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Nerdle Answer Today May 3: Nerdle Hints, Solutions

    May 2, 2022 @ 6:13 pm

    What is Nerdle?

    The mathematical version of the wordle word game is the “Nerdle” game. Nerdle is really quite difficult compared to Wordle. Because in order to accurately predict the locations of mathematical numbers, the operations must be done correctly. In other words, all the actions you take must be correct in order to progress in the game.

    Nerdle answer May 3: Our list has been updated with the Nerdle today solution.

    Type Calendar

    There is also a mini version of the game. So the game normally opens in 8-line version. But if you click on the settings button, there is a “Mini Nerdle” option. Press it and the game changes to a 6-line version.

    Nerdle Game
    Nerdle Game

    How can I play Nerdle?

    You can play Nerdle on your phone, tablet or on your laptop.

    Just visit

    Hint For Nerdle Today (Game #103) May 3

    The hints to the Mini Nerdle are 58-46=12

    Answer For Nerdle Today (Game #101) May 3

    The answer to the Nerdle is 4 + 4 * 9 = 40!

    How do you play Nerdle?

    The tools you will use to illuminate the blank gray columns are the numbers 0-9 instead of the alphabets, and the symbols +,-,* and / for basic arithmetic operations. Obviously, the challenge is to uncover the mysterious equation, but the 8 empty gray columns can seem pretty daunting if you’re a Nerdle newbie.

    As they say, taking off is the hardest step in flying; Same with Nerdle. To get started, make a bold move by creating a random equation using the numbers and symbols available. After successfully entering an equation, the game rewards you with colorful feedback. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Yes, it works just like Wordle.

    But wait, there is a catch. You cannot enter a fake equation that defies the laws of mathematics. Numbers and symbols should be arranged in a mathematically sound and completely logical scheme. Now, this condition, while perfectly plausible, immediately makes the forecasting process more immersive and cerebral.

    It might be time to say that Nerdle is designed specifically for math enthusiasts. However, this should not be a reason to dissuade a regular player from taking on the challenge because the equation itself is limited to basic DMAS operations only.

    How to Nerdle Work

    To understand how Nerdle works, let’s take a more disciplined approach to analyze and compare it to the representative model Wordle. While all Wordle rules were unconditionally preserved, Nerdle brought a few twists to the game and made it sui generis among other Wordle spinoffs.

    Daily Game

    Nerdle challenge is a casual game like Wordle. Challengers need to find the challenge equation that is universal to all players of the game on a given date. If today’s equation is 12+06/03=14, it will be the same for every player struggling today. The number of challenges per day is also limited to only one.

    Game Reset

    Wordle resets at 12 o’clock for all players, but the time is determined by Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). So, even if the clock strikes 12 the next day for you, in the official Nerdle world, time simply follows the standard that makes it protocol.

    Numbers, Symbols and Equation

    Nerdle uses numbers instead of letters as objects to maneuver in the game. These numbers are accompanied by addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication symbols.

    Division (/) and equals (=). When these objects are combined to form various formulas, they form equations – they may be acceptable, but only partially correct or completely acceptable (correct answer). The Nerdle game system rejects the entry of irrational and illogical equations as guesswork. For example, Integers are accepted in Nerdle as they are rational numbers, but powers, decimals, etc. inadmissible

    Meaning of the colours on Nerdle

    • Green box = Green colored number or action means both the place is correct and itself is correct.
    • Purple box = Only the purple boxes themselves are correct, but their location is incorrect.
    • Black box = Black colors are completely wrong. Both its location and itself are wrong.

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