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Free Printable Real & Fake Boarding Pass Templates [PDF, Word]

    The boarding pass is the most important document for you as a traveler. There is a lot of information available on it that will help you during your journey. The first thing you should look up before making an embarkment is the destination address if you get lost along the way or by getting off or on the plane. Also, it will let you know where you are supposed to land safely. Whatever happens, make sure that your boarding pass is always in sight.

    Boarding Pass Templates

    Boarding pass templates are pre-designed documents that replicate the appearance and structure of a real airline boarding pass. These templates provide a creative and customizable format for creating personalized boarding passes for various purposes, such as invitations, event tickets, or travel-themed designs.

    Boarding pass templates typically include sections for the airline or event name, passenger name, seat number, flight or event details, and barcode or QR code for scanning. They often mimic the design elements and layout of a genuine boarding pass, including logos, airline or event branding, and relevant information.

    Using a boarding pass template allows individuals to create unique and visually appealing designs that resemble actual boarding passes. These templates offer flexibility for customization, enabling users to personalize the details according to their specific needs or event requirements.

    How to get your boarding pass

    Boarding Pass
    Boarding Pass

    After you check in, you can get your boarding pass. Some airlines allow you to print your boarding pass by sending your boarding pass to your e-mail address after online check-in. Airlines also allow you to check in with the boarding pass sent to your mobile phone by the mobile application.

    • From computers with an internet connection
    • From mobile devices with an internet connection
    • From self-check-in kiosks at the airport
    • From the check-in counters at the airport

    Is it mandatory to carry a print of the boarding pass?

    An electronic or mobile boarding pass is not required, but a boarding pass is required. Because you cannot be boarded without a boarding pass printout or electronic/mobile boarding pass. The mobile/electronic boarding pass saves you from waiting in line at the airport. You can also obtain your boarding pass by checking in at airport counters or self-check-in kiosks, but some airline companies (for example, DeltaAirlines) charge extra for this transaction at the airport.

    What are the Meanings of the Codes on the Boarding Pass?

    After you buy a plane ticket and check in, you can see various abbreviations and encodings on the boarding pass, also known as the boarding pass, which is given to you. It is emphasized that there are two separate seating groups, A and B, in the right corner of the boarding pass.

    For example, if your seat is on the window side, 13B represents the seat number, and boarding time represents the boarding time. Where it says Flight DAL101, the number of that flight is indicated. Under the two phrases, the city’s name where you will fly From – To is written. While your barcode appears on the left, your ticket number is at the bottom. These are displayed with abbreviations to give passengers practicality in getting to the flight gate.

    What’s the difference between a ticket and a boarding pass?

    Boarding passes and flight tickets can often be confused by passengers due to the phrases on them.

    Flight ticket; It is the name of the document issued by any airline company or travel agency proving that the passenger has the right to fly on the plane. It can also be referred to as an electronic record. In addition, the flight ticket can be issued in two different forms, as a receipt or a paper with a coupon. In today’s technology, tickets can also be printed electronically.

    The boarding pass is the boarding pass that is part of the flight tickets. After you check in at the Gate entrance, your boarding pass is torn off and given to you by the attendant before boarding the plane.

    What should I do if my boarding pass is lost?

    If you’ve checked in but lost your boarding pass or forgot it at home (in a taxi, on public transport, etc.), don’t worry!

    Some ways to get your boarding pass back

    • Develop the habit of saving your boarding pass files on your computer when you check in for your flight online. From there, it’s always easy to “perform” it, i.e., reprint it.
    • If the ticket was purchased from kiosks or self-check-in machines at the airport, it could also be restored if there is a “Reprint boarding pass” (Reprint) service on the airline’s website.
    • If there is no such service (function), you need to contact the flight check-in desk; they will issue a double boarding pass (free or paid – according to company rules).

    Online Check-in

    How to check-in online?

    This process, which is very easy in general, can be done easily from the “online check-in” section by entering the website of the airline company you bought the ticket from. After entering the online check-in section of the website, you can complete the online check-in process by entering the PNR code and your name and surname given specifically to your ticket when you buy the ticket. If the airline has offered you the opportunity to choose a seat by checking in online, you can also choose the place and seat you will travel to while doing this. While doing this, you must be very careful to enter your information correctly and completely.

    How long before a flight does online check-in open?

    It is also important when the online check-in process, which can be done very quickly over the internet, is done. Online check-in times may vary according to airline companies. This period can start 30 days before the flight for many airline companies, or it can be done until 2 hours before the flight.

    The Benefits of Online Check-In

    Online checking brings many advantages. The biggest advantage is that you won’t have to wait unnecessarily at the airport. Also, there is no need to get to the airport too early when you check in online, as you usually get to the airport early to avoid being late for your flight. Especially if you do not have luggage, you will hardly have to wait at the airport, and you will be able to board the plane as soon as you arrive.


    Can I print out my own boarding pass?

    Yes, most airlines allow passengers to print their boarding passes at home or at airport kiosks for convenience. As long as you have a valid ticket confirmation, you can access the airline’s website or app and print the boarding pass within 24 hours of your scheduled departure. Print passes on regular printer paper.

    Can I print boarding pass from PDF?

    Yes, the boarding pass document airlines generate is a PDF file that you can print directly or save to print later from any device. As long as you have the PDF boarding pass, you can access and print it through any program that supports PDFs.

    How do I make an electronic boarding pass?

    To make an electronic boarding pass rather than printing, check-in online per your airline’s app or website as usual. Then when prompted to add your boarding pass, choose to add it to your smartphone’s digital wallet rather than printing. You can store the QR code there to scan directly from your phone when boarding.

    How to print boarding pass from home?

    To print your boarding pass from home –

    1. Go to your airline’s website and find the online check-in section.
    2. Enter your confirmation code or ticket details.
    3. When prompted, choose to print your boarding pass.
    4. A PDF will generate that you can print directly or save to print later.
    5. Print the boarding pass on standard 8.5×11″ paper from any basic printer.
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