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Free Printable Tear Off Flyer Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

    Flyers are a great tool for placing advertisements. If you have a service to offer, a tear-off flyer is a great way to let your customers know about it. The best way to relay your message and make an impression on readers is by using text and an image in the same flyer.

    What is a tear-off flyer?

    Tear Off Flyer
    Tear Off Flyer

    A tear-off flyer is a type of advertisement that can be used to promote your business or products. The tear-off flyer is a printed piece of paper that has attached to it a perforated section, which is made to detach from the main body of the advertisement when someone pulls on it. This allows people to take your flyer with them without damaging or defacing your printed material.

    Tear Off Flyer Templates

    A Tear-Off Flyer, also known as a Tabbed Flyer, is a promotional tool designed to capture attention and provide information in a concise and easily shareable format. This type of flyer typically features tear-off tabs at the bottom or sides that include contact details or other relevant information. It is commonly used for advertising various products, services, events, or community initiatives.

    Tear-Off Flyers are versatile and can be used in various settings such as community bulletin boards, supermarkets, universities, cafes, or other public spaces. They are a cost-effective and convenient way to reach a wide audience and generate interest or inquiries about the advertised product, service, or event. The tear-off tabs provide a tangible and easily accessible reminder for potential customers or attendees to take action or make contact. With their visually appealing design and convenient tear-off tabs, Tear-Off Flyers offer a practical and engaging promotional solution for businesses, organizations, or individuals looking to attract attention and generate leads.

    Where to use it?

    Businesses popularly use tear-off flyers in many industries. They are ideal for promoting products or services that require customers to leave with an item – such as takeaway food menus or products for sale in grocery stores.

    If you’re looking for ways to increase awareness of your brand and drive sales, then a tear-off flyer could be just what you need. In addition, these types of adverts are great for businesses that want to encourage customers to visit their website, as there will be information about them included on it too.

    Types of tear flyer

    There are several different types of tear-off flyers that you can choose from. The first type is the one that is attached to something else, like a box or door. This type may not be as effective as some of the other types, but they are still helpful in getting people’s attention and letting them know that you are there waiting for them.

    Another type is one that is placed on an easel or other solid surface where it can stand on its own. This type tends to work better because it does not require anything for it to stand up properly.

    A third type is one that has been printed onto cardboard and then folded into thirds so that when the paper opens up, it reveals what it was hiding on the inside all along!

    How to Create a Tear-Off Flyer Template

    When it comes to creating a tear-off flyer template, there are many ways to go about doing it. You can choose from a variety of templates, or you can create your own.

    It’s important to remember that only some templates will work for some types of business, so it’s always best to do some research before choosing one.

    The first step is to choose a template. Templates are available on the web, but creating one is usually better. You can use any image editing software, such as Photoshop or Gimp.

    The second step is to design your flyer. Designing the flyer is the most essential part of creating a tear-off flyer template. You must remember that these flyers’ main purpose is to attract customers and make them buy your product or service. It should also have an eye-catching design so that people notice it and read what you have written on it. Include some information about how they can contact you for more information or if they want to buy your product or service. For example: “Contact us for more details.”

    Next, decide when you need the flyer printed. This will help you determine how many copies you need to be printed at once and where they should be distributed (if at all). If you are printing hundreds of flyers, it might be best to hire someone else to do it for you because it could take a long time if done manually (and at an expensive cost).

    How do you make tear off the flyer in Word?

    First, create a new document in Word. Then you should choose to work with the Letter paper size and change the font to Times New Roman.

    Next, you should type in some text and ensure it is centered on the page. Then, you should add some boldface text as well as some italics.

    Also, you must add some bullet points using the “•” mark.

    Next, you should create a table with two columns and three rows by clicking on Insert > Table > AutoFit > 2 Columns 3 Rows.

    Then you make sure that all the data is in one cell by selecting all the cells and clicking on Merge Cells. You can also do this by right-clicking on one cell, choosing Merge Cells from the menu, and then selecting all your cells.

    Next, you should add dividers between each row by clicking on View > Borders > Dividers instead of just pressing enter after each line of text like ordinary people do when creating newsletters or flyers in Microsoft Word!

    Finally, you should hide the header row by going to View > Header Rows > Hidden so that it doesn’t look cluttered up at the top of your page.

    Printing your tear-off flyer

    You’re ready to print your tear-off flyer. You may wonder whether you should use a local print shop or print online.

    Printing locally has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you can go to the store and see your printed flyer in person before it is printed. This allows you to make any last-minute changes and check the printing quality on paper. When printing online, you don’t get this option. On the other hand, local printers may not be able to offer as many options as online printers do when it comes to different sizes, paperweights, finishing options such as lamination or UV coating, etc.

    Suppose you are just looking for small quantities of flyers. In that case, a local printer may be more economical than an online printer, but for larger quantities or if you have something specific in mind, it might be worthwhile to go with an online printer.


    How do I create a tear off flyer in Word?

    In Word, make a flyer on an 8.5×11 sheet. Add a vertical dashed or dotted line about 2 inches from the right edge. Align text or images to the left of this tear line. Add the tear-off information, like a phone number or address, to the right side. Adjust the page margins wider so the tear off tab is separate. Print on cardstock. Cut or perforate along the dotted line.

    What is a tear off flyer?

    A tear off flyer contains a small tab or strip that can be torn away, leaving the viewer with an important piece of information from the flyer like a phone number or website. The small tear off slip makes it convenient for people to take that key data with them.

    How do you make a tear off flyer in Canva?

    Open a flyer template and add a vertical line down the right side about 2 inches in. Add the background image/text on the left side and the tear-off information isolated on the right side. Use alignment guides to position. Print on heavy paper and cut or perforate along the vertical dividing line.

    How do you put a tear off phone number on flyers?

    Position the phone number in a text box alone on the right side of the flyer. Make the text large and bold. Make sure a vertical dotted line separates it from the rest of the flyer content. You can also add “Tear Here” above the line and “Keep this slip with you” next to the number for clarity.

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