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Free Redken Shade EQ Color Charts: Printable Template [PDF]

    Anyone who has colored their hair knows this scenario. You just want to make your hair stand out and be noticed. But, which color do you choose? Do you have plenty of examples? How do you know what will suit you? What if you end up making a mistake? Don’t worry; it’s not just a matter of luck and good fun. Some tips can help you pick the best hair color shade for your hair besides making sure they match your skin tone as well.

    Redken Shade Charts
    Redken Shade Charts

    A hair color chart is a quick reference that allows stylists and clients to determine which shades most resemble their natural hair color. Redken color charts show a variety of natural hair colors and the corresponding shade numbers in different Redken hair color systems.

    Redken Shade Templates

    Achieve your desired hair color with precision using our exclusive collection of Redken Shade Templates. Developed by professional colorists, these templates are designed to help you select and visualize the perfect shade for your hair. Whether you’re looking to go bold with vibrant hues or aiming for a subtle, natural look, our Redken Shade Templates offer a range of options to suit your preferences.

    With a variety of shades, tones, and undertones, our templates make it easy to explore different color possibilities and make informed decisions. From vibrant reds to cool blondes and rich brunettes, our Redken Shade Templates provide a reliable reference for achieving stunning hair transformations. Say goodbye to hair color guesswork and confidently embrace your desired shade. Explore our Redken Shade Templates now and discover the endless possibilities for your hair.

    A Complete Guide to Choosing Your Color

    One of the best ways to match your hair color to your complexion is by matching it with your skin type. If you have a fair or medium skin tone, then you fall under the cool complexion category. You are lucky because selecting hair colors without getting your face mixed up is easy for you.

    Warm skin tones include dark brown, copper red, light green, and even yellow-skinned people. There are so many options that it can lead to confusion as you go through stores or look at pictures on the web. To start off in the right direction, try this trick.

    The Winter Type

    Winter types have both warm and cool undertones. When dressing your winter type, you should make sure to choose warm colors like red or orange. You will look great in many different fabrics and textures; this includes velvet, cotton, and chiffon. There are no hard and fast rules, so try what you like!

    Autumn Types

    Autumn is a season that belongs to the Earth element. It is characterized by mature colors and requires warm colors (lilac, reds, and smoky shades.) For example, you can use brown-purple colors to paint your walls and golden color for your ceiling. Warm colors can also be used on furnishing materials like fabrics.

    The Summer Type

    If you are a summer type, your skin could be described as having a rosy skin tone with a blue or a violet undertone. Your eyes could be any color, such as brown or green. Some may describe your natural hair color as a brunette or light blonde and an ashen base. Many summer types may think that their hair color is too dull. If you have noticed this and have been trying to find the best way to give your hair more life, you should try ash blonde, red or platinum blonde, among others, with a mauve or bluish hue to it.

    The Spring Type

    The Spring Type is either blue, green, or golden in eyes that hint at peach or gold. The hair color you will look great in is blonde. You can still rock a dark red hair color, but beware of ashen tones, for these will make your freckles stand out. Avoid them at all costs, as you might hate your own freckles.

    How do you pick the outbox?

    Picking out a box of hair colors is like ordering pizza over the phone. I imagine you walk into the salon and say, “I’ll have a red with extra cheese.” The hairdresser will probably reply, “Be more specific.” Then you say, “I will have a medium brown color with red highlights.” The hairdresser may ask you to repeat your order so that they know what exactly you are asking for.

    This is an important step when picking out a red hair dye from the Redken color chart since several colors can be classified as reds ranging from strawberry blonde to dark burgundy to deep mahogany. So if you go to select a box of hair colors without any guidance, you might end up not liking the result of your hair once it is done processing and dried, even after such a judgmental decision is made on your part.

    Your hairdresser would be able to tell if you were trying to achieve red or if it should be another color classed within browns and blondes, depending on how light or dark your hair really is, even if natural hair colors are somewhere in between light browns or copper colors.

    Getting the Hair Color Job

    For anyone who wants to change their hair color, the only thing they need to consider is the effect they want to give. They can try any brand of color and any type of shade they want as long as it’s natural or they like it. Also, there are ways to get different shades out of the same color box. These shades can be very subtle, but these subtle differences should be possible in every hair color you try on.

    If you plan on radically changing your hair’s color, it will be a time-consuming job. Keep in mind that it will take more than one visit to your hairstylist. During the second visit, you will have your base color applied. On the third visit, you can expect highlights and lowlights. This is why we recommend waiting for a fourth appointment when you could just get the color fix without any additional treatments.


    When it comes to hair color, many women are intimidated by sitting in a salon and having the color done by a professional stylist. This fear is large because you are dealing with people’s hair. Add the fact that there is a big chance you have no idea what’s going on when it comes to hair colors. The good thing is some things help you make an informed decision through the Redken hair color chart. This can help you pick the right tone from both the Redken color chart and your stylist as well.

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