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CPS Test: Click Speed Test, Mouse Click Counter

CPS Test - Click speed test
CPS Test


To test your click speed, follow the five easy steps outlined below.

Visit from your browser.
Press the ‘Click to start‘ button to begin the click speed test, also known as the left click CPS test.

The timer and click counter will appear as soon as you click the Start button.

Keep clicking as fast as you can until the timer is complete.
Once the click test is complete, you will see the Results in CPS (Clicks Per Second) format.

If you think you can perform better in our click test, you can click the Restart Test button to try the mouse click test one more time and get a higher score than before.
There is no limit to restarting, so you can play over and over again to test yourself at your best.

How do you calculate Clicks Per Second?

CPS is a measurement system calculated by the number of mouse clicks divided by a second.

CPS = Clicks / Seconds.

The CPS value gives you a complete idea of how fast you can click the mouse button. Minecraft etc. CPS is very important in games. The higher Click speed will help you in tasks such as fighting, building walls.

Our click test automatically calculates the CPS using the formula above. The CPS value is automatically given after you collect the click counter data that counts the number of clicks you make in 5 seconds.

In addition, it has been observed that the click test gives the most accurate result when counting in 5 to 10 seconds.

If you test the click speed for less than 5 seconds or more than 10 seconds, the results may mislead you. If the time is more than 10 seconds, the CPS score will be lower because the finger is strained and slowed down due to constant tapping.

For this reason, 5-second counters are used to get the most accurate CPS score.

Kohi Click Test

Kohi is a Minecraft server that bypasses the original game and allows users to test their clicks per second. It is popular among gaming communities as it will provide users with a good idea if they have good clicking speed or not. If one has poor clicking speed, he or she can work on it by doing various exercises and using some external tools.

As mentioned at the beginning, our click speed test is based on the Kohi Click Test. This concept of mouse click testing was first seen in Kohi, a Minecraft game server.

The test was first introduced for Minecraft PvP players where quick clicking is crucial to winning battles. The Kohi Clicker test is a tool that players can practice clicking to achieve higher CPS without losing Aim. The Kohi Clicker Test lets you measure clicks in just 10 seconds.

The Kohi Click Test allows players to see their normal clicking speed, and compare it with their CPS. Once you figure out the speed at which you can achieve 100 clicks, it is suggested that you try to achieve a new benchmark – by achieving an even higher CPS than before. Adjusting your mouse sensitivity for better precision is also a necessity because high speed clicking requires great precision on the time of when you click, and the area where you click.

Badlion, another Minecraft server, has merged with Kohi to provide services, and players have begun a similar Badlion click test on new servers.

Minecraft CPS Boost

Minecraft PvP is all about attacking the opponent and getting as many hits as possible. You use your mouse click to hit your opponent.

First of all, Click Speed IS IMPORTANT. The battles of Minecraft PvP depend greatly on the accuracy of your target and the combinations you hit. Clicking faster is essential to have more combinations so you can hit your opponent before they hit you back.

At a slower click speed of 3-4 CPS, your hits will not be converted into combinations and you won’t be able to win. You must play at least 6-10 CPS to make sure you knock your opponent down!

On the other hand, Minecraft claims to be officially recording around 4-8 CPS. Anything above 8 CPS will cause a delay.

How to Click Faster? 

Quick click is often useful in a variety of games and can sometimes be the decision point to be a winner! Players use many click methods to get higher clicks per second and gain extra advantage over their competitors.

The table below lists the four main click methods and their average click speed.

  • Regular Click  – Easy –  3-10 (Click Speed)
  • Jitter Click – Hard – 10-14 (Click Speed)
  • Butterfly Click – Very Hard – 15-25 (Click Speed)
  • Drag Click – Expert – 25-100 (Click Speed)

Regular Click

Left-click is often referred to as “normal-click” or “regular-click.”

Most tasks on a computer can be accomplished solely by using the left mouse button. Pressing the left mouse button seems to simulate the mouse cursor being pressed down on the screen: you can drag items or select text or open files.

Jitter Click

Jitter clicking is a technique that allows gamers to click the mouse rapidly than traditional clicking. The method is commonly leveraged for games that require a quick burst of clicks, like many action games.

You can use your index, middle or ring finger for the burst. The one you need to use will depend on how many clicks you need to do per second. For example, if you need to hit 60 CPMs (clicks per minute), then you’ll want to use your index finger as it can perform around 9 CPMs when shaking at the optimal speed. If you can’t reach the desired CPM rate with your forearm muscle alone, you’ll need to add your other hand in to help out.

Jitterclick, an inevitable trend of playing Minecraft, is the modified version of the regular motion of switching between mouse buttons that gamers indulge into as they play. This form of play is very risky and potentially injurious for fingers and joints as it may lead to the inflammation of joint in involved. The term ‘Jitterclick’ has become synonymously associated with Minecraft players who try to improve their gaming skills by mastering this game. The rest of the article discusses and explains how the art of jitterclicking can be harmless if used properly.

Butterfly Click

Butterfly clicking is a form of clicking your mouse that is done with a “click storm.” The term “click storm” describes doing two very fast clicks (your index finger and middle finger) continuously at the same time, and every so often you can throw in the ring finger/pinkie and the thumb at the same time. 

Many players of video games (particularly MMOs and MMORPGs) have chosen to take up the practice of butterfly clicking. To this end, professional gamers in these genres use the method to level more efficiently as well as to make their game-plays much faster and more accurate.

Drag Click

Drag clicking is a clicking method where you drag your finger across the left or right mouse button in a forceful manner. It is also called tap clicking, click spamming, and even fazer tapping. Drag clicking is a strategy used for firing continuous streams of projectiles at high speed in a game like Minecraft to kill your enemies quickly.

There are numerous selecting techniques in a game like Minecraft, When you use one, your likelihood of succeeding is drastically enhanced. When using the scroll wheel or clicking with your fingers you can get as much as 16 cps(click per second). This is inadequate for online players. They always try multiple techniques to improve their clicks per second. One such method is FZ tapping, which for a lot of users gives 32 cps and even more.

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