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Free Printable Butterfly Templates [PDF] Blank

    A butterfly is both a delicate and beautiful creature. Suppose you like butterflies, and you’re looking for creative ways to celebrate this beautiful creature. You might be interested in using several kinds of printable butterfly templates to make crafts for children. When you choose the right printable template, your craft will be unique because butterfly templates have different designs.

    What is a butterfly template?

    Butterfly Template
    Butterfly Template

    A butterfly template is a series of concentric circles used to illustrate life’s cycle or other ideas.

    Butterfly templates are often used to symbolize change, rebirth, and renewal in many cultures worldwide. The image has been used in this way for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Butterflies are beautiful creatures that go through a complete metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. They also have a lifespan that is measured in weeks on one end and years on the other, so they’re perfect symbols of transformation and growth.

    Butterfly Templates

    Butterfly templates are pre-designed patterns or outlines that resemble the shape of butterflies. These templates provide a starting point for creating various craft projects, decorations, or artwork inspired by the beauty and grace of these delicate creatures.

    Butterfly templates come in a range of designs, sizes, and styles, allowing for creativity and customization. They can be simple or intricate, featuring details such as wings, body segments, antennae, or decorative patterns. These templates are often made of paper or cardstock, but they can also be found in digital formats for use in graphic design or digital crafting.

    Using butterfly templates, individuals of all ages can engage in a variety of creative activities. They are popular for crafts such as paper cutting, scrapbooking, card making, or creating decorations for parties, events, or home decor. They can also serve as stencils for painting, drawing, or coloring projects.

    The butterfly template has been used in many different ways throughout history:

    • In ancient Egypt, butterflies were believed to have magical powers that could be used for good or evil, depending on how they were interpreted. For example, if you saw one flying towards you when you left your home in the morning, it was considered an omen of bad luck, but if you saw one flying away from your home, it was considered good luck.
    • In China, butterflies represent happiness and good fortune because they bring spring warmth with them during their yearly migrations.
    • In Japan, there’s an old tradition called “sakura zensen” where people go outside after dark every year at around.

    Types of butterfly template

    Butterfly templates are very popular in scrapbooking. They can be used as a focal point on any page or used for borders. They can also be used for clipping and mounting photos onto the template.

    There are many different types of butterfly templates available. The type you choose will depend on your needs and preferences.


    These are the most common type of templates, and they come in different colors and designs. They are usually made from thin plastic or paper material that can be easily cut with an ordinary pair of scissors. These can be used for any occasion where butterflies will be present or displayed. The colors may vary depending on what products you’re using them for, but they are usually bright colors like pink or blue.


    These butterfly wing patterns may be colored or not, but they all have some patterned design on them, such as stripes or shapes. They might also include words or phrases that add to their appeal when used as decorations for parties and other events. If you want to add more color to your event, this is a good way to do so because it will draw attention due to its unique appearance while maintaining the elegance and classiness that people expect from such occasions.


    A simple outline of a butterfly wing. These templates are good for beginners who want to practice tattooing on paper before trying it on the skin. They’re also useful if you need help determining exactly where you want the lines of your new tattoo to go because they give you plenty of space to work with. When choosing this type of butterfly wing stencil, make sure there aren’t any folds or creases, if possible, so that they don’t get cut off when transferred onto the skin.


    Butterfly wings are symmetrical in shape, so these shapes are perfect for beginners. The plain type is also useful when you want to create intricate designs on your wings since they will allow you to concentrate on other elements without worrying about making sure that the wings look right first. You can also use these templates as stencils for creating patterns on your butterfly wings.

    One thing to keep in mind when using this kind of template is that it may not be suitable for smaller butterflies or those with simple shapes like monarchs and moths since it takes time and skill to create intricate designs with them.


    This very simple and basic design features only a solid outline around the shape of the butterfly. There is no shading or coloring involved with this type of template.


    With this option, you can choose between two styles: outline and shading. Both styles feature a solid line around the shape of your butterfly’s wings, but there are subtle differences between them. The outline option has no shading, while the shaded version does have some shading details added to it.

    Filled in

    This is an intermediate-level template that gives you more freedom than some other types of butterfly templates do. It allows you to select from three different types of designs: outlined, colored in, or filled in (where all areas are filled in). Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that may make one more suitable for certain projects than others.

    Benefits of a butterfly template

    If you are considering getting a butterfly tattoo, consider using a butterfly template as your guide. This type of template will allow you to create a perfect butterfly design without any hassle at all. Here are some benefits that you will find when using this type of template:

    Save money

    When using a butterfly template, you will not need to hire an expert artist or pay for expensive lessons on how to draw this type of design properly. You have to download the package from the internet or purchase one from the local store and start creating your masterpiece with ease!

    Save time

    When you use a butterfly template, you can start from scratch whenever you create a new document. You open up your existing files and add new information as needed. This saves you time because you do not have to look for blank forms and write everything out on paper yourself.

    Easy editing

    Another advantage of using this type of document is that it is easy to edit if any mistakes occur while filling in all the information required. You can go back into your file and make any necessary changes without having to start over again from scratch each time there is an error.

    Better organization

    Suppose you are someone who likes everything organized and tidy. In that case, this type of template will work well for you because it keeps all your information neat and tidy so that it does not get lost or misplaced easily when working on projects or assignments at home or in school or college class.


    What is the pattern of butterfly?

    Butterflies display astonishingly diverse wing patterns that serve purposes like camouflage, attracting mates, and warning predators away. Common patterns include solid colors, multicolored stripes, eye-like shapes, metallic sheens, and transparent or fading effects. The patterns result from specialized scales forming color schemes.

    Do butterflies have unique patterns?

    Yes, most individual butterflies exhibit unique variations in their wing patterns resulting from subtleties in scale formations and one-of-a-kind environmental interactions influencing development. While general patterns follow their species and genetic lineage, examining micro structures under a microscope reveals distinctive markings.

    Are any two butterflies identical?

    While butterflies of the same subspecies feature very similarly structured wing patterns, no two have exactly identical markings given the intricacies of scale formations interacting with discrete environmental conditions during larval development and metamorphosis processes to maturity. Even twins have slight variations.

    Do butterflies have 2 sets of wings?

    Yes, butterflies have two sets of wings covered by tiny complex scales in colorful patterns. The larger forewings are positioned towards the head, while the smaller hind wings provide support, stabilization and steering. Together these four intricately veined wings enable flexible flight and dynamic aerial movements.

    What are the 4 stages of the butterfly?

    A butterfly undergoes a four stage life cycle:

    1. Eggs hatching larvae/caterpillars
    2. Larvae form the pupa transforming structures
    3. The pupa emerges with wings forming the chrysalis
    4. Fully grown butterflies emerge from the chrysalis ready to reproduce
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