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Free Printable Jet Ski Bill of Sale Templates [Form]

    Navigating the waters of jet ski ownership can be an exhilarating journey full of twists, turns, and high-speed thrills. It’s not all about fun and games, however; there’s an essential piece of paperwork that often slips under the radar but is as critical as your life jacket: the Jet Ski Bill of Sale.

    This document, a beacon of legality in a sea of red tape, sets the course for a smooth transfer of ownership. In this article, we’ll dive deep into its importance, functionality, and even provide a convenient Jet Ski Bill of Sale template to ease your maritime transaction.

    What is a Jet Ski Bill of Sale?

    Jet Ski Bill of Sale
    Jet Ski Bill of Sale

    A Jet Ski Bill of Sale is a legal document that records the transaction of a jet ski between a buyer and a seller. It outlines key details such as the purchase price, buyer and seller information, and a detailed description of the jet ski, including its make, model, and hull identification number (HIN).

    This document also confirms the date of sale and is used to prove ownership, a requirement for registration and insurance purposes. It also provides protection for both parties involved, ensuring the seller cannot later claim the jet ski was stolen, and the buyer has a record of payment to prevent any future disputes about ownership.

    Jet Ski Bill of Sale Templates

    Jet skis provide exciting speed and action on the water. A bill of sale documents ownership transfer when jet skis are sold. Using jet ski bill of sale templates streamlines this process.

    Details in a jet ski bill of sale template include the make, model, HIN and year. The purchase date, price, and buyer/seller names are added. Usage hours, condition and included accessories are noted. Warranty information can be included along with liability releases. Both parties sign to formalize the agreement.

    Well-designed jet ski templates allow quickly generating bills of sale. Sellers input specifics like pricing and jet ski details while relying on the standardized template format. Following a template ensures no information is overlooked. Templates help jet ski owners and buyers conduct responsible sales with documentation. A proper jet ski bill of sale gives proof of transaction. Templates make the sales process smooth and organized for both parties.

    When Should You Use a Jet Ski Bill of Sale?

    A Jet Ski Bill of Sale should be used whenever you are buying or selling a jet ski, irrespective of whether the transaction is between private parties or via a dealership. The document acts as a legal receipt of the transaction and is a crucial part of the selling or buying process. It provides a written record of the transfer of ownership and typically includes information such as the description of the jet ski, the sale price, the date of sale, and the signatures of both parties involved.

    In addition to evidencing the transaction, a Jet Ski Bill of Sale may also be required for purposes such as tax assessment or insurance. It serves as a crucial document to prove ownership in case of a dispute and is generally required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (or a similar authority) for registration of the watercraft under the new owner’s name. It’s also particularly beneficial for the buyer as it confirms that the seller has the legal right to sell the jet ski and that the buyer is now the legal owner.

    Purpose and Importance of a Jet Ski Bill of Sale

    The Jet Ski Bill of Sale serves several important purposes in the process of buying or selling a jet ski, providing protection and clarity for both parties involved. Here’s why it is so crucial:

    1. Proof of Ownership:

    A Jet Ski Bill of Sale provides legal proof of ownership. This document is often required to register the jet ski under the new owner’s name and to acquire insurance for it.

    2. Evidence of Transaction:

    It serves as a written record of the transaction, detailing the exact price paid for the jet ski. This can be useful for tax purposes or to resolve any potential disputes about the price in the future.

    3. Protection for the Buyer: 

    The Bill of Sale can protect the buyer from potential liability. If the previous owner incurred fines or used the jet ski for illegal activities, this document can prove the change in ownership.

    4. Protection for the Seller:

    On the flip side, once the jet ski has been sold, the seller is no longer responsible for what happens to it. The Bill of Sale can protect the seller from any damage or legal issues that occur after the transaction.

    5. “As Is” Sale:

    Including an “as is” clause in the Bill of Sale means that the seller is not liable for any repairs or damages after the sale. The buyer agrees to purchase the jet ski in its current condition.

    6. Disclosure of Information:

    The Bill of Sale provides a space to disclose any critical information about the jet ski, such as existing liens or significant damage. This keeps the transaction transparent and helps avoid disputes down the line.

