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44+ Free Printable Hockey Coloring Pages [PDF] Easy for Adults, Kids

    Hockey is a fast-paced, exciting sport that people of all ages enjoy. For hockey fans and coloring enthusiasts, hockey coloring pages offer the perfect way to combine the creativity of coloring with the thrill of hockey. Coloring pages bring to life colorful illustrations featuring favorite players, iconic logos, intense game action, awards, and equipment that hockey devotees will appreciate.

    In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of hockey coloring pages for sparking imagination while discovering hockey. We’ll also provide free printable hockey coloring pages featuring different hockey themes ready for hours of creative coloring fun. With these pages, you can highlight your passion for hockey through coloring your own custom, one-of-a-kind gallery of hockey artwork and memorabilia. From iconic masks to dramatic game-winning goals, experience hockey in a whole new way by bringing your own color to the ice.

    Printable Hockey Coloring Pages

    Hockey is a fun, fast-paced sport that kids love. These hockey coloring pages printables allow children to explore their artistic side while learning about the game. With a variety of pages featuring hockey players, logos, equipment, and more, there’s something for every young hockey fan.

    The printables showcase popular NHL team logos ready for kids to color with their favorite colors. Goalies, referees, zamboni machines, and action shots give a full view of the sport. Simple designs are great for younger kids while more detailed images appeal to older children. Pages can be printed on standard 8.5×11 paper, so they’re easy to print at home.

    Kids can learn about this exciting sport while letting their creativity shine as they color these pages. Hockey fans will love decorating, drawing and coloring logos, players, and equipment. These fun hockey coloring pages printables make perfect gifts or party activities for any young hockey lover.

    Types Of Hockey Coloring Pages

    Hockey Coloring Pages
    Hockey Coloring Pages

    Coloring pages can be a fun and educational way to introduce children to various sports, including hockey. Different types of hockey coloring pages can help children learn about the sport while improving their artistic skills. Here are some types of hockey coloring pages that you might find useful.

    Player Action Shots

    These coloring pages depict players in the middle of some on-ice action. Whether it’s a player taking a slapshot, making a save, or doing a celebratory dance after scoring a goal, these coloring pages are designed to capture the energy and excitement of the sport. These action shots can be particularly engaging because they offer a lot of room for color variation—from the team jerseys to the ice and even the puck. They can also help children understand the rules and strategies of the game, as they can ask questions about what the player is doing or why they are positioned in a certain way.

    Team Logos and Mascots

    Another type of hockey coloring page features team logos or mascots. These are simpler in design compared to the action shots and are often used to help young fans connect more deeply with their favorite teams. These coloring pages can also be a tool for learning, as parents and educators can use the time spent coloring to talk about the city the team is from, the history of the team, or even the significance of the team colors and mascot. This type of coloring page is not just limited to professional teams; many minor and junior league teams have their own logos and mascots that can be turned into coloring pages.

    Equipment and Rink Layout

    These coloring pages focus on the different elements that make up the sport of hockey, such as the rink, the goals, the puck, and the various pieces of equipment like skates, helmets, and sticks. These pages can be particularly educational, as they give children a chance to learn about the different parts of the sport that might not be immediately obvious when watching a game. For example, a coloring page featuring a hockey skate might lead to a discussion about how the skate is designed for speed and agility, while one featuring a goalie’s mask might introduce the concept of safety equipment.

    Historical and Cultural Aspects

    Some coloring pages might focus on the historical or cultural aspects of the game. For example, coloring pages might feature famous players from history, women’s hockey teams, or even depictions of hockey from different cultures around the world like field hockey or bandy. These can be especially educational and offer a broadened perspective on the sport. Coloring pages like these can prompt meaningful discussions about history, gender roles in sports, and cultural diversity.

    Popular Hockey Coloring Pages

    The following are popular types of hockey coloring pages that are often favored by fans, parents, and educators for their entertainment and educational value.

    NHL Team Logos

    One of the most popular types of hockey coloring pages features the logos of NHL teams. These pages attract both young and adult fans who want to show off their allegiance to a particular team. Often, you’ll find these coloring pages with highly detailed team logos that can be quite challenging and fun to color. For younger kids, these pages can be a great introduction to the sport and a way to learn about different cities and regions that have NHL teams. For older fans, coloring their favorite team’s logo can be a stress-relieving activity or even a pre-game ritual.

