true scale and provides you with the correct measurements every time.


    How accurate are printable rulers?

    The accuracy of a printable ruler largely depends on the printer settings and the accuracy of the template used. If printed correctly, at actual size without any scaling, a printable ruler can be quite accurate.

    Can I laminate my printable ruler? 

    Yes, laminating your printed ruler is a great way to increase its durability and lifespan. Just ensure that you print and verify its accuracy before laminating. However, for professional or precision tasks, it’s always best to use a commercial ruler.

    Are printable rulers suitable for professional use?

    While printable rulers can be accurate if printed correctly, they might not offer the durability and precision required for some professional tasks. For critical measurements, especially in a professional setting,

    Why are my printed rulers not accurate?

    There might be several reasons. Your printer settings could be set to “Fit to Page” or “Scale,” which can alter the actual size. Ensure the settings are adjusted to print at “100% scale” or “Actual Size.” Also, the paper size should match the template’s recommended size. it’s recommended to use a commercial ruler.

    Can I use printable rulers for sewing or crafting?

    Yes, printable rulers can be useful for sewing, crafting, and other similar projects. However, for tasks that require pinning, ensure the ruler is laminated or printed on sturdy paper to prevent damage.

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