    7. Legal Requirement:

    In many states, a Bill of Sale is required by law when ownership of personal property, such as a jet ski, is transferred.

    What to Include on a Jet Ski Bill of Sale?

    When creating a Jet Ski Bill of Sale, it’s crucial to provide all necessary details to ensure legal validity. Here’s what you should include:

    1. Buyer and Seller Information: Full names and addresses of both the buyer and the seller are crucial. This clearly identifies the parties involved in the transaction.

    2. Description of the Jet Ski: Include a detailed description of the jet ski, which should contain:

    • Make: The manufacturer of the jet ski.
    • Model: The specific model of the jet ski.
    • Year: The year the jet ski was manufactured.
    • Color: The primary color of the jet ski.
    • Hull Identification Number (HIN): This is the jet ski equivalent of a car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It’s a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer.

    3. Purchase Information: This section should include:

    • Sale Price: The agreed-upon total price for the jet ski.
    • Payment Method: How the buyer intends to pay, such as cash, check, or money order. If there’s a payment plan, outline the terms here.

    4. Date of Sale: The exact date when the transaction took place. If the payment and transfer of ownership occur on different dates, include both.

    5. As-Is Statement: A clause that states the jet ski is being sold “as is,” meaning the seller provides no warranties and isn’t responsible for future repairs or problems.

    6. Signatures: Both the buyer and the seller need to sign and date the document. It’s also recommended to have a witness or notary public sign, especially in states where it’s required.

    7. Odometer Disclosure: If the jet ski has an odometer, this discloses the number of hours it has been operated. It’s the watercraft’s equivalent of a car’s mileage.

    8. Encumbrances: If there’s an outstanding loan or lien on the jet ski, this should be disclosed.

    How to Sell A Jet Ski?

    Selling a jet ski can be an excellent way to make some extra money, especially if you no longer use it or plan to upgrade. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through this process.

    Step 1: Prepare the Jet Ski

    Before you even start thinking about pricing or advertising, it’s crucial that your jet ski is in its best possible condition. Clean it thoroughly, both inside and out. If there are any mechanical issues, get them fixed. If it needs a paint touch-up, consider getting that done as well. A well-maintained jet ski will fetch a higher price.

    Step 2: Gather the Paperwork

    Prepare all necessary paperwork related to your jet ski. This includes the title, maintenance records, purchase paperwork, and any other relevant documents. Having these in order will make the sale process much smoother.

    Step 3: Determine the Price

    Research similar jet skis on the market to get an idea of a competitive price. Be sure to consider factors like age, brand, condition, and hours used when comparing. Websites like NADA Guides or Kelley Blue Book can also provide pricing information.

    Step 4: Take Quality Photos

    High-quality photos will make your ad stand out and attract more potential buyers. Take photos from multiple angles, and ensure they clearly show the jet ski’s condition. Include photos of the engine, hull, and any accessories or unique features.

    Step 5: Write an Attractive Description

    Craft a detailed and honest description of your jet ski. Highlight its key features, any upgrades you’ve made, and its overall condition. Don’t forget to include why you’re selling it. Being upfront will build trust with potential buyers.

    Step 6: Advertise

    Post your jet ski for sale on online platforms such as Craigslist, eBay, or specialized boating sites. Include the price, photos, and your description. Also, consider word of mouth; tell friends, family, and co-workers about your sale.

    Step 7: Respond to Inquiries

    Once your ad is live, be prepared to answer questions from potential buyers. Respond promptly and professionally. Offer additional photos or information if requested.

    Step 8: Arrange Viewings or Test Rides

    Interested buyers will likely want to see the jet ski in person or even take it for a test ride. Make sure you meet in a safe and public place. If they want a test ride, ensure they have the proper licensing and experience.

    Step 9: Negotiate the Price

    Be prepared to negotiate the price. While you want to make the best profit, it’s also important to be realistic. Having a bottom line in mind will help guide negotiations.