    Famous Players

    Coloring pages that feature famous hockey players in action are incredibly popular. Whether it’s Wayne Gretzky from the past or current stars like Connor McDavid or Alex Ovechkin, these coloring pages give fans a chance to connect with their idols. These types of pages often show players in dynamic poses—skating, shooting, or making saves—and they offer an excellent opportunity for people to experiment with colors, especially in recreating the team jerseys and equipment. Not only do they provide entertainment, but they can also serve as an educational tool to discuss the accomplishments and challenges faced by these athletes.

    Zamboni and Ice Maintenance

    Believe it or not, coloring pages featuring the Zamboni machine—the vehicle that resurfaces the ice between periods—are quite popular, especially among younger fans. The Zamboni is an iconic part of the hockey experience, and kids find it fascinating. These coloring pages might depict a Zamboni smoothing out the ice surface or being driven by a team’s mascot. They are not just entertaining but can also be educational. Parents and educators can use this as an opportunity to explain the science behind ice resurfacing and why it’s essential for the game of hockey.

    Stanley Cup Moments

    The Stanley Cup is the pinnacle of achievement in professional ice hockey, and coloring pages that feature this iconic trophy or moments from Stanley Cup games are incredibly popular. These pages might include scenes of players lifting the Cup, celebrating a win, or key moments that led to a championship. They offer a way for fans to relive these exciting instances and share them with younger generations. These coloring pages can also serve as a history lesson, opening up discussions about legendary teams and players who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

    Goalie Saves

    Goalie-focused coloring pages are quite popular, especially among young fans who admire the skills and equipment of hockey goalies. These pages often show goalies in various poses, either making spectacular saves, blocking a shot, or in their ready stance. Coloring a goalie’s intricate equipment—like masks, pads, and gloves—can be an enjoyable challenge. Moreover, these goalie-centric pages provide a platform for discussing the importance of defense in the game, the specialized skills required for goaltending, and the significance of teamwork.

    Mascots and Crowd Scenes

    Some hockey coloring pages focus on the excitement off the ice, featuring mascots or cheering crowds in a packed arena. These types of pages are popular with fans who enjoy the entire game-day experience, not just the action on the ice. Mascots, in particular, are loved by kids and offer a whimsical and fun element to color. Crowd scenes, meanwhile, can be quite intricate and offer older colorers a chance to pay attention to detail. They can also serve as an educational tool to talk about sportsmanship, the sense of community, and the atmosphere during a live event.

    Women’s Hockey

    With the growing popularity of women’s hockey, coloring pages featuring female players and women’s hockey teams are becoming increasingly sought after. These pages often depict powerful women athletes skating, shooting, or defending, much like their male counterparts. They serve as a great way to promote inclusivity and discuss the expanding opportunities for women in sports. Such coloring pages can also be a catalyst for discussing the history of women in hockey, from trailblazers like Manon Rhéaume to modern-day stars in leagues like the NWHL (National Women’s Hockey League).

    Field Hockey

    Although ice hockey is the most well-known form in North America, field hockey is hugely popular worldwide and also has its own range of coloring pages. These pages feature athletes in outdoor settings, using field hockey sticks to play with a hard ball rather than a puck. This variation provides a good opportunity to discuss the global reach of the sport and how it changes based on geography and climate. It’s also a way to discuss the different rules and strategies that apply in field hockey as compared to ice hockey.

    Hockey Animals and Fantasy

    For a whimsical take on the sport, some coloring pages feature animals or fantasy creatures playing hockey. From penguins sliding on ice to dragons guarding the net, these imaginative scenarios capture the hearts of young fans and offer a fun twist. These types of pages can be more than just entertaining; they can also spark creativity and be used to discuss the animal kingdom or elements of fantasy and storytelling.

    Historical Moments

    Coloring pages that capture historical moments in the sport offer a fun and educational way for fans to engage with hockey’s rich past. Whether it’s the “Miracle on Ice” when the U.S. beat the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics, or Canada’s many Olympic triumphs, these pages can serve as a teaching tool for significant events in hockey history. They also offer an opportunity to discuss international relations and the broader cultural impact of the sport, making them both entertaining and educational.

    Indoor vs. Outdoor Hockey

    Pages that illustrate the differences between indoor rink hockey and outdoor pond hockey can be both entertaining and informative. Pond hockey scenes often depict idyllic, snowy settings and can be a fun seasonal activity. Coloring pages that show the inside of an arena can help children understand the more formal, professional setting where most organized hockey takes place. These distinctions allow for conversations about how the sport can be enjoyed in various settings and scales—from professional leagues to informal games among friends.

