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Free Printable Church Bulletin Templates [Word]

    Bulletin is your only avenue to communicate what your church is all about, who you are as a community, and why visitors should continue to come to your services. It’s an excellent written tool that you can use to share information with first-time visitors and followers alike. This is an opportunity where you can spread the word about all the events happening in the church.

    What’s the purpose of a church bulletin?

    Church Bulletin
    Church Bulletin

    Church bulletins are a fantastic tool that you can use to improve your church’s image. They usually include important announcements and news, the Bible verse of the day, and much more. Also, if you combine them with other print materials, then you will have a more significant impact on your target audience.

    Also, bulletins are generally used by churches to spread the word of God’s word and announce any upcoming events. However, very few churches use this tool to increase the word-of-mouth advertising outside the church’s walls, wherein lies the whole purpose of an outreach tool.

    Church Bulletin Templates

    Church bulletin templates are pre-designed documents that provide a structured format for creating informational and inspirational materials distributed during church services or events. These templates offer a convenient and professional way to communicate important announcements, worship schedules, sermon notes, and other relevant information to the congregation.

    Church bulletin templates typically include sections that allow for the inclusion of key details such as the order of service, scripture readings, hymn lyrics, upcoming events, prayer requests, and community announcements. They often incorporate religious symbols, imagery, or decorative elements that reflect the faith and values of the congregation.

    Using a church bulletin template helps church administrators or volunteers streamline the process of creating bulletins while maintaining a consistent and visually appealing design. The template provides a well-structured layout that ensures essential information is properly included and presented.

    What to include in a church bulletin?

    A church bulletin template is a basic guideline on making your church bulletin. Use these templates as a guide, adding your information, pictures, and mentions of important events within your church. Most importantly, don’t get hung up on using any specific template. If it doesn’t fit with the personality of your church or the needs of your followers, it’s useless.

    Here are some ideas that might increase the convincingness of your church bulletin:

    • A welcome message for the congregation
    • Latest Church News
    • A listing of the events and activities.
    • Prayer requests
    • Links to the church website, other digital resources, the physical address of your church, and a contact number.

    You’re all set up to run a successful church program. We can’t wait to see how this template helps you and your church!

    How to Design a Church Bulletin

    In a time of pandemic influenza, when many of our churches and churches all over the country were forced to close their doors, it was difficult for the faithful of God to gather together to hear the word of Christ. But then came the weekly church bulletin. Using creative design elements and exciting Content, you can create a bulletin that people will look forward to reading each week.

    Even if you use a template, you need to choose a layout that fits the content you’re planning and gives the right impression for your organization.

    If you want to keep your congregation visually interested, then churches need to make some changes to their bulletins. Small sections on the bulletin can be used for some buttons. These can direct you to ministries, classes, and upcoming events.

    To modernize a church bulletin doesn’t mean that you have to throw away all the old ways of doing things. Keep it as simple as possible and include details like the time and get numbers so that people can make a connection. Be open with your congregation when it comes to being efficient with a bulletin and what the overall purpose of it all is!

    Impressive Design

    As you design your church bulletin, there are a few ways to make sure it is easy for churchgoers to access the information you want them to see. Good layout design can help guide them to the right spot. Here are a few tips for keeping your bulletin user-friendly.

    – Keep it simple: Mix your type with images and graphics. Make sure the information is clear and valuable. And don’t overwhelm your reader with too much text or too many photos!

    You can use many fonts when making church bulletins, but not all of them work well together. When choosing fonts, choose a few that complement each other rather than pick a bunch of different fonts. Your bulletin would look pretty chaotic if you used ten different fonts!

    – Be aware of how you are using white space. Using white space on the page helps divide concepts and also gives your congregation a chance to rest from reading.


    Long, tedious, and confusing church bulletins have been notorious for years. Keeping your Content concise and easy to digest will save people from feeling overwhelmed with text.  Make use of white space, break up large chunks of text like this little chunk here with a short sentence and keep bold headlines that point readers to need-to-know information.

    People love stories, especially personal stories. Use them in this section to connect with people when they first come to the bulletin, and then try to weave these small stories into the rest of your bulletin content and announcements. Include pictures of the authors so people can put a face with the name.


    Your bulletin is your central hub for communicating with your church. Maintaining a consistent format for the bulletin is another way to help keep people coming back each week and connect them with you on new platforms. But creativity isn’t the enemy! Changing up the cover, using matching graphics in different ways, or adding additional information can keep people excited about your bulletin – especially if you let them know they can find you elsewhere on the web too.


    Have you ever created a bulletin for your church? Don’t worry; you’ve landed in the right place! We are always here to ease your job. These three church bulletin templates by Type Calendar can be customized to fit any year, pastor, and theme. They are easy and free!


    What should be on a church bulletin board?

    Effective church bulletin boards showcase announcements like upcoming events, ministry meetings, missions opportunities, signups needs and seasonal programming alongside visually engaging content to stop traffic like inspirational quotes, notices of community service, photos from gatherings, calendars detailing schedules.

    Can you make a church bulletin on canva?

    Yes, the graphic design platform Canva provides stylish templates suitable to create printable church bulletins including sermon notes fill-in handouts with sections easily customized for church names, logos, colors schemes to match existing brand guidelines through its simple drag-and-drop tools.

    Should a church have bulletins?

    While not required, most churches utilize bulletins detailing sermon themes, scriptures references, announcements, upcoming events/programs, staff/missions info and prayer lists to guide worship service attendees. Personal touches mentioning visitors or milestones further foster connections and inclusivity with bulletins.

    What is the content of the church bulletin?

    Typical church bulletin content covers this week’s sermon topic, hymns sung, Bible readings analyzed, information on church-wide initiatives active like stewardship drives, events or classes offered, registration details, prayer lists needing support plus organizational updates about staff, milestones and recaps from ministries.

    How do you make a simple church bulletin?

    To create basic church bulletins, arrange the essential sections like: Date/week details, sermon theme, scriptural bases, hymns with lyrics, space for taking notes, ministry/events summaries, contact information and images including logos headline keeping messages concise using eye-catching yet easy-to-edit templates.

    What are the 4 types of bulletin board?

    The main styles of bulletin boards used are:

    1. Announcement – notifying of news
    2. Recognition – honors specific achievements
    3. Interactive – engaging participation
    4. Combination – blending 2 or more purposes
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