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Free Printable Teacher Resignation Letter Templates [PDF, Word]

    When you leave a teacher’s job, you have to give him a written letter, telling him your decision. This letter is essential for any school. Whether it is because you will have a better opportunity outside the school or for any other personal reason, this letter is necessary. It takes an important place in the administrative calendar of the company.

    What Is a Teacher Resignation Letter?

    Teacher Resignation Letter
    Teacher Resignation Letter

    A resignation letter is a document that you use to notify your employer of your intent to leave your job. A resignation letter is a formal way of informing your employer that you’re leaving. It usually provides a reason for leaving, indicates when you’ll be leaving, and gives notice that you will no longer work for them.

    Teacher Resignation Letter Templates

    Transition out of a teaching position with professionalism and grace using our comprehensive collection of Teacher Resignation Letter Templates. These customizable and printable templates provide a formal and respectful framework for communicating your decision to resign from your teaching role. Our templates cover essential aspects such as expressing gratitude for the opportunity, stating the effective date of resignation, and offering assistance with the transition process.

    By utilizing our Teacher Resignation Letter Templates, you can ensure a smooth and positive departure, maintain positive relationships with colleagues and administrators, and leave a lasting impression of professionalism. Streamline the resignation process, uphold your commitments, and preserve your professional reputation with our user-friendly templates. Download now and confidently navigate the sensitive process of resigning from your teaching position.

    Why Do You Need a Teacher Resignation Letter?

    Teachers are like any other employee because they must give some notice before they leave their job. If you’re planning on moving or transferring schools, then you may not need a teacher resignation letter. However, if you’re leaving for another reason or even just feeling unhappy with your current position, then it’s essential to notify your employer with a teacher resignation letter properly.

    What are the parts of a resignation letter?

    A resignation letter is a formal way of announcing your departure from an organization. It’s typically written by the employee, not the employer or HR department.

    A well-written resignation letter should include the following:

    Formal Letterhead

    Your letter must include a formal heading that includes the date, your name, the recipient’s name, and the address of the recipient’s office. If you are writing a teacher resignation letter for personal reasons, use your home address; if you are writing to resign from a job, list the school’s address on this part of the letter.

    Salutation and Introduction

    The next paragraph should be an introduction to your letter. You can write “Dear” before beginning this section, but it is not required if you don’t want to use this salutation formality. Be sure to write out “Mr.” or “Ms.” before addressing an individual by his or her last name; do not use nicknames or first names unless they are followed by “Mr.” or “Ms.”

    Reason for Resigning

    This part of the teacher resignation letter should explain why you are leaving your position at the school where you have been teaching for so many years. It is important that you be honest about why you are leaving but also respectful towards those who will miss having you around as much as they did during your time with them.


    Include a statement summarizing why you leave the school and what you will do next. For example, “I am grateful for my time at this school, and I wish everyone here the best.” Teachers might sometimes want to mention specific people in their letters. For example, they might want to thank their colleagues or their principal for helping them during their tenure at the school.

    You can also use this part of the resignation letter as an opportunity to offer suggestions or tips on how you think things could be improved at the school in the future. This is especially useful if you have been working there for several years and have witnessed some changes taking place over time.

    Tips for Writing A Teacher Resignation Letter

    Teachers like to keep their resignation letters short and sweet. This is because they usually send the letter to the principal or the school board, and they want the person receiving it to understand what the letter is saying.

    Here are some tips for writing a teacher resignation letter:

    • Be sure that your reasons for leaving are explained clearly in one paragraph at the beginning of your letter. They should be stated clearly, concisely so that there is no confusion about your intentions.
    • Make sure that you state that you are resigning from teaching as opposed to leaving school permanently or just taking a leave of absence from teaching. This will help ensure clarity about whether or not you will return at some point in the future.
    • If a school has employed you for many years, it may be appropriate for you to explain how much you have enjoyed teaching there and how sad it makes you feel when you must leave due to personal reasons or other factors outside of your control such as budget cuts or lack of support from administration, etc.
    • Remember to include any thanks that should be given so people can remember all of the great things you did while serving as a teacher at their school.
    • Important things to avoid when writing your resignation letter

    Here are some things to avoid when writing your resignation letter:

    • Don’t use harsh words or phrases in your resignation letter. Use simple language that everyone can understand. Avoid using slang terms and idioms because it will confuse your employers, and they won’t understand what you mean by that.
    • Don’t make any promises or commitments in the resignation letter. The company no longer employs you, so there is no point in promising things that you cannot fulfill once you leave the organization.
    • Don’t request a reference letter from your employer, as it shows a lack of confidence on your part about being able to secure another job quickly after leaving this company.
    • Don’t talk about personal issues like health or family problems, as these might upset your employers, and they may reject your resignation request immediately without giving you time to explain yourself properly.

    How to politely resign from teaching?

    1. Write professionally – This means no slang words or inappropriate language. You want your letter to reflect positively on both yourself and your employer, so avoid using slang words and keep things professional.
    2. Keep it short and sweet – Resignation letters should never be long or rambling; they should be concise and specific, with no room for misinterpretation or confusion on either side of the table. Make sure everything is clear and concise, so there’s no room
    3. Give your notice as soon as possible – There is no need to wait until the last minute to avoid being asked why you are leaving. A two-week notice is generally considered appropriate.
    4. Don’t burn any bridges – It is always best to leave on a positive note so that you can remain cordial with your colleagues and administrators upon your departure from the school district or classroom.
    5. Make sure all paperwork is complete before leaving the school district or classroom – Any outstanding paperwork that needs to be completed at this time should be completed as soon as possible so that there are no delays in processing any applications or recertifications that may be needed by new teachers assigned to fill your position or by current teachers who will be applying for positions within the school district during this hiring period.


    How do I write a letter to resign as a teacher?

    To resign as a teacher, write a formal letter to the school administrator. State your intention to resign and specify your final date of employment. Thank them for the opportunity and express your appreciation. Provide the customary notice period based on your contract. Offer to assist with the transition process.

    What do you say in a resignation letter for a teacher?

    In your resignation letter, notify them of your decision to resign, provide your last day, express gratitude for the experience, offer to aid with the transition, and convey that you wish the students and school well in the future. Keep the tone gracious and professional.

    How much notice should a teacher give before resigning?

    The customary notice period for teachers resigning is usually 30-60 days or as specified in your contract. This provides sufficient time for the school to find a replacement teacher. Some districts may require 90 days notice.

    How do you write a powerful resignation letter?

    A powerful resignation letter clearly communicates your decision to leave, shows appreciation, smoothly transitions responsibilities, and leaves the relationship on a positive note. Be gracious, professional, firm in your plans, and forward-thinking. Offer assistance during the transition when possible.

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