    Hockey Fights and Penalties

    While the more contentious aspects of the sport may be controversial, they are an undeniable part of hockey culture. Coloring pages featuring hockey fights or players sitting in the penalty box can serve as a starting point for conversations about sportsmanship, rules, and the consequences of breaking them. These coloring pages can also help explain why rules exist and how they help maintain the safety and integrity of the game.

    Paralympic Sled Hockey

    Sled hockey (or sledge hockey as it’s known in some countries) is an adaptation of ice hockey designed for players who have physical disabilities. Coloring pages featuring sled hockey action can be inspiring and educational. They provide an excellent opportunity to discuss inclusivity in sports and how people with disabilities also participate and excel in athletic endeavors. These pages can depict the unique equipment used in sled hockey, like the sleds and the specialized sticks, making them an educational resource as well.

    International Teams and Jerseys

    With hockey being a global sport, coloring pages featuring international teams and their jerseys can be both fun and enlightening. Whether it’s the Finnish “Leijonat,” the Russian “Red Machine,” or Team USA, these pages allow fans to learn about the various styles and colors associated with different countries. They offer a chance to discuss world geography, international competition, and how the sport brings people together across the globe.

    Referees and Coaches

    Often overlooked but crucial to the game, referees and coaches also feature in some specialized hockey coloring pages. These pages can depict referees making calls or coaches drawing up plays, offering a different perspective on the sport. They’re great for explaining the roles that these individuals play in making the game fair, organized, and strategic.

    Cartoon Characters Playing Hockey

    Many popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Peppa Pig have been featured in hockey coloring pages. These pages are particularly attractive to younger kids who may already be fans of these characters. Seeing a beloved character engaging in a sport like hockey can be a good introduction to the game. This also adds a level of relatability that might not be there with more realistic or technical hockey images. These types of coloring pages can blend the joy of watching cartoons with the excitement of sports, making it doubly appealing to youngsters.

    Superheroes on Ice

    Imagine Spider-Man swinging to make a save or Captain America defending the goal—these are the types of scenarios you might find in superhero-themed hockey coloring pages. Such pages not only offer the fun of coloring but also fuel the imagination. What powers would superheroes use during a hockey game? This type of coloring page can lead to interesting discussions and even inspire kids to create their own superhero sports scenarios. It’s also an excellent way for parents to connect with children by combining a child’s love for superheroes with an introduction to the sport of hockey.

    Fairytale and Fantasy Hockey

    Dragons guarding goals, unicorns skating on rainbows, or even princesses playing a royal match—fantasy and fairytale elements can make hockey coloring pages extremely entertaining for young children. These thematic pages add an element of wonder and imagination to the sport, making it accessible and interesting to children who may not yet be sports fans. Such coloring pages can also help improve children’s creativity as they think about how these mythical creatures would engage in a very real-world sport.

    Animated Movie Tie-ins

    Characters from popular animated movies sometimes feature in hockey coloring pages, especially if there’s a scene involving the sport in the movie. Think of movies like “Inside Out,” where characters represent emotions playing hockey in the mind, or even classics where sports play a secondary role. These coloring pages are especially appealing to children who are fans of the movies and can serve as a springboard for them to take an interest in the sport itself.

    Educational Cartoon Characters

    Some educational platforms and shows have characters that teach kids about sports and physical activities, including hockey. These educational coloring pages often come with fun facts or simple explanations about the sport, making them both entertaining and instructional. These are perfect for settings like classrooms, where coloring can be combined with a learning experience.

    Download Free Printable Hockey Coloring Pages

    Any hockey fan knows the excitement of screaming players racing across the ice in pursuit of the puck. Now you can bring the action and passion of hockey to life through coloring with our expansive collection of free printable hockey coloring pages. We’ve compiled over high-quality pages covering everything from star players to logos, iconic gear, in-game action, and trophies.

    Find intricate designs perfect for older colorists as well as simpler images for younger fans just learning hockey. Become an artist reimagining your team’s uniforms, the coolest vintage goalie masks, and unforgettable Stanley Cup game-winning moments. With pages themed for all ages, our free hockey coloring sheets will have you digging out your coloring supplies to proudly display personal hockey masterpieces. Download and print unlimited copies of your favorites to share the hockey love!

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