Free Printable May 2021 Calendars

May 2021 Calendars are the best choice for people who love simplicity and convenience. Just print out our calendars, mark the special dates and you can hang it on your wall when it’s done. You will have something to look at whenever you want to and not have to worry about searching through hundreds of pages looking for a date.

This year, May begins with a beautiful Saturday. May is the planting month of the summer flowers, it heralds that the spring is over, and the summer is coming. You can get a great opportunity to plan for summer vacations and allocate money for a beautiful holiday.

Both the spring heads for the last roundup, and the sweetest period of the summer begins with May. The days are drawing out, the weather is getting warm, nature shows its most generous face with colorful flowers and fruits; all of our energy begins to overflow among four walls. The festivals, open-air concerts, special days, moments of pleasure…

May 2021 Calendar

May 2021 Calendar
May 2021 Calendar

We are happy to let you know that all of the calendars you can find on our website are free and printable! All you need to do is download it for free by just clicking the download button and then you can enjoy a free May 2021 calendar. With its simple design, it is easy to mark the special days of your choice to blank May 2021 calendar.

A Little Bit Of Etymology

May 2021 Calendar Printable
May 2021 Calendar Printable

According to the Gregorian calendar, May is the 5th month of the year and lasts for 31 days. The word ‘May’ is ‘Mai’ in French, and ‘Maius’ in old English. It is thought that May got its name from the Roman Rain goddess ‘Maia’ — also known as the goddess of plentifulness and that grows the plants. It is ‘Maius menelis (Maia’s month)’ in Latin, also is fresh, wet cattle manure in lexical meaning. It is thought that this name was given because the rainfalls are at a high rate during this period.

Let’s Cast A Glance At The May-Borns

Those who were born in May take part as Taurus or Gemini zodiac in the horoscope according to the date range, they bring vivacious energy and colorful aura along with them. The birthstone of May is emerald; the Lily of Valley and the hawthorn are its birth flowers.

It is time to be freed from the spring fatigue, and begin to the enthusiasm of the sunny weather with the coming of May. It is important to remember the birthdays of your beloved ones during this beautiful month. In order to not forget, just mark the day on your calendar where you can download a blank May 2021 calendar for free from our website.

Special Days in May 2021

Calendar May 2021
Calendar May 2021

If you miss the chance of spending the holidays with your family and friends, what is the actual meaning of special days? Because of the busy work schedule and unflexible office hours, we cannot always spare some time for our loved ones, or even for ourselves.

But now, with our free and printable May 2021 calendar, you can mark the special days and organize your events easily. All you have to do is print out the blank May 2021 calendar by downloading it from our website for free!

Museum Week

Within the Museum Week announced by UNESCO and celebrated every year from May 18th to 24th, plenty of museums can be visited free of charge across the world. It is a worldwide festival for culture made by libraries, archives, galleries, museums, science&music centers.

It is a great opportunity to have fun while being informed about different cultures and histories during your trip in May. In order to not to miss this great week full of culture, all you have to do is mark the day on your May 2021 calendar where you can download from our website for free.

Mother’s Day

The most special day for our mothers who tolerate all of our good and bad trouble, and give of themselves while raising us. It is a special day that honors the mothers, and celebrated on different days and countries. The tradition of Mother’s Day began with the Ancient Greeks’ annual spring festival celebrations in honor of the Rhea — the Mother of a great many gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

Ancient Romans were celebrating the spring festivals 250 years before the birth of Christ in honor of the mother goddess Kibele. The day of remembrance which Anna Jarvis has commenced for her late mother in 1908, has expanded with the approval of the Assembly across the United States of America in 1914.

Memorial Day

Every year on the last Monday of May; martyrized soldiers in wars are memorialized,       remembrance ceremonies are made, and these ceremonies are showed on television. This special day is considered as the beginning of the summer for Americans and has been announced as the federal holiday in the USA.

The first Memorial Day was arranged on 30th May 1865 by Commander John Logan after the American Civil War. Early on, it was originally organized to commemorate who fell a martyr in World War I, but later those who died in other wars are also being remembered on this day. It is first commemorated as the name of Memorial Day in 1882.

On Memorial Day the American flag is hoisted at half-mast, and visiting post cemeteries and leaving tiny flags on there has become a tradition.


Printable May 2021 Calendar
Printable May 2021 Calendar

In conclusion, if you don’t have any chance to visit someplace near or far; you can make plans for a little holiday. For instance, a rich breakfast table adorned with colorful flavors may bring joy to you and your beloved ones outdoors. It is high time to go for a picnic, or a hotel terrace with your friends and family amid the sweet breeze of spring.

Along with the choice of open buffet breakfast at a beautiful cafe, you can have a good time with a basket full of homemade meals and your favorite beverages. Moreover, May comes with amazing music festivals and open-air concerts. Hurry up and create your own festival calendar!

So, you will need a simple, easily accessible, and printable May 2021 calendar to mark the special days during this beautiful month. You can download May 2021 calendar for free from our website, open it with your favorite .pdf reader, then print out any amount you would like.

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