    Step 10: Finalize the Sale

    Once a price is agreed upon, exchange the jet ski for payment. Accept cash or a cashier’s check to avoid bounced personal checks or issues with payment apps. Sign over the title and provide the buyer with all relevant paperwork.

    Step 11: Notify the Relevant Authorities

    Depending on where you live, you might have to notify the local Department of Motor Vehicles or similar authority about the sale. Be sure to check your local laws.

    Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form Template


    This Bill of Sale (“Agreement”) is entered into on this _____ day of ____, 20, (the “Effective Date”) by and between:

    Seller: Name: ________________ Address: ______________

    Buyer: Name: ________________ Address: ______________


    Make: _______________ Model: ______________ Year: _______________ Hull Identification Number (HIN): _______________ Color: _______________ Hours Used: _______________ Accessories Included: _______________

    1. PURCHASE PRICE: The Buyer agrees to pay the Seller the total amount of _____ dollars ($_____) for the purchase of the Jet Ski. The payment method shall be: _____ (cash, check, money order, cashier’s check).
    2. AS-IS SALE: The Seller sells the Jet Ski “as-is,” without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.
    3. OWNERSHIP TRANSFER: Upon receipt of the Purchase Price in full, the Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with the Jet Ski, together with a properly executed and acknowledged transfer of title.
    4. GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of ___________.

    SELLER: Signature: _________ Date: __________ Printed Name: ________

    BUYER: Signature: _________ Date: __________ Printed Name: ________


    Is a Bill of Sale enough to transfer ownership of a jet ski?

    Typically, a Bill of Sale and a title transfer are required to fully transfer ownership of a jet ski. Laws can vary by state or country, so check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or similar authority.

    Can a Jet Ski Bill of Sale be used for tax purposes?

    Yes, a Bill of Sale can often be used for tax purposes as it provides proof of the purchase price. It can be helpful when determining sales or use taxes.

    Can I write my own Jet Ski Bill of Sale?

    Yes, you can write your own Bill of Sale. It’s essential to include all necessary information and ensure both parties sign the document. However, using a pre-made template or having a lawyer help you can ensure you don’t miss any important details.

    Does a Jet Ski Bill of Sale need to be notarized?

    This varies depending on local laws. Some states require a Bill of Sale to be notarized, while others do not. It’s best to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or a legal expert.

    Do I need a Bill of Sale if I’m gifting a jet ski?

    Yes, a Bill of Sale is usually needed even if the jet ski is being gifted. This provides legal documentation of the transfer of ownership and can protect both parties in the event of future disputes.

    Do I need a Bill of Sale if I’m gifting a jet ski?

    Yes, a Bill of Sale is usually needed even if the jet ski is being gifted. This provides legal documentation of the transfer of ownership and can protect both parties in the event of future disputes.

    What if the jet ski doesn’t have a title?

    If the jet ski doesn’t have a title, it’s often still important to provide a Bill of Sale as a record of the transaction. Some states don’t require titles for certain types of watercraft. Check with your local regulations to be sure.

    Can I sell a jet ski “as-is” on the Bill of Sale?

    Yes, you can sell a jet ski “as-is,” meaning without any warranties about its condition. This should be clearly stated on the Bill of Sale.

    Do both parties need a copy of the Bill of Sale?

    Yes, both the buyer and the seller should keep a copy of the Bill of Sale. This serves as a record of the transaction and can be useful for tax, insurance, and potential future disputes.

    What happens if the buyer doesn’t register the jet ski after purchase?

    If the buyer doesn’t register the jet ski, they may be unable to legally operate it, depending on local laws. The seller could potentially be liable for any incidents if the jet ski is not properly transferred and registered to the new owner.

    Can I return a jet ski if I have already signed the Bill of Sale?

    Once a Bill of Sale is signed, the transaction is typically considered final. However, return policies may depend on the terms agreed upon by the buyer and seller. Always read and understand all terms before signing.

    Can a Bill of Sale be cancelled?

    Once signed, a Bill of Sale generally can’t be cancelled unless both parties agree to it, or there are legal grounds such as fraud or misrepresentation. It’s important to understand the sale is final before signing a Bill of Sale